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And Life In Haiti Goes On...

Dixie Bickel R. N., the orphanage director and co-founder, writes about what is happening in Haiti, new kids at GLA, the status of adoptions, the progress on Ft. Jacques and the challenges of life in Haiti.

Kidz Korner

Thoughts and stories about the amazing kids at living at The Toddler House located at Fort Jacques .

Notes from the Nursery 

The nurse in the nursery will share stories of our little ones in the NICU and main house nurseries.

Tattle Tales from GLA 

Our volunteer coordinator in Haiti, shares stories about the children at the orphanage and volunteer activities.

Make A Difference

We will share ways for you to help the kids living at GLA in Haiti.

A Place Called Home

Stories about what is happening at Fort Jacques.

Prayer Request Updates

With this blog, we will be updating our Prayer Warriors about needs at the orphanage from time to time.  Many times we have emergencies and special requests for the children that are urgent and we need prayer immediately. If you would like to become one of the Prayer Warriors for the children and stay aware of urgent needs and medical crisis, then sign up to receive the Prayer Request Updates.


Recent Blog Posts

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    We Think It's Time for YOU to Come to Haiti!

     If you got our last newsletter, you saw the news that we are planning on moving the main house up to our Fort Jacques property by August 1st. Our main house is home to our offices, our NICU, two nurseries, Dixie & John, and countless staff. As you can imagine – this will be a big job! Moving everyone up there means we will not have to pay rent for another year on the main house which will allow us to use that money for other permanent building projects at Fort Jacques.

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    Continuing To Praise Jesus!

    This week we're praising God for the lives of all of our babies at the main house!  For about the past week, we've had a nasty virus circling the building, causing vomiting and diarrhea in many of our kids, including the teeny tiny ones.  We've been working day and night to fight dehydration.

  • S'mores Fun Around the Bonfire!

    There are many perks to living up at Fort Jacques. Yes, we have cooler temps in the evening, but we also have a beautiful area to have a bonfire so Saturday night, we did just that! Thanks to some of our long term visitors, after all the kids had their bath and were bundled up in their pajamas, we bundled them up a little more and all headed up to the bonfire for some s'mores.Our littlest children were in awe that they were going on a "late" night adventure and followed along in absolute wonder ...

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