And Life in Haiti Goes On...

  • Help Us Purchase Fire Extinguishers for All Houses

    A few Sunday's ago early in the morning, Evelyne, one of our cooks, walked into the unfinished Guest House at Fort Jacques to check on some baby chickens that we had put there before putting them in with the big chickens.  As she walked in, she saw smoke coming from their pen and ran over to it and found that their heat lamp had fallen and caught the saw dust on fire.  The baby chicks were huddled in the corner as far away from the flames as they could get!Evelyne was a farmer with...

  • Tiny Mirlanka Needs Emergency Surgery!

    Mirlanka is one of our preemie twins who came to us a couple of months ago.  She and her twin sister have done well.  They have grown and we had hoped to send them home with mama and papa soon.

  • Tiny Mirlanka Needs Emergency Surgery!

    Mirlanka is one of our preemie twins who came to us a couple of months ago.  She and her twin sister have done well.  They have grown and we had hoped to send them back with mama and papa soon.

  • We Need A Nurse In Haiti! Is God Calling You?

    Are you a nurse and feel like God has been calling you to do something different with your life? Have you considered traveling to Haiti and putting your skills to use caring for children in an orphanage?  We need your help.We are looking for a nurse with one to two years experience to come to Haiti and work in our NICU and children's home.

  • Ti Jocelyne Needs Help. She Had Surgery Today. Can You Help Her?

    Ti Jocelyne first came to GLA as a homeless mother with a tiny baby boy. Her family had kicked her out with her baby.  The US Military found her living in a cave in 1998.

  • The 8th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake. It's been quite an emotional day!

    I originally wrote this 5 years ago.  The feelings are still the same so I just updated it a little bit. It's been a tough day for us as we have remembered friends lost in the destruction.

  • Changes coming to GLA!

    Since shortly after the earthquake in 2010, I (Dixie) have felt God telling us to get back to our roots here in Haiti.  John and I have talked about it for the last 7 years and tried to figure out what exactly that would look like for GLA.  Since 2010, we have done an average of 4-5 adoptions per year.

  • 2017 Christmas Season Wrap-Up

    If you've read some of our most recent posts, you'd know this is a difficult season for GLA and has been an especially tough weekend with the loss of our amazing nannie and friend, Berlanta. In this season of hope, we couldn't help but choose to celebrate the life that Jesus' coming to earth brings to every one of us. We need that hope every day and we're thankful to all of you who continue to pray for us and for the mission of God's Littlest Angels.We had a lot of fun an...

  • Thank You from Berlanta's Family and from all of us at GLA!

    Thank you to everyone who gave toward Berlanta's hospital and funeral expenses.  The response was more than expected and your generosity is so appreciated.  Berlanta's husband stopped by early this morning.

  • One of our nannies has passed away. We need your help for her expenses.

    This has been a difficult season here at GLA.  We are struggling with finding funds to care for the children.  We have also let 18 of our trusted nannies and workers go because of having fewer children right now and not needing as many workers after combining the main house with the Toddler House, and we have less funds to pay everyone.Then on Christmas Eve, one of our nannies became ill and died.

  • Update on Donations and on Bella and Jean Eddy

    A Huge Thanks to everyone who sent in donations since my last post.  The funds helped us to get our diesel bill paid and allowed us to pay our staff.  We still plan to let 18 staff members go before the end of the year.

  • Donations are Down and GLA is Struggling

    This has been a difficult year for God's Littlest Angels.  We had the cost of moving the babies and all of the staff to the Fort Jacques compound.  Giving has been down this year.

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    Oh So Thankful

    As we are starting to make preparations to celebrate the hope and joy of the Christmas season with the children here, our expat staff can't help but pause and be overwhelmed with gratitude as our traditional Canadian and United States Thanksgiving holidays come to pass. This season of giving thanks can't be had without looking at all of the blessings that we are able to heap on the children here as a result of your prayers and generous giving. God's Littlest Angels isn't a long t...

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    Main House Memories

    We could never have helped as many children and families out of the Thomassin 32 Main House without our faithful supporters. With your help this #GivingTuesday, we'll keep providing the same dedicated care to those children and families at our Fort Jacques location. Please enjoy this video we made of John and Dixie's final visit to the Main House and don't forget to support us on Nov 28 by either clicking the Donate button on our Facebook page or going to this secure Giving...

