A Tale of Two Coverings

In this post, I'm going to attempt to answer a collection of random questions that I've gotten about our effort for two coverings (turf and diapers).    So, in random order:

  • Why do you need artificial turf?   It has to do with two words - skinned knees.    The playground area at Ft. Jacques is very rocky and would be very difficult to grow grass on - at least grass that is sufficient for kids to play on without skinning their knees.   In addition to the cost of maintaining the grass, watering it (and we all know how expensive water is in Haiti) and such, installing artificial turf makes more sense.
  • How much is the turf going to cost?   Absolutely nothing.   Through the generosity of two school systems in Michigan, the turf and the rubber pellets that go under it are all being provided totally free of cost.   We just have to get it shipped down to Haiti.
  • Why diapers?  Two very simple reasons - 1) The last time I compared them, diapers in Haiti cost 4 times what they do here.  2) With 75 kids in diapers, we use a lot of them and 3) (So I can't count), filling the top 40% of the container with diapers will be a lot less weight than if we did something else that was a lot heavier.
  • Why Michigan?   Why not Colorado?  Because the estimated weight of the turf makes it too expensive to ship it to Colorado and then put it on a container from there.
  • How many boxes do you need yet?    Based on what I have stacked in my garage and the ones I know are coming, we have about 30 boxes.   We're estimating that we're going to need 500 boxes to fill the container.
  • When?  As soon as possible, but I know it's going to be a while until we can roll and prepare the turf for shipping.   Realistically, by the first of April, I'd like to be working on coordinating the schedule for shipment.
  • How much is this going to cost?  It's going to cost about $11,000 to send the container.   In addition to that, we'll have probably $1000 worth of moving and storage expenses here in Michigan (unfortunately, my garage isn't big enough to fit 500 boxes of diapers.

What can you do?

  1. Send diapers - get your mom, your friends, your siblings to buy a box of diapers every time they get groceries and send them to us at God's Littlest Angel c/o Tom Vanderwell  2260 Rosewood St. Jenison, MI 49428.
  2. Send gift cards - Meijers, Target, Walmart - send those to the same address and we'll use them to buy more diapers.
  3. Make a financial donation - send that to God's Littlest Angels 2283 Waynoka Rd. Suite A Colorado Springs, CO 80915.   Put a note on it that it's for the diaper container and also  e-mail us and let us know.   Once we've raised the $12,000 to cover the shipping costs, we'll use the rest to buy diapers.  
  4. Tell others - tell your friends and family what we're doing and how they can help. If you can get 5 people to each donate 2 boxes of diapers over the next 6 weeks, that would be a huge help.

Thank you - oh and I promise I'll post pictures of my garage once it is overflowing with diapers and we have to move to a rented space........

Does that raise more questions?    Or does it answer your questions?   If you want to read more, here are links to some of the other posts about it.......

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Thank you for making a difference for our kids!

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1. Dixie Bickel - GLA wrote:
Emmanuel Foundation, who donated the playground equipment, asked us to have something on the ground to help prevent playground accidents. Sand is not something simple that we can get in our area and wasn't what they recommend for safety. We wanted to get rubber mats of some sort but then the schools donated the artificial turf and this will work out great!

Wed, February 5, 2014 @ 11:02 AM

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