7 New Babies admitted in the last 24 hours!

This has been a busy week here at GLA.  On Wednesday, I received a call from the nurse at Samaritan’s Purse saying that they had three little ones at their clinic in Cite Soleil.  One was a little girl that we had kept for a couple of months and had sent home healthy and was still strong and healthy today!

The other two babies were not doing so well. One baby, Jamesly, had left GLA on Friday, because he was doing really well and the mother cried every day to go home!  But, she got home and did not feed her baby nor give him any milk.  Five days later, he has diarrhea and is severely dehydrated!  Thankfully, a liter of IV fluids made him a whole lot better.

I was upset with the mom because she said nothing to anyone here about not having food for her baby.  If she had, I wouldn’t have let him go home so soon.  Thankfully, she came back to the clinic in Cite Soleil before he was any sicker!

I think we’ll keep him for a couple of months.  Mother is not breast feeding him, get him healthy, and some weight on him, then she can take him home.  This is what she wants and she was all smiles when I told her I was thinking of keeping him for a while!  He loves to eat and I think once he puts some weight on him, he’ll do well at home.  The clinic that Samaritan’s Purse is willing to help the mother by giving her formula after he returns to Cite Soleil.  But for now, I think he needs just a little extra TLC (tender loving care)!

This is Jamesly and his mother. He is 6 months old.














The child below is Joseph.  His mother is with him and breast feeds him.  She says he is one year old, but there is no way this little boy is only a year old!  He is the size of a 3 year old, but severely malnourished.  I think the mother just doesn’t know her dates.  He does not look normal but I think it’s just because of the malnutrition.

I told the mother to only breast feed him about 3 times per day and force him to eat food, drink milk from a cup, and start taking some high protein peanut butter!  We’ll see if the mother will follow this program or not.  The mother is an older mother and she doesn’t look well nourished herself. 

He may have some genetic abnormalities also, but we won’t know for sure until he gets well and can put on a little bit of weight.  Then we will see how he does.

Please pray for Joseph to get healthy and that his little brain is not too affected by starvation.














Christian was born on 18 October 2012 and is 3 months old.  He is very healthy, but the mother is unable to take care of him.  He was placed at GLA for adoption.  Please pray for Christian that he will adjust to being in the orphanage quickly and that all of his paperwork will be done quickly and lab work will be normal.











Madame Bernard received a call at 3 AM on Wednesday morning from the mother of our twin baby boys, Adam and Jonathon, who went home a couple of weeks ago.  Mom said that the boys had fever, colds, diarrhea, and vomiting.  Madame Bernard told her to continue to give them rehydration fluids and we would call her back in the morning.  We called and told her to bring them here as soon as they could get a ride.  They live about 3 hours away.

It is a good thing that we did tell them to come, because they were in serious condition by the time they arrived.  They required oxygen, IV fluids and antibiotics.  I don’t think they would have survived another 24 hours at home without treatment.  Today, they are already doing better.  Thankfully, mother came quickly and  they didn’t lose too much weight from the diarrhea and had even gained weight at home!

Please pray for Jonathon and Adam and their parents.  Pray that we can teach mom the things she needs to know to care for her beautiful twin boys and be able to take them home in a couple of weeks.






















Rebecca and Britany made their first trip out to Real Hope for Haiti in Cazale to pick up the two little guys below. Both boys are premature and weigh less than 3 pounds.  Lori is out of country which puts a lot of burden on Licia and the rest of the staff.  They were having to be tube fed.  Thankfully, the boys made the trip to GLA well and are even trying to suck on a bottle tonight!











This is Mana.  He was born on the 17th of January

and is 2 weeks old.  He weighs 2 pounds and 7.5 ounces. He continues to be tube fed and is requiring oxygen for now. This afternoon, he did drink 21 cc of baby formula and sucked really well!  Please pray for him that he can gain weight quickly and that God would Keep him healthy.














This is Sondy who was born 19th of January.  He weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces.  Sondy isn’t quite ready to suck from a bottle yet.  He only was able to drink 5 cc from the bottle.  He is not on oxygen.  Please pray that Sondy does well, grows quickly, stays healthy, and is able to return home to his family.


Pray for us because we have a pretty full house right now.  We have a dozen kids who really need to move to the Toddler House but there are no beds there empty!  We have found placement for the 16 children from the Kenscoff orphanage, but IBESR keeps refusing to give us the transfer approval. 

So please, pray that God will straighten it all out and we can get some children from the main house to the Toddler House.  This will free up beds so we can help more children like the children above.

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1. Rori Hartzell wrote:
oh Dixie...I am sure praying for at least 2 beds that I know of at the Toddler House will open up SOON !!! LOL. I am sure you can imagine which beds I am thinking of. He he !!!! :)

Thu, January 31, 2013 @ 11:58 PM

2. Kelly D wrote:
((((DIXIE))))) continuing to pray for you and your staff as you minister to the all the little angels that God brings to you!! I am esp praying for Mana and Sondy as I was following them via FB posts from Real Hope For Haiti!!! I <3 you!!! XOXOXO KD < :)

Fri, February 1, 2013 @ 1:10 AM

3. JB wrote:
Praying for you. However, it breaks my heart to see these babies need some TLC and love. We have been waiting almost 3 years for a placement where we live and we do not qualify for Haiti under the current laws. Praying the babies will get healthy.

Fri, February 1, 2013 @ 8:48 AM

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