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  • A Journey of 7 Years Began With Small Steps - and Two Uncles

    After Dixie wrote yesterday about the ground breaking for the baby house (read it here), I was doing some thinking and reminiscing about the journey that Ft. Jacques has been and will continue to be. It's been 7 1/2 years since John, Dixie and I sat at the table in the "big room" on the main floor of the main building's guest house with the owner of the land.

  • Study in Contrasts - A Reason For Ft. Jacques

    All of these pictures were "borrowed" from Google Images and are all from Haiti.   Check them out and then read more at the bottom......             Now what do those pictures have to do with building up at Ft.

  • Unlimited Impossibilities - Made Possible by You

    A friend of mine who has lived and worked in Haiti for a very long time wrote on his blog once that Haiti is the land of "unlimited impossibilities."   Unfortunately, I think there is a lot of truth to that. As many of you know, Family Christian Stores (The James Fund) did a phenomenal thing over the U.S. Thanksgiving Weekend (aka Black Friday).

  • Change the World through Sticks and Stones

    So, how can you change the world through sticks and stones? By helping us finish Ft. Jacques.