Adoption Paperwork and Funding Clarification

I had hoped that I made it clear in one of my last posts about adoption paperwork that NO PAPERWORK IS BEING DELAYED on dossiers already in progress, but I have had some questions on the blog and wanted to make sure that everyone is understanding what I am saying.

1. Funds for adoption paperwork is still in each child’s account.  Adoption funds that come into GLA is considered designated and as such a percentage of each payment is held in each child’s account to cover the costs of their adoption.

2. Our potential cash flow problems were in General Funds only. 

3. Things were functioning as normal, but we were looking for ways to bring expenses down so that there would not be problems in the next few months.

4. Because we have 65 children waiting for families, I was holding off doing some DNA and other high cost paperwork items on new admissions just until funds picked up.  We need to place so many children before the new children who have recently been placed at GLA are even ready to think about placing.

5. Much of our funding since November has been designated funds which means people have sent in funds for designated (chosen) projects and not to be used for general funding items such as diapers, formula, food, diesel, water, electricity, salaries, etc.  This is where we are having problems.  We could not predict that this would happen or I would have told everyone about this issue before Christmas.

6. I spent over 3 weeks in Canada in October and November visiting churches and trying to raise funds for Haiti.So we have been trying to get the word out for people to give to help the children.  I have been pushing the GLA sponsorship program (for children residing at GLA)  which all goes toward General Funding and the purchase of child care items and food.

7. We have quite a few families preparing paperwork to send to Haiti so that children waiting can be matched to families.  It takes time to get a home study done and all of the other paperwork together to send to Haiti.  Many families have been approved to adopt.

8. Most of the people who know GLA and have followed us for some time, know my feelings about placing children on web sites trying to find adoptive parents through photo listings.  We are working with several adoption agencies in the States to place a few children who are considered difficult to place such as sibling groups and older children and also handicapped children.  I will not list all of GLA children on web sites.  I have always taken a firm stand on this and will continue to do so.  IBESR does not like Haitian children to be on web sites and neither does the staff at GLA.  God will find families for each child.

9. PRESIDENTIAL DISPENSATIONS: I am trying to find out why 13 dossiers were given dispensations out of several hundred.  Dispensations are not individually sent to the President’s office.  They are sent in batches of 6 to 12 attached together.  If for some reason, such as a health issue, one child in the batch is “fast tracked” then all of them in that bunch are signed.  The Presidential dispensation office is notorious for working on dossiers out of order received.  No GLA children were in that batch and I am doing my best to find out if dispensations are being signed, why the oldest ones aren’t first, and why this batch was signed.  Will let everyone know as son as I find out something.

I hope this answers some questions and does not just cause more confusion!  What seems so clear to me, I realize is totally incomprehensible to someone else.  I will be praying that God will give everyone that reads this blog understanding of these issues.

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1. Rori Hartzell wrote:
Dixie. Thank you for clarifying and letting us know what you know about the current dispensations. We will be eagerly awaiting to hear what more you can find out about GLA's batch. Thank you is so hard to feel so helpless and information, even if not the news we want to hear, really makes it more bearable. Thank you!!!

Mon, March 12, 2012 @ 9:47 PM

2. Jennifer Tyler wrote:
hi Dixie, We are working with Bethany agency in NJ to adopt from you. What is your lead time right now for referrals?

Tue, March 13, 2012 @ 9:10 PM

3. shawna miller wrote:
We attend Indian Creek Southern Baptist Church in Blue, west Virginia. U can find us on the husband and i have just become the youth leaders and have been looking for more ways for them to be mission minded. I would also like to include our congregation. I have been following GLA for a few weeks now and finally it hit me to have our kids raise some much needed funds for u all. If you could email me some pertinent info to present to everyone we can begin soon. Thanks soo much for what u all are doing!!

Wed, March 14, 2012 @ 12:37 PM

4. Heather Williams wrote:
Hi Dixie, We would be so grateful if you could address the situation with Leika. We have been waiting 7 months for our paperwork to get into IBESR, and unfortunately Melissa has been able to provide us next to no information. We're feeling like we and her situation are being ignored and that there is no advocate on her behalf. We have no idea how to pray or what to tell people when they ask about the situation. I know you guys are so busy with many important things, but when you get a chance please let us know if there is any hope for her adoption in the foreseeable future. Thanks so much, Heather & Dallas

Fri, March 16, 2012 @ 2:34 PM

5. rhonda heal wrote:
hi dixie! my husband and i just sent off our dossier to haiti this week...and we are going to need that goofy president to sign a dispensation...thank you so much for the update...we are adopting two little ones through another orphanage, but i still love to read your blog...we have One God...and He loves His little ones in haiti more than all of us love them...i pray that their voices are heard...God has drawn us to His kiddos there and its so exciting to share your passion to love on them! thank you for pouring your life into His work...God bless you!!!!! :)

Sun, March 18, 2012 @ 1:15 AM

6. Stephanie wrote:
Hi Dixie! I was wondering which adoption agencies are you paired with in the United States? Thanks for all that you do and may the Lord bless you and all the children.

Mon, March 19, 2012 @ 3:46 PM

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