SONY DSCMay 31st 2012 – Little Richardson weighed in at 18lbs and was 29.5 inches tall. The smallest of the kids that came in that day, but not the youngest. 6yrs old, according to reports from people who had visited the orphanage in Kenscoff over the last three years Richardson had always been there but had never grown. His belly protruded, his skin drawn tight around it, while his knees, and cheeks were lined with wrinkles from excess. Proof of severe weight loss. Richardson was withdrawn and afraid. He was intimidated by this new environment unsure of how to process and verbalize what he was feeling he would cry often throughout the day and every night as he fell asleep.


1 yr later – Today Richardson has grown, he’s put on 10 lbs, over 50% of his arrival weight, and grown 4 inches. Though he is still very small for his age his little body is doing its best to catch up! Richardson is a favorite of all the kids and ladies. He’s got a very DSC_0080sweet personality. He’s very loving, affectionate, and compassionate. He likes people, and very rarely is ever alone, always seeking out another child to play with. Or one of his favorite nannies to sit with. He’s a very social little guy, and looking at him you expect a simple “toddler” like conversation with limited verbal development, Richardson 13 Mar 2013  (2)however like any other 7 yr old he’s very adept at engaging in thoughtful interesting conversation with any other adult or child. His high pitched voice squeeking out complex thoughts and very intelligent questions. “If I eat my peanut butter Mommy Bertrude do I still have to drink my milk?” He’s got a keen sense of how people interact with one another and he’s very good at taking turns and sharing. Richardson loves the trikes and though his legs aren’t quite long enough to pedal he can hop on for a ride with anyone. Richardason loves clothes, and Richardson 29 May 2013 (6)has a definite preference to what he is will to put on when he gets out of the bath in the morning. Red is his favorite and he loves crocks and runners, he’ll choose them any day over sandals! Today we celebrate little Chachou and the bright, happy, affectionate, calm, caring, silly, observant little boy that God has made him. Giving thanks for the small part we are privileged to play in his life. Richardson 29 May 2013 (11)


I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go..” Genesis 28:15


To be continued…

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1. Mary Caruana wrote:
Keep on growing little Richardson

Fri, May 31, 2013 @ 4:16 PM

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