Children fundraising to give to those in need…

Cathleen Haglund, one of our adoptive parents sent me this email:

Good friends of ours, supporters of our adoptions in many ways, and GLA, had a lemonade stand to raise money for GLA.
She sent out an email to friends and family and it was a huge success. They sold lemonade and chocolate chip cookies and made $161 for GLA!

We are doing a small Olympic fundraiser this upcoming weekend ...I know it won't raise much, maybe a few hundred dollars, but it's what we can do while we are under all of the adoption fees, travel etc...
I think people feel like they have to do something extraordinary to raise funds sometimes, but what if "everyone" had a lemonade stand or just organized an outdoor game thing (like we are doing) and raised a few hundred bucks....every bit counts right??

What a wonderful thing having children work selling cookies and Lemonade for the children at GLA. Thank you!

Yes, Cathleen, every little bit counts and like I have always said before, too many people never give because they feel like they cannot send enough, so they send nothing!  But if 1000 people sent a gift of just $10, it would do so much!  I don’t always get the chance to send personal “THANK YOU’s” for every gift sent in for the children, but please know that every dollar is much appreciated. Each time I hear of something like this, a big thank you goes out from my heart! 

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