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    Exciting Early Childhood Update!

    One of our dreams for many years has been to have an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist.  Our vision was to have someone to come and evaluate the children and develop plans for our volunteers to use so that the babies and children can develop to their full potential.  God sent Ms.

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    GLA School Day Snapshot

    Here at God’s Littlest Angels we have twenty-three children that attend school full time. At eight o’clock each weekday morning they line up outside and start their day by raising the Haitian flag and singing country’s National Anthem with their teachers. After their morning ceremony, the student’s head to school to attend classes taught in Creole, French, and English.

  • We Need Your Help Today!

    Running an orphanage and school for the children is expensive.  Just providing the essentials like food, water, medicine, and supplies takes constant fundraising each month.Donations have dropped off for the last 6 months.  I do not know why donations have been less, whether it's the economy or just lack of interest, but God's Littlest Angels has been struggling!

  • John Bickel in Cardiac Unit for 2 days

    Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to bring you up to date on what is happening with John and me (Dixie).  Your prayers are needed.We have been in the States since the 10th of September.

  • For All Adoptive Families Who Have Left with your Children Please Read This

    Hi, this is Dixie. I have a favor to ask.We are trying to update our records for all of the adoptive families who have already taken children home.  We know that addresses for some have changed and emails especially have changed.

  • For All Adoptive Families Who Have Left with your Children Please Read This

    Hi, this is Dixie. I have a favor to ask.We are trying to update our records for all of the adoptive families who have already taken children home.  We know that addresses for some have changed and emails especially have changed.

  • Hurricane Irma Passed Haiti Without Damage to GLA

    We just wanted everyone to know that Hurricane Irma passed by Haiti during the night last night.  We had some rain and little bit of wind but no damage at the orphanage.  Friends in Cap Haitian also said the same thing.

  • Hurricane Irma Update from the orphanage....

    It is very still and calm here in Fort Jacques.  We thought we would wake up to rain and wind but so far it hasn't reached us.  The weather channel shows it moving very slowly to the west.

  • Unpredictable Hurricane Irma coming our way!

    The weather reports say Hurricane Irma might hit Haiti but then some say the eye should be north of us and only the northern cities are under a hurricane warning. So we really do not know what to expect at this time.We are taking precautions and boarding up windows at the school just to be safe.  All of the children including our three babies in incubators will all go into the first floor of the school probably on Thursday if the rain and winds come our way.

  • Hurricane Coming Toward Haiti! Keep Everyone in Haiti in your Prayers!

    Hurricane Irma looks like it is coming straight toward Haiti.  We will know more about it's path hopefully on Monday.  Southern Haiti still has not recovered from the devastating wind and rain that came with Hurricane Matthew back in October of 2016.

  • The Babies at GLA Need Your Help...

    We need your help to pay our bills.  It is difficult for me to write that sentence but it's true and we are having a difficult time paying our electric, water, propane for cooking, diesel for the generators and our other bills that are due.  Your donations are what keep God's Littlest Angels functioning.

  • Check Out The Move to Fort Jacques. Please Help Cover the Costs!

    We are all living at Fort Jacques now except for the Guest House which is still located in Thomassin 32.  This move has been difficult for John and I.  We have lived in the Thomassin area since 1995.

  • We Need Your Help to Give Every Child the Gift of School

    As of this morning, we have 56 children who still need to be sponsored to attend school. Your response has been phenomenal and now we need your help in the final push to support each child who signed up for the program! The quickest way to help is simply by sharing this blogpost, photo and/or website link in any combination! Take the leap of faith today to change these kids' lives by giving them and other children in our community the gift of school.

  • Start With a Smile! Amazon #PrimeDay is Coming!

    Hi GLA friends!!! We love and appreciate you so much!  We wanted to tell you that Amazon's third-annual Prime Day is on Tuesday, July 11 and will feature more than 100,000 deals exclusively for Prime members, making it one of the biggest shopping days of the year.DayHere's how you can help us on that day.

  • Please Take a Moment and Say an Extra Prayer for Us!

    Our move to Fort Jacques is a huge undertaking.  I get a little depressed and overwhelmed just trying to figure out where everything will go and what to give away and what to keep out of this huge baby house!A part of me doesn't want to move.  I like things the same.

