Another Orphan admitted. Haiti has to figure out how to get health care to the remote rural areas!

ERick Markenson 2I thought I would have a fairly routine Saturday, but as I was blogging about the donation of Baby Wipes, Amos came to tell me that there was a family at the gate with a newborn baby.

The baby was brought to us by the grandmother, maternal great-uncle, and the deceased mother’s brother.  The family had a sad tale to tell us.  On May 31, the father died after having a fever for 3 days.  He had been healthy and they do not know if he had an infection or what was wrong.

The mother while still grieving, went into labor and delivered a baby boy on Tuesday, June 6th.  The baby was born at 3 AM and at 2 PM, the mother became agitated and died about 4 PM.  She was 31 years old and this baby was her 4th child.

Listening to their story makes me so sad!  They have no hospital in the area where they are from.  The closest hospital is the Baptist Mission Hospital in Fermathe and it is 3 hours away from them.  They had a clinic but there is no one to staff it!  ERick Markenson 1

As they were giving us their history, the reoccurring cause of death for everyone in their family is fever of unknown origin.  Haiti has to do something to cut down on the number of deaths from easily treatable illnesses!  I’ve asked the uncle of this child, to go back to Nouvelle Tourraine and see if he can find a health agent and a nurse who live in the area that might be willing to staff the clinic if we can find funds to pay them and buy some medicines for the people.

Probably for less than $500 per month, health care could be provided for a large part of the population in this remote section of Haiti.  Why can’t the Haitian government provide this?

I am going to try to contact the local public health director at Fermathe to see if this clinic in Nouvelle Tourraine could be reopened through them, but I do not have much hope.  The family told me that it has been closed for some time.  They definitely need someone to give medication for fevers, infections, and start IV’s for mothers who are bleeding after a delivery. 

Please God send a health agent and a nurse for this area and send us someone who would like to supply and staff this clinic and help save lives.

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1. Kelly D < :) wrote:
Awww...praying for this little one and that the clinic near his family can reopen soon! :(

Sat, June 9, 2012 @ 3:27 PM

2. Shelby wrote:
Makes me want to organize a health care team to Haiti. Praying.

Sat, June 9, 2012 @ 7:38 PM

3. Katie wrote:
I know He's sending me, I just don't know where (in Haiti) yet. Trying to earn as much money as I can here, so I can do whatever He asks when I'm back in Haiti. Teach me up some more, soon? x

Sun, June 10, 2012 @ 4:54 AM

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