Bring A Team To GLA

We love when teams come to God's Littlest Angels to help with the workload.  Our teams do a variety of jobs while here.  They can come to help with work at Fort Jacques or they might put on a Vacation Bible School for the older children.  They might come just to rock babies for their week and give them as much love as they can during their stay.  Or a team might do some building and some loving on babies!  What we are saying is that you need to be flexible because you might be doing many different things while visiting GLA.  If you arrive at the orphanage by noon, you will probably need to come dressed ready to start working.  You just might go directly to Fort Jacques if we have a project that needs done!

All team members are required to submit applications, regardless of whether you have been to GLA before or not. We especially need this for emergency information. Team members should submit their applications together in one packet, and should indicate that you are part of the ___ team. If you find that your number of volunteers change significantly once your have been approved, please let us know. That will help us with scheduling the appropriate number of volunteers. We prefer keeping teams at a maximum of 12 volunteers at one time.

One person needs to be the designated “spokesperson” for making all arrangements.  They must be responsible for communicating with the other team members about the guidelines provided by the GLA office.

God's Littlest Angels has their own guesthouse located within walking distance of the main orphanage.  We have 2 dorm rooms with 8 beds that are designated for our team members. Several are bunk beds. If you are bringing both men and women, you will need to divide up so that you don’t have more than 8 of each.

Teams come for 1 week. We need information about your team and their travel plans well in advance of your arrival so that the staff in Haiti can make preparations for your stay. 

A background check is required if you have not had one in the past year. This must be completed before you can be accepted to come to GLA. Your $25 fee for your background check must be sent to the Colorado office before we can run your check. (USA)

Once accepted, you are required to contact the Volunteer Coordinator in Haiti before booking your tickets. We must make sure that we can coordinate a driver for your trip from the airport. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to pick you up if you do not get approval before booking your tickets. All team members are required to make travel arrangements 3 months in advance.

Room and board/transportation fees must be received either in the Colorado or Canadian office before you leave on your trip. Release of Liability form must be sent to the Colorado office.  There is also a $100 Project Fee for each team member which goes toward projects.  We want to make sure there are funds here to buy materials to keep you busy during your team's stay.

Please help us make your stay at God's Littlest Angels a blessing to the children, the staff, and your team members by contacting us to coordinate your travel plans as soon as possible.