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IMG_4658 Cheers erupted in the yard this morning as the teachers showed their faces at the Toddler House.  Joyous to see their students and excited by the “Hero’s Welcome” they beamed with gladness and greeted their young friends who ran and encircled them with embraces.  We are so thankful to have them back!  And so excited for their refreshed spirits and energy to begin their task again of “catching” these kids up from time they “lost”.  Due to many of them never having any formal education before coming to GLA and others still with learning delays and disabilities. 

These three women, Mademoielle Kiki, Mademoiselle Elange, and Mademoislle Ruth IMG_4693 covet your prayers of wisdom and patience in knowing how to IMG_4721reach each child. They have a big responsibility on their shoulders. They can mean the difference in a child’s future, with their instruction  these kids begin to feel “smart” when maybe all they’ve heard in their past was the opposite, they can make them feel self-confident and show them that they can achieve, they can learn, they can do whatever they desire to do, and they can excel at it.  There is nothing like seeing the brokenness of a child heal slowly through the self IMG_4718 empowerment of learning.  A child who may have been hesitant to make eye contact and unsure of how to answer an adult may within weeks run to the same adult begging with confidence to hear their song, to listen to them read, to watch them count, and when they are finished they glow with the reassurance of knowing they are a brilliant and incredible child with the power to achieve! 

With the great influx of children we were able to IMG_4724 welcome in February and March of this year came a challenge.  A group of children ranging in age from 4-8 who had attended a form of schooling for a maximum of 8 months if at all, most had not even seen the inside of a IMG_4716school room, or held a book before, let alone used a pencil.  We desire to catch this group up to their age level  and development as soon as their abilities allow. Thus this year in buying French/Creole text books and learners we had to buy more than normal, because the 8 years olds need to go through K, 1st, and 2nd grade by the end of the school year.  When ordinarily we would need only to purchase one grade of books we needed three for many of the kids.  The bill looked quite IMG_4727daunting when it was all added up, but broken into cost per child they we can buy text books for each student at the Toddler House for approximately 35 USD for the year, that’s 11 months of text  books and work books.  If you feel led to help us with the cost of books for the 55 toddlers who call Toddler House home feel free to make a donation with the ChipIn button on the right side of the screen.  On behalf of the teachers who appreciate having the proper materials and supplies, and on behalf of the kids who will grow in their confidence and ability, WE THANK YOU!!!   

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1. Heather Williams wrote:
Such a wonderful, happy place for learning! Thanks for sharing all that goes into blessing the kiddos with a great and loving school!

Mon, October 17, 2011 @ 8:16 PM

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