  • The Best Help You Can Give - Sponsor the Kids of GLA

    We need your help and the best way to help GLA is always to help us in caring for the children! We are so thankful for all of our incredibly supportive sponsors. On average, we need at least 10 sponsors per child in order to meet the financial needs of providing food, clothing, medical care and shelter for all of the children of GLA (some children need more sponsors depending on the severity of their health issues).

  • We need funds to move the babies to their new home. Can you help?

    When we let you know of our need for some extra hands and some skilled workers, we received several inquiries from people wanting to help.  Now thankfully we have a few extra volunteers coming in the next month to help with the building that needs to take place before we can move the babies to Fort Jacques.  We want to thank everyone who is coming to help.The building part of the move is also going well but we are running low on funds to keep preparing the buildings.

  • Fort Jacques Move & Construction Update

    The work of construction and building renovation continues for the upcoming move to Fort Jacques. Both of the parent cottages are coming along quickly and the pink cottage specifically will be finished soon and ready to be plumbed for water/sewer. The completion of that project will allow us to begin renovations on the blue toddler house in preparation for transforming it into our NICU.

  • We Need People with Construction Experience to Come to Haiti Now! If We Do Not Get Help, We Cannot Move in July.

    This is Dixie and I've been out of Haiti for the last 6 weeks with severe back problems and so have not been here to help at all.  I just returned to Haiti on Friday and I'm feeling the stress of trying to make sure we get moved to Fort Jacques and have a place for the babies and the staff to live. If You Have a Skill for putting up drywall, installing doors, finishing bathrooms, installing electrical outlets, installing kitchen cabinets or figuring out how to barricade a raili...

  • Change Your Worldview

    If you've been to #glahaiti you know these children capture your heart in a way that words can't adequately explain. To be sure, when you come to visit; when you sit with one child or ten of them; laugh and play with them; when you experience their love and joy --- your worldview will be reshaped for the better and you'll realize all the more poignantly that YOU were called to a life of service, mission and purpose.Of course countries, time zones or people groups may changes from person to perso...

  • We Need Your Help! Please Give Today!

    The needs of the orphanage never stop.  The kids need medicine, hygiene products, food, schooling supplies, and clothing.  We need funds to pay teachers, nurses, nannies, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, laundry staff, drivers, adoption staff, and construction workers.

  • Farewell Dieujuste (Justin)

    It is with broken hearts that we share the news that Dieujuste (Justin) has gone home to be with Jesus.  Justin was almost 3 years old.  He had lived with us since he was a baby.

  • Bookkeeping Position Open in our Colorado Office!

    Hello Everyone!  I'm traveling right now in the States but wanted to let you know about a need we have in the Colorado Springs office.  Our bookkeeper left suddenly and we need to find someone to take over her work load!

  • Hurray! Matching Funds Goal of $10,000 Reached!

    Last Thursday, I told you of a donor who was willing to donate $10,000 to buy our food/supplies for the month of April and they put out the challenge for other donors to help us raise the funds to match that amount.  That gives us two months funding for food/supplies!We reached that goal last night and we are so happy and thankful to all of you who made a donation toward that goal!  This is a monthly need and usually donations are enough to cover this each month, but for April we were ...

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    Two Staff Positions Still Needing To Be Filled.

    We desperately need people in Haiti to help with the building and maintenance of the Fort Jacques campus.  You would be supervising the national staff who do the plumbing and masonry work, but they do not know much about building with wood.  You would be right in the middle of the work and working alongside of our national workers.If you think you qualify for either position, and would like to join the GLA staff in Haiti, please contact Mrs.

  • We Need Some Special Workers! Could That Special Worker Be You?

    We need a couple of workers to lay Ceramic Tile in the house where we are moving the GLA offices.  Anyone willing to come down and lay the tile so it will be ready for us to move into the house?The house  will also be used for staff housing. We need this done very soon since we are moving the offices up at the beginning of July.  The house is about 2,000 square feet on one level.We are asking for volunteers who can pay their own airfare if we provide room and board while you are h...

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    Matching Campaign Started!

    I have good news!I had a family contact me who said they would do a matching fund campaign with GLA for the monthly food and supplies that we need.  This family is willing to give $10,000 and is challenging you to help match their donation. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to get the funds needed for two months to purchase food!Would you consider sending in a donation today to help us get these matching funds?

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    God's Blessings Surround Us!

