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Just a short update:

Please pray for the new adoption law.  Later this week or early next week, IBESR will appear in front of the Senate to answer questions about the new proposed law.

Please be praying that this is a good sign that things are moving forward and that the new law will be voted on and passed before the end of the month.

Also let us pray together that IBESR will give us clear directions on how a dossier will be treated in IBESR under the new guidelines.  It does not seem very clear to us at this moment.

What we have heard:

1. Foreign Agency (OAA) will send a family’s dossier to the agency’s representative in Haiti.

2. The representative will legalize the dossier in Foreign Affairs and then prepare it for IBESR.

3. IBESR can give that dossier to any crèche once they have it.  This is what we have been told.  To prevent this, the agency must indicate via an attached letter that they have chosen to work with God’s Littlest Angels.  Then the representative must also make sure IBESR is aware of the request.

3. IBESR will receive the dossier and let the crèche know that they have a dossier for us.

This is where things become unclear.  We do not know if we will go and pick up the dossier from IBESR and match a child, or if IBESR will ask us to bring a child’s dossier down to IBESR.  This is confusing at this point.

4. Once a child is matched with a family, the family must come to Haiti for 2 weeks and spend time with the child while being observed by a social worker from IBESR.  The child cannot leave the orphanage during the family’s visit.  The social worker will write up a report at the end and then IBESR will be signed quicker they said if the social worker feels this is a good match for the child and family.

5. Once the dossier leaves IBESR, the rest will be the same.  We do not know for sure that the Civil Court Judge will accept for the family to come and see him during the 2 week visit.  If not, then the family will have to make an additional visit after IBESR authorizes the adoption.  We are praying that this will not be necessary.

Once we know exactly how things will progress, I will post it.  For now, this is what we have been told.

Please pray for our staff at GLA.  These are uncertain times for us and none of us like not knowing the exact process.  Even if everything changes, if we just knew what was required then we would adjust!  We’ve had many sleepless nights and knots in our stomachs over this whole thing.  We know we just have to give it all over to God but that is difficult at times when so many little lives depend on IBESR’s decisions! 

Pray also for IBESR staff.  We know that is a division amount administration and the workers in IBESR over the new policies.  I think they also are dealing with the uncertainties.  We are praying that God gives the IBESR administration a heart of compassion for the children and not looking at this all from a business perspective.

Also pray for all of the other crèches.  Some are being attacked from different sources and need our prayers.  May God put Angels’ arms around all of the children in crèches and the crèches’ staff to lift them up and give them hope and strength to endure the changes that are coming their way.

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1. Kristin wrote:
Praying for your amazing ministry and proposed law. We are anxiously awaiting the passing of this law so we can begin our adoption process (age requirements). Any news yet?!

Sat, May 18, 2013 @ 6:40 PM

2. Sue Stanley wrote:
Praying for your organization and the children.

Mon, April 8, 2013 @ 5:44 PM

3. Traci Gongwer wrote:
Would the passing of this law and the requirements of this law affect those who have already been proposed a child? For example, if we are waiting for our dossier to get a dispensation, and the law passes, would we next be expected to come to GLA for 2 weeks? Or would these new procedures only apply to newly received dossiers?

Mon, April 8, 2013 @ 10:55 PM

4. Kelly Hills wrote:
I'm praying that the new laws that you will easily be able to accommodate, Dixie! I hope these new laws have been meticulously crafted to ensure the best possible life for the children!

Fri, April 12, 2013 @ 9:17 AM

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