I looked at Loubens this morning…. At 7 years old of course he picked out what he wanted to wear and dressed himself. Yellow long sleeved t-shirt, equally bright 2 sizes too small yellow gym pants which had the Euro Capri effect on his long legs.

“Loubens,” I said, “You look like a banana!!” He got a kick out of this, and in his overly dramatic Loubens way he bent his head down and checked himself out. banana

Grinning with gaps where his eye teeth have not made their appearance yet, he replies, “Yellow and yellow, a banana!” Quite proud that someone would recognize is unique style.

Turning to Faber I see that he has decided in the same fashion to double up his blue hues. Royal blue jeans paired with a blue t-shirt, ”Faber is a blueberry,” I declared. blueberries

“Yippee,” his friends standing nearby gave a cheer. “Blue on top, blue on the bottom, Faber is a blueberry!”

Kerby sitting just behind the two fruit styled boys looks expectantly at me as I notice he has on a black ensemble. “hm” I am thinking to myself trying to come up with a black fruit that they would know.

pizzaStalling for time I start, “ Kerby is a….” but before a word could reach my mouth, Kerby jumps to his feet proclaiming, “PIIIIIZZZZZZAAAAAA!!!!” Grins all around. “I look like a pizza!!! I love pizza!”

Precious innocent boys. How quickly you can set the cares of the world, cares of your past, cares of your future to the side and find your childlike joy in the simplest of things.

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