    Sometimes when I grow weary and just want to take a holiday from all of the sickness and misery surrounding me, I lift my eyes up and see the mountains and beauty of Haiti and my strength is renewed!Sunday morning church services on the balcony with the backdrop of the mountains behind Pastor Joel makes it feel like God is right there, I could reach out and touch him!  The beauty takes my breath away!But the poverty, sickness and the daily difficulties for the people of Haiti are there even...

  • We Are Moving But We Need Help!

    We are moving in July!  We have already started packing boxes of things like books and toys. We have already taken several loads up to store at Fort Jacques.

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    We Think It's Time for YOU to Come to Haiti!

     If you got our last newsletter, you saw the news that we are planning on moving the main house up to our Fort Jacques property by August 1st. Our main house is home to our offices, our NICU, two nurseries, Dixie & John, and countless staff. As you can imagine – this will be a big job! Moving everyone up there means we will not have to pay rent for another year on the main house which will allow us to use that money for other permanent building projects at Fort Jacques.

  • Orphans Treasure Box Loves GLA

    We have exciting news! Today we’re announcing our “Orphans Treasure Box Loves GLA” fundraising campaign running now through the end of March! We're so thankful that 30% of all proceeds from items purchased through the Orphan’s Treasure Box online store link - will come back to support the ministry of GLA!

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    Who I Am and Why I Exist!

    Here is a post written by our NICU nurse, Emily Smith, RN.  Emily came to us to be our full time nurse.  God's Ways Are Perfect and He knew that we needed Emily here at GLA.

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    Hurricane Distribution for the Kenscoff Community

    Two weeks ago, we distributed seeds and goats to the people in the hurricane affected areas around the community of Kenscoff.  Kenscoff is a county seat here in Haiti.  It covers a lot of the mountain area between Petionville and Jacmel.

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    2017 GLA Calendars Are Here! Order Yours Today!

    The calendars are ready and will make great Christmas gifts!  If you are interested in ordering a calendar for yourself or for gifts  order them soon.  The photos inside are wonderful this year.I’ll give you a sneak preview below!The Calendars are available for a donation of $20 USD which includes shipping.

  • Hundreds of houses damaged and 2500 animals lost around the Kenscoff area of Haiti.

    We are so thankful to everyone who has donated toward the repair of the orphanage from the damage caused by hurricane Matthew.  We have received enough donations to repair our buildings.  But now we need to look outside of GLA and into the community around us.We received a report today from the Mayor's office in Kenscoff.

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    GLA and the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew: No Better Time to Help!

    Hello Everyone!GLA is consistently appreciative of the prayers and support that you give to us.  Now, as our organization contends with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, we really need your help more than ever. The good news is that we are all safe.  The bad news is that we’ve experienced quite a bit of damage at our Ft.

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    Come See John and I in Alberta!

    We are having a great time in Canada.  We arrived in Alberta and then last weekend went to Manitoba south of Winnipeg to speak at a church.  I wish that we could have seen the children from GLA that were adopted many years ago into this area but I did not have enough time to get in contact with any of the families.

  • Canada...We have arrived!

    We arrived in Edmonton, Alberta Tuesday afternoon.  The weather is beautiful: not too cold and not too warm.  The last month before leaving for Canada was crazy in Haiti.

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    Seventy-five Students will not be attending school if we can't find more sponsors!

    For 2016, GLA had 346 students come and apply for school sponsorship.  These are children whose parents are not able to pay for their schooling.  The only way these children can go to school is if they receive financial help for their tuition!

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    Come See John and Dixie in Alberta, Canada - September 13 to October 3.

    John and I will be traveling to Canada from Tuesday September 13 through October 4, 2016. So far this is our speaking schedule while in Alberta.  There are openings on the schedule.

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    First Time in 18 Years that House Rent is NOT Paid! Please Help Us By Donating Today!

    In 1998, a group of 4 adoptive families in Canada pledged that the rent for the houses of God's Littlest Angels would be paid every year.  They worked hard to get a governing board up and running and GLA Canada registered with the Charities department of the Canadian Government.  The Canadian Board has paid the rent and supported us with funds for diesel, water, food, building, etc.

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    Make a difference! Come Live and Work in Haiti!

