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    For every house has a builder, but the one who built everything is God“For every house has a builder, but the one who built everything is God.” Hebrew

    “For every house has a builder, but the one who built everything is God.” Hebrews 3:4 Last week was an exceptionally busy one up at Fort Jacques.  We were reminded again of how God sends just the right people at just the right time to accomplish the plans He has set forth. Construction has been progressing well on the family cottages, and we got an extra boost from a Canadian team last week.

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    Fort Jacques property continues to be a busy place

    The GLA Fort Jacques property continues to be a busy place! The toddlers have been in their new space a full year now. When school is not in session, you are sure to see scooters and swings in use, Frisbees flying, games of chase and duck-duck-goose, and lots of laughter and smiles.

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    Work has begun on the new GLA guest house.

    So much has happened since the last post! The kids are moved in to the toddler houses, the school is fully functioning, and the play yard is seeing plenty of action. It is great to see the kids in their new space, fully enjoying all that it offers!

  • 63 days before toddlers are at Fort Jacques

      For a good 3 weeks, we had to travel in and out of Fort Jacques by a back road and this is what we could see every time driving toward the Fort. The main road is now reopened and although I do not miss the very rough back road, I miss this sight.        This is the view of the school from the end of the playground.

  • Countdown is at 111 days before toddlers move

     From now until the toddlers are moved to Fort Jacques, I will do a countdown of the time we have left to finish the toddlers compound. We are now at 111 days before the toddlers have to be all moved to Fort Jacques and this past week we were blessed with another team from Illinois. They worked hard all week with smiles on their faces.

  • One more step forward

    Last week we had a team from the Highland Church in Robinson, Illinois. The women finished  painting the playground. As you can see from the pictures, it looks fantastic.

  • More progress at Fort Jacques

    Since the last post, the floors of the school house at Fort Jacques have been all tiled thanks to PnC ceramics in Port au Prince that donated all the tiles and a team of 4 men from Norman Oklahoma who spent 4 hard working days putting down the tiles on both floors.  Here you can see pictures of one of the classroom and the hallway upstairs. On the bottom floor they put an amazing design in the tiles with a cross as the center piece. Just think that the first thing the children will see as t...

  • Moving forward at Fort Jacque

    Things have been moving forward at Fort Jacques. The changes are not as drastic as  they have been earlier in the year but steady improvements have been made on the toddler compound. The last couple of months, our Haitian crew has been mixing and pouring a lot of concrete.  This is the area between houses 5 and 6.

  • Another building goes up at Fort Jacque

    This year has been going by very quickly so far. We are 3 weeks into February and much changes have happened at Fort Jacque. We had a team from February 4 till the 15.

  • Ground breaking at Fort Jacque

    On Wednesday February 5 2014 we were privileged to have a team from Family Christian Bookstore to help perform the groundbreaking for the building that will contain the baby house and the offices at Fort Jacque. The people from Family Christian Bookstores had a fundraiser over the ThanksGiving weekend and were able to collect $280,000. That money will be going toward the baby house/office building.

  • Quick start to the year at Fort Jacque

    This year started very quickly at Fort Jacque with a delivery of cement on January 1st.  As you can see, things are very different here than back home.  You would never expect a delivery on New Year day.  The cement was used by our boss maçon and his crew to pour the floor for the second story that will be going up on top of Pat`s house next month.  On the 9 of January, a team arrived from Canada. They came from Bethesda South United Church in Cobourg Onta...

  • 2013 at Fort Jacque

    Welcome back to Fort Jacque. In this blog I want to show you the changes that happened this year at Fort Jacque. The first thing we notice is the driveway which was redone to make the grade easier for large trucks to come up and also to have a reinforced concrete part at the bottom to fix problems we had with our pavers being pushed up creating dips that made it difficult to drive in with some of our vehicles.  The next thing is the wood shop that was built this year to allow us to get...

  • Blessings at Fort Jacques

    It has been 2 weeks since our visit of GLA Fort Jacques. Since the we have been blessed with a mechanic, Mike Vasilakes, who has been busy fixing cars and a generator.  It is always a blessing for us to have a mechanic come to Gla as we have quite a few vehicles that needs constant maintenance.

  • Come visit Fort Jacques

    Today we want to take you around the GLA compound at Fort Jacques and show you where we are at building the new home for the children and the work done so far. Here we are at the front gate, lets go inside. The first thing you see going in is the guard house.

  • Fort Jacques Blog

    Stay tuned for the Fort Jacques blog by George and Jocelyne.

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