A busy 7 days!

I have not blogged in a week!  I cannot believe that it has been that long, but I guess it has been!  So I am really sorry that this entry tonight is so long!  I will try very hard to blog each night again!!  :)

I have had a busy week.  We sent three babies home to live with their biological mothers.  they came to us shortly after the earthquake and had grown and done well with us.  It was time for them to go home.  Please pray for them.  Each one has their problems with their mothers.  Woodson was a premature baby who is now big and healthy.  Jude’s mother is young and has some learning difficulties and maturity issues but there is an American nurse who will supervise her care of Jude.  Then there is Luc whose grandmother would not accept him in her home and the mother is young and still in school.  Luc’s mother did not want to take him home, but wanted us to baby sit for him until she was finished with school.  She did not want the paternal grandmother to care for him, nor the maternal grandmother and she did not want to take time off from school to care for him!  But there came a point that we had to insist  that she must take responsibility for him.

I have been sick since June with a stomach issue.  I thought it was giardia and took medication, but I just could not get well.  I would have terrible stomach pains, diarrhea, and nausea.  I might get better for a couple of days and then it would come back.  Being a nurse, I thought of all of the things it “might” be!  Monday at staff meeting, I could hardly hold my head up!  Thankfully, I started on another round of the antibiotic Cipro and Tuesday and today, no more pain or problems!  I am so thankful that I am finally feeling well again!  I do think it is giardia and I think I am getting it from the water, so I am only drinking bottle water right now.

We are getting a whole house water treatment system put in soon.  This was donated by donors in the Netherlands through Flash who used to work with us for adoptions to the Netherlands.  Hopefully, this system which will filter all water going through the pipes into the house will allow me to drink the water again!  We should have less problems with the baby drinking the water also.

 Mitha's Family 23 August 2010-5 Tuesday, we had Mitha’s memorial service.  Pastor Brandon Jordan led the service and we had about 40 people there.  Several of our staff got up and spoke about Mitha and how much she loved the children.  We talked about all of the children whose lives she has affected in the last 6 years.  Mitha was always patient and kind.  The children loved her very much.  Mitha had been attending Bible study with all of the ladies at GLA and Pastor Brandon presented her family with the song book and Bible that she was memorizing verses to get.  All of the staff signed the books and her family was very touched by the presentation.

She has two children and her husband is just a very simple farmer.  I really need some families who will sponsor her children in school this coming year.  They have lost their mother and it was her salary that paid for their schooling.  there are many of you whose children were loved by Mitha and she changed their lives.  Would you help change Mitha’s children’s lives?  They need you.


Mitha's Memorial 24 August 2010-7

Mitha's Memorial 24 August 2010-8








Mitha's Memorial 24 August 2010-4  Mitha's Memorial 24 August 2010-12







Mitha's Memorial 24 August 2010-13

Mitha's Memorial 24 August 2010-16








Mitha's Memorial 24 August 2010-10

Mitha's Memorial 24 August 2010-15








Tuesday and Wednesday, we have been so busy at Fort Jacques trying to sort and bag up all of the remaining donations and get them sent to churches and orphanages.  We worked so hard and tonight I am feeling pain in my back and hip as is several others of the staff!  We lifted lots of boxes and moved them around.  Now we are ready for the next 4 containers to come out of customs.  They wanted to bring them to us today, but I have asked them to space them out over the next two weeks. 

John left today for his father’s burial in Illinois.  They had a memorial for his father in Florida which John was not able to attend.  John will be speaking at his burial in the Maroa, Illinois cemetery at 11 AM on Saturday, September 28.  Please say a prayer for John and his family.

I had planned on going to Colorado around the first of September for a month.  Our Colorado annual fundraiser is September 18 and so I need to go out and help.  I also had been so sick off and on that I felt like maybe it was stress related too and needed to just go out and rest for a little bit.  BUT since the containers are coming out in the next couple of weeks, I will probably stay until about the 10th of September and then go to Colorado and return early in October.   Pray that everything goes well here in Haiti while John and I are gone.

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1. Karen Hamilton wrote:
Sorry your stomach is giving you issues. Have you considered the epolora bacteria. Not sure if that is the right spelling but it is that bacteria that can get into your stomach and cause the symptoms you described. You take a mixture of antibiotics and antacids to get rid of it. I will pray you feel better and that all goes well with the return of the babies to their mothers.

Wed, August 25, 2010 @ 10:22 PM

2. Sharon Wilkens wrote:
Hi Dixie, What are you looking for in terms of sponsoring the two children in school? Beautiful kids aren't they? We were in LV last weekend and SC is actually almost swimming on his own. Joe being a "fish" loves it! SC just wants in the pool all of the time, and makes swimming motions to plead his case.

Wed, August 25, 2010 @ 11:29 PM

3. Allison Garwood wrote:
We are in to help Mitha's kids. If a large group gets together to help out, we can cover all the costs and none of us will go broke doing it!

Thu, August 26, 2010 @ 12:20 AM

4. Janis wrote:
Hope that you get to feeling better, I know that stress can cause a multitude of medical problems. I just got this blog at 3:47 on the 28, I will pray especially for John as soon as I send this. You know that you and John are very special to me. I have a preemie size cap and sweater pattern to knit, I would love to make some to send to you. Would they have to go through the Colorado office or can I send them as a special gift directly to you there. Let me know.

Sat, August 28, 2010 @ 4:53 PM

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