    For all staff and volunteer information, please contact our OFFICE STAFF.NEW POSITIONS IN HAITI ARE OPEN!To Apply, contact our US office by clicking here or call 719-638-4348 and ask to talk to Jean. Handy Man Needed: Looking for someone who can work with our team at Fort Jacques to keep things fixed.  Will be doing daily maintenance and working on projects with the rest of the staff.  Would consider a volunteer for the summer just to help us get caught up with the projects waitin...

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    Work Teams Needed From September through December

    Are you interested in getting some of your friends together or a group from your church to come and help out at the orphanage in Haiti? We need teams for this Fall to come and help us get the Guest House and Family Cottages ready for their move up to Fort Jacques!  We desperately need the help and just the extra hands from September through the 2nd week of December!

  • Some of This and Some of That...News from GLA!

    DONATE NOW7 year old Girl Benefits from Funds Sent to Help Donald!One of our nannies that works in the Intensive Care Nursery and is one of my best nannies has a daughter seven years old who has been sick now for about a month.  Jocelyne has worked at GLA for about 10 years. For several months, her daughter has had trouble vomiting and stomach problems.  For the last month, she has been in and out of the hospital.

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    Help Diaper These GLA Babies!

    I want to thank everyone who has already sent items for the container.  Our Colorado Springs office has been busy shrink wrapping items and organizing everything for the container that will leave the office on July 29th.Many of the items that we need are difficult to find in Haiti. Recently, Dixie on a trip to the States filled 3 suitcases with Soy formula because we could not find any in Haiti.

  • Help Us Send a Container to Haiti on July 29!

    Plans have changed on the date we will send a container to Haiti.  It will now take place on July 29th! As usual, John and I will be apart for our wedding anniversary and he will be in the States loading this container to send to Haiti!

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    Donald Needs Life Saving Surgery! Please Donate to Help Save This Baby's Life!

    Donald came to us with a condition called Spina Bifida. At one month old, his head circumference was normal. Then his head started to grow.

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    Help Us Send Supplies to Haiti for the Orphanage...

    God's Littlest Angels has a warehouse in Colorado Springs that is full of food, furniture, and medical items to send to Haiti. We have enough to fill a 40 foot container part way but need your help to fill it the rest of the way with items we desperately need in Haiti! Many of the items that we need are difficult to find in Haiti.

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    We Need Your Help To Feed The Children!

    In March and April, we had 8 babies come in to the orphanage.  Six of the children are here for assistance.  We are seeing more and more children coming who are sick or the mother has died and we need your help in caring for these children.

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    Make a Difference, Come Work in Haiti!

    We have positions open for new staff to come and work in Haiti. If you are interested and feel you are qualified for a position, please contact our American office for more information. ‪  Check out our Positions Available Page on our web site by clicking here for more information!  #‎GLAhaiti‬  These Positions are available and all require you to live in Haiti. Toddler House Manager Construction Supervisor Media Specialist Education Assistant Volunteer for June through ...

  • Progress on the Family Cottages at Fort Jacques

    They are making great progress on the Family Cottages at Fort Jacques.  The first floor is built with blocks and one house already has the floor joist installed and they are building the stairway to the second floor so that the cement masons can go up on the second floor!  It is exciting to see the houses getting farther along each day and soon we will be ready for the roof and tile for the floors!  Enjoy the photos of the progress being made.          &nb...

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    Garden is starting to grow!

    The photo on the left is butter lettuce coming up in a row.  Hopefully in a month or two it will look like the photo in the middle!  This lettuce was in a "tape" that was 6 feet long.  You just lay it on the ground, cover it with a little bit of dirt and... VOILA! It starts to grow!

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    John and Dixie will be in Alberta, Canada September 21 through October 5. Volunteers Needed!

    John and I are excited to announce that we are going to Alberta Canada this fall! We will be in Calgary/Edmonton area from September 21-October 5, 2016 and look forward to seeing many of our Canadian families and supporters. The Canadian Board is starting to plan our event itinerary and we’d like you to be involved.

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    Farming the Land! Growing our own Vegetables!

        We have been wanting to increase our garden space at Fort Jacques and start growing more of our own vegetables.  My back is not good and I cannot get down on my knees to garden so I got our mason to make some raised vegetable beds where I can plant a herb garden, strawberries, and vegetables.  They turned out so nice and yesterday, we planted lettuce, strawberries, fennel, basil, and dill.  The rest we will start inside and then plant into the gardens when they are b...

