The First Step

If you are interested in adopting a child or children from God's Littlest Angels, please contact one of the Hague approved agencies working with GLA to receive information about the adoption process.  See agency list below.

Criteria for Adopting from God's Littlest Angels

  • Adoption can be requested jointly by a married and not legally separated heterosexual couple, after five (5) years of marriage and when one of the spouses is at least thirty (30) years old.
  • Applications from single men and women aged at least thirty-five (35) years of age are accepted.
  • The age of the adoptive parents may not exceed fifty (50) years for the older of the two (2) spouses  or a single parent at the time of a referral of a child. 
  • Both adoptive parents must be at least fourteen (14) years older than the child they intend to adopt.
  • Biological and adopted children in the home are acceptable.
  • If the adoptive parents already have biological or adopted children, the children must give their opinion if they are eight (8) years old or older.
  • Both parents must be able to come to Haiti for 2 weeks after a child's referral.  This is a requirement of the law.

 Things to Know

  • IBESR will give priority to married couples when deciding to propose children.
  • All families when sending their dossiers to Haiti will be put on a waiting list until IBESR decides that the family matches a child who is available for adoption.
  • IBESR does not allow same-sex couples to adopt.
  • The Haitian government requires families to travel to Haiti twice during the adoption process.  Once at the time of the child referral by IBESR (Haitian Social Services) and then at the end of the process to take your children home. 

Agencies Working with GLA

All families, no matter what country, must use a Hague approved adoption agency to prepare their dossier and help them through the adoption process. 

American Agencies 

Canadian Agencies

European Agencies