An Update from Dixie

16 January 2010 8:30 PM

Today has brought less phone calls which I have been very thankful for!  Thankfully, all of the stress we are under makes me not hungry!  A good side effect of stress, I guess!  Of course, what do they say?  A person under a lot of stress cuts 10 years off their life span!  Well, with all of this stress, it will probably cut 20 off mine!!!  LOL

I have very good news!  We sent 5 children to their "forever" families tonight!  The children are going to Brussels, Belgium and will meet their Dutch parents there.  All but one of the children had their passports and visa approvals.  The one that did not had the Dutch ministry approval to come.  Her parents were here and had arrived on the day of the earthquake.  They did not want to leave their daughter and the Dutch Government allowed them to leave with her with a judge's approval and all of her completed paperwork!  Our other families that left on the same plane had to leave their children behind.  They said that it was so difficult knowing what was going on and the shortages that we were having.  They knew they would have to leave them and were okay with that under "normal" circumstances!  But today...with the earth shaking every few minutes and the destructions just a few miles down the road...was almost impossible for them! 

Our families in the USA, Canada, France, Luxembourg and The Netherlands have all worked hard to get their governments to allow all children reliniquished by their parents and proposed to adoptive families to be united with these families under humanitarian reasons.  This MUST happen.  I fear for the children if it does not! 

New Life Link director, Dr. Bernard, showed up at our door during the CNN interview with Wolfe Blitzer which I think went pretty well.  I might,  if asked,  have preferred Anderson Cooper, he is SO Cute!  Everyone here in Haiti at GLA thinks he is cute and so does my staff in Colorado!  But that is ok, I am just glad to get the message out about the children!  But oh...I would have LOVED to talk to Anderson Cooper!!!    Would have brought a bit of sunshine to my day!!!

Dr. Bernard's orphange is unsafe to enter.  He has brought all of the children to his home in our area.  He did not have enough drinking water and the children were thirsty.  So we are sharing 55 gallons of drinking water with them.  There is just so much misery in Haiti right now!

But GOOD NEWS!  Some people who heard the CNN interview and have water in Haiti have called and want to share with us!  Let us hope that we can get some water soon.  We only have about 3 days worth of water at this point and we are really concerving all items.  Many of the volunteers have not had a shower since Monday or Tuesday!  We are in survival mode.  Showers with a bucket and half food rations for now.  We are almost out of no cereal for the children!  Rice, rice, and more rice.  That will be our diet for now!  For a girl from Illinois...potato country...this might be difficult!

After a large aftershock lasting about 5 seconds this morning, the nannies spent the rest of the day outside.  We had a little talk because they were hysterical and we talked about havin faith that God will protect us.  If we have another large tremor, even I might go outside for awhile!  But I told them that over the years God has protected GLA and it's babies!  In 2004, when President Aristide left Haiti, God protected us!  In August and September of 2008 during the hurricanes, God protected us!  Tuesday, 12 January at 4:53 PM, God protected us!  I told them that lots of people were praying for us to be safe.  They talked about all of the houses that have fallen down since the major shock on Tuesday.  The aftershocks are earthquakes on their own and the already damaged buildings cannot standup to them!  But we told them...our building is safe.  Rely on God.  But they all went outside anyway!

I told them not to run when the quake hits, but if they do take 2 children with them!  We can at least save some of the children if this happens again!  They tend to run and leave the children behind!  Someone sent us an article that said to lay on the floor beside something and you migh survive.  We will see if they will do this!

OH, I have the cutest story to tell you!  It is a dog story for all of you dog lovers like me!  Some friends who are Haitian American were evacuated out to the US by the US Embassy.  They could not take their two little daschunds wtih them.  These little dogs were Hurricane katrina survivors who they adopted.  Now they have been left behind in Haiti!  Our daughter, Laurie, is friends with them and they got word to her to please go get the dogs!  They said that a plane would come later to take out all of the pets that had to be left behind!  (I know some of you will frown at this story, but I would hate to leave my pets behind if I had to go, so I can sympathize with these friends!)

I am super tired!  Tomorrow, some of the volunteers and staff will go to church and some will have to stay here and work.  We have a lot of things that we must do before Tuesday.  We have a humanitarian plane coming in that one of our board members and his company, Messengers International ( ) have arranged for a charter flight to come to Haiti loaded with baby supplies and emergency supplies.  It will also include tents, blankets, etc.  We will give these to another organization to distribute downtown or where ever they are needed most.  We will distribute some in our community.  We want to thank Aaron Ramsey and Messenger International who made this life saving flight possible!

I know I will forget some of the stuff that happened today.  Every day is running together now.  Tempers are short.  We are all tired.  My sister-in-law has a devotional group on Facebook called Morning Coffee Devotional.  Her words are always encouraging and helpful.  Today, she wrote:  Forty seconds brought destruction.  Seven words can bring LIFE.  It takes seven seconds to say the seven words of the publican.  "Lord, have mercy on me a sinner!"

How true those words are.  I am thankful that I know Jesus Christ as my Savior.  I have the peace of knowing that if something should happen to me, I will be with Jesus in the end.  I know some people reading this blog might not believe that but I do and my faith is strong.  It has kept me sane through all of this and able to fight to get these children to their adoptive families and to keep everyone safe.  God gives me comfort.  He gives me hope that tomorrow will be better.  He wraps me in His arms and comforts me when I am scared.  You do not believe God is real?  I KNOW He is real and he has his arms wrapped around this orphange keeping us safe.  Thank you Jesus for loving all of us and for protecting us during the earthquake.

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1. Trish Mostoufi wrote:
We are praying for you. Two children are to come here to our town, Burney California. We are praying they will come soon and get out of Haiti. May God Bless you and Keep you.

Mon, January 18, 2010 @ 9:01 AM

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