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    The Church of Hope Needs Your Help or They Will Be Evicted!

    Pastor Colbert SAINT LOUIS helped start a small church in the Thomassin 32 area in the mountains above Port-au-Prince. At the time, he was working with an American pastor, Brandon Jordan, and they started this church to meet the needs of the people in this area. Pastor Jordan has since returned to the States to live, but Pastor Saint-Louis has continued to lead the church and to watch it grow.

  • The Hills Of Haiti are Alive With The Sound Of Music!

    Hope Music School Music is in the soul of all Haitians I think.  My staff sing all day long and sometimes dance with the kids or just along to a song. They hear music and their feet start moving! Most churches have bands that play during the service on Sunday.  I was up at 3 AM last night and I could hear music coming from somewhere outside our gate even at that time of the morning!

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    A day That changed so many lives

      January 12,2010 is a day that changed many lives. It definitely changed the lives of those of us at GLA!  I will never forget sitting at my desk at the end of the day, getting ready for supper time, and all of a sudden my bookcase started to rattle and shake!

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    2015 Is Coming To An End

    I cannot believe that we are almost into 2016!  A lot of things have happened in 2015.  We are working on the "year in review" to send out to everyone so you can see what has happened at GLA.  We have had long term staff leave and a new short term family come to Haiti.  We have had children join their forever families and a few new children come into the orphanage. I think the biggest change that we have had are the number of children who have come for assistance this year.&n...

  • Merry Christmas from everyone at God's Littlest Angels!

    Merry Christmas everyone and THANK YOU so much for your incredible support!! Each year seems to pass so quickly here in Haiti.  I think it's because we are so busy that the days flow together and the next thing we's Christmas again! The last two years have been difficult financially for GLA.  Our income was cut in half when adoptions were held up for so long.  We cut down on some of our programs, put some full time staff on part time status, have schedules for when the g...

  • Today is #Giving Tuesday! Remember to "Give So We Can Give!"

    I cannot believe that it is Giving Tuesday already!  December 1st is #GivingTuesday world wide.  It's a global day dedicated to giving back. This year, God's Littlest Angels is asking you to "GIVE SO WE CAN GIVE!" Without your generous donations, we would not be able to help as many children and families in Haiti as we do. Without your generous giving, we would not be able to provide the children with the food we provide every day.  The GLA cooks at both the main house and the Tod...

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    Give So We Can Give #Giving Tuesday

    On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. They have given this day the name of #GivingTuesday and it's a global day dedicated to giving back! This year, God's Littlest Angels is asking you to "GIVE SO WE CAN GIVE!"  Without your generous donations, we would not be able to help as many children and families in Haiti as we do.   This y...

  • West Edmonton Christian Assembly to hold benefit for the children at God's Littlest Angels

    We are so very grateful to our many volunteers who organize fundraisers on behalf of GLA! One fundraiser that recently came to my attention is at the West Edmonton Christian Assembly where they will be hosting a music concert over 3 nights in early December with funds to benefit GLA. What a great opportunity to enjoy music, dessert and support GLA at the same time!!  If you are in the Edmonton, Canada area, we invite you out for a great night of music, dessert and coffee!

  • The Adoption System in Haiti is a Broken System

    There are people at IBESR in Haiti who I truly enjoy sitting down with them and talking about adoptions.  They work hard at their jobs and they want to see the system work.  But unfortunately, these few are outnumbered by those who don't care and who never get out of the office and actually see the children on the streets or in the orphanages.  They do not see the benefits to the child and so take their time matching the children and working on their files.  They lose files o...

  • Just when I say that we can't take any more babies, God sends a 3 pound baby to our Gate!

    If you read my last blog, you are aware of the bills we have here in Haiti needing to be paid and the stress that is causing us all.  I told the staff that we would not be taking any children for assistance or adoption for a little while until things got better. As usual, when I say something like that, God sends a baby to our gate!  Sure enough, tonight three workers from the ministry of public health brought a mother and father with a 3 pounds 9 ounce baby to our gate.  They sai...

  • Please Make a Donation! We need your help today!

    Our funding has been down for the last few months.  We do not have enough to pay our bills here in Haiti.  We need diesel fuel to run the generators so that we can run the incubator and oxygen machines, run the lights and computers for the school program, and to put fuel in the trucks so they can shop for food for the orphanage. Our current diesel bill is $15,000 and we use $12,000 of fuel per month. We need to pay our water bill which is $1900 for each month and we owe two months wort...

