Colds and Mucous…two of my favorite things! (not really!)

Susan left for Scotland on Wednesday morning and Tuesday night, the staff woke me up at 11:30 PM to start an IV on a sick baby and then again at 4 AM  because the same baby had stopped breathing!  So the crises started before Susan was even out the gate!

IMG_1385 On Sunday, Louna started out with a cold and then aspirated or choked while her mother was feeding her.  After choking, Louna stopped breathing and her mother hid her under her shirt instead of telling the staff!  The nurse working that day happened to see her acting strangely and grabbed Louna and started resuscitating her right then!  Nobody knows how long Louna was without oxygen and she started having seizures after this happened.

Louna has been very fragile since Sunday and her lungs were full of fluid.  I started her on some Lasix to get rid of the fluid on Tuesday night and then when the pediatrician came she put her on Lasix routinely to try and relieve her respiratory distress.  She is on CPAP to help her breath and lots of medications now.  I can say that today she is doing much better.  Her eyes are open, she is sucking on a bottle for the first time for me, and her lungs sound much better.  I did not give her a very good chance of surviving on Wednesday but feel like maybe now she just might survive!  She is still having some problems with mucous and apnea due to the mucous but I think this too is improvingIMG_1388

I sent Louna’s mother home over Christmas.  She cannot be trusted right now with Louna and we need to get her more stable before mother comes back.  Please keep Louna and her mother in your prayers.

Rivens developed a cold and then went into respiratory distress with his oxygen levels dropping quite low at times.  Thankfully, the pediatrician came the day he was at his worse.  He now has an IV, antibiotics,oxygen and  Nebulizer treatments.  He was not doing well for a couple of days but seems to have improved today.  He is taking a bottle again and his mother came to visit today.  She gave breast milk for him and that will help him too.

He is looking much better and I hope with all of the treatments and antibiotics that he is well on the way to being fully recovered soon

IMG_1389Charilson was doing well but like the others started out with cold symptoms. Then all of a sudden his temperature dropped, oxygen dropped, and he was struggling to breath!  Katie, a pediatric nurse from Australia who has been here for a month and is staying through January, has been working in the NICU since Wednesday.  She had gone to visit friends in New York and then returned to Haiti before Susan left.  She has been a huge help in the NICU for me during the daytime.  She was in the NICU when Charilson took a turn for the worse.  The staff put him on oxygen and warmed him up.  We also started him on an antibiotic. 

Charilson is doing well right now and is on just a small amount of oxygen at this time.

Sonia, Woodleyson, and others are also struggling with bad colds and respiratory problems.  We have put them on clear liquids and also an antibiotic.  Please pray that all of the kids will get better soon and these cold symptoms will go away!  When you have so many kids in close quarters, colds spread so quickly that there isn’t much we can do except wash our hands between babies and try to keep the little ones isolated as much as we can!

I have not had a full night sleep for three days now, but I think tonight will be a better night…or at least I hope so!

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