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Blog photo1 Well the kids keep coming.  Since last Thursday we have gotten 3 more children in at Toddler House.  Making a total of 23 new residents of Kay B since the first of February.  We are expecting two more in the next week or so and then will “try” to put a hold on more admissions not to stretch ourselves too thin or become overcrowded and be unable to provide, care for, and meet the needs of the kids currently under our care.  Most of these kids will need to have DNA tests done, 15 of them went TODAY. 

Wanting to keep the kids experiences, especially in these first few weeks of Blog photo3 adjustment, as consistent and the least traumatic as possible we were relieved and thankful to find that they did not all have to go down to the lab at the same time as their birth families yesterday, and say “good-bye” to them in a strange and busy doctor’s office.  The good-byes were said yesterday as the families departed the toddler house yard and the kids remained in their new home with their caregivers here.  It went more smoothly than expected and we give praise to God for the comfort He provided for each child and parent in their parting.  The families  expressed gratitude and joy in seeing the children looking healthy and relating stories of their first week here.  They seemed relieved and at peace knowing where they were and who was now raising them. 

The groups “first” outing since moving to GLA was this morning.  A very unglamorous trip to the lab for DNA.  With our other kids that have trickled in one by one in the past they have learned easily from example that we have a semi controlled way of getting dressed, hair done, shoes on, and ready to file into the car. Blog photo2With a brand new giant group there was nothing semi controlled about it as they all declared what shirts and shoes they wanted never mind they were all the wrong sizes.  Lol:)  Or that usually pink sneakers go on girls.  It was nice to see them express preference and show unique individuality.  It was also nice (too small word), INCREDIBLE really to see the trust they had in us.  We explained where they were going to go, what they were going to do, and that we were coming back home afterwards and they trusted us completely.  The little ones could not have understood and yet, they had only joy to be getting ready to go in the car.  There last two car rides have been abandonment.  One hours and hours away from home and family to be taken to an orphanage high in the mountains of Kenscoff.  And the next when we brought them  the 25 minutes down the hill from there to strange and new GLA.  I thought for sure they were need reassure and coaxing, but they were completely at peace that we were indeed going out for a few hours and it was something to be excited about, not to fear.  Incredible!  God’s grace and healing is unfathomable.  

The trip was fairly uneventful. 11 of them road with me, imagesCAE6RWQN Nanny Darline, and Nanny Magaly.  The other 4 “big boys” road with Johnny, Miss Magaly, and Vivianne.  One in each car got carsick.  One in each car vomited.  Both were so big about it and made it into a bag without much of a mess.  They sang, talked, pointed, and filled the car with happy chatter on the hour drive down.  Patiently sat like good little children in their SugarWafer150chairs at the office, each taking a turn talking to the nice lady with the Q-tips.  And then filed back down to the car for an hour and a half drive home munching down enough wafers to put the cookie monster to shame before falling asleep like sideways dominos.  Another long… but fulfilling day.  A day full of the love, laughter, and yes tears, of little hearts healing, and making a step forward into the lives of their future. 

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1. Rori Hartzell wrote:
I felt like I was on that ride down the mountain with you today Molly...that was so much fun to read! I love the pink tennis shoes on the boy--"you like what you like" I guess !!! :) The kids sounds like they are adjusting so well. Continued prayers for smooth transitions and for peaceful and not sad hearts for the mommy's and daddy's that had to leave their children yesterday. My prayer is for peace and contentment that only the Lord can give them ! Blessings to you !

Sat, February 26, 2011 @ 2:14 AM

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