  • All of the Students are SPONSORED! Praise God!

    Good News!  All of the students are sponsored for school and we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who decided to sponsor a child! Sponsoring a student is truly a life changing decision for these children and they are very thankful.  They promise that they will work hard in school this year.  They all send you a big MESI! (thank you) 

  • Looking for 10 People Wanting to Make a Difference in the Life of a Child!

    All of the children in the Education Sponsorship Program have sponsors except for 10 students!  That means more than 350 children are going to have the funds to attend school!  These last 10 children need your help.  They want to attend school too!  They want to fulfill their dreams and plans for the future. But unfortunately their families cannot pay for their education.  They need your help! Most of the children here have been in the program for a few years.  This...

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    Work Teams Needed to Help Finish the Inside of the New Guest House

    The progress on the new Guest House is amazing!  We stopped for just a bit while we build a trash house to help handle the load of the additional garbage that we have at Fort Jacques.  With the Toddler House is there and the Guest House finished in the next year, we must get the trash secured so that rodents are not attracted to it. But so far, the first story of the guesthouse is almost finished with the outside walls having gone up 3/4 of the way!  We are so excited to see the p...

  • Adoption News

    I have never been gone from Haiti for more than 7 weeks until this year!  I went out to the States to do fundraising on April 10th and did not return until the last of July.  That is a long time for me, but I spent 2 months fundraising with John by my side and then a month taking care of family matters.  Here in Haiti lot of things took place while I was gone. Several children went home with their adoptive parents while I was not here.  Made me sad to not be here when they le...

  • Our Dream is to have All Haitian Children Reading and Writing. You Can Help Make that Dream Happen!

    How often do we take for granted our ability to read our Bibles, get directions, or attend school? You can change the life of a child for just pennies per day by giving them the gift of an education! We have over 150 students who still need sponsors.

  • GLA Approved as Charitable Organization in the Combined Federal campaign

    For any of you who are US federal employees or have family or friends who are federal employees, GLA has been approved to participate as a charitable organization. You can designate GLA as the charity that you wish to contribute to. Any questions contact Jay at or call our Colorado Office at 719-638-4348.

  • The Kids Need Your Help!

    Each of these children are counting on your help so that their daily needs are met!  We have generous donors who help monthly by sponsoring a child and their sponsorship helps provide for some of the food, clothing, schooling, medical care, and pay the bills needed to keep the children housed.  But sponsorship does not cover all of the expenses. Adoptions used to help with the support of the children but now it is taking a year or more for the children to be proposed to their forever f...

  • Our New Guest House is being built!

    Our prayer has been that we would be able to move all of the children to the Fort Jacques property quickly. We still need to build a home for the babies, the volunteers, a dining room, and housing for the staff. It has seemed like the list was never ending!

  • Mayor Signed 21 files for adoption!

    In case you didn't read my blog a couple of days ago about financial needs, you might have missed this prayer praise that we have! The Kenscoff Mayor signed all 21 abandoned children's files so they can now be proposed to families!  They have been waiting to be signed since August 2014!  What an answer to lots of prayers!  We were so overwhelmed because we were just watching these 21 children who were ready for matching sitting here all of those months waiting for one person to si...

  • Help Us Care for the Children!

    Hi, John and I are in the States visiting new churches that we have never visited before.  We hope to motivate people to support the orphanage and help provide needed food, medication, fuel for the generators so the kids have lights and clean clothes, and water for the children to drink.  But right now, GLA is low on funds.  It's been awhile since I have asked our donors to help with a crisis but we desperately need funds to keep caring for the children.  We used to received ...

  • Good Adoption News!

    The Children's Judge will finish the dossiers on his desk!  This is good news for all of the GLA families waiting for the Mayor's signature or the biological families to sign!  Now, if we can just get the mayor from Kenscoff to go to the judge's office and just sign her name in the book!  I have heard that the mayor of Port-au-Prince is also unwilling to go and sign in a timely manner.  Is this not part of their jobs?  Very very frustrating for us... The Children's judge...

  • IBESR News and Rumors

    I wanted to give you some news I have received in the last few days about IBESR and the adoption process.  Now some of this news is second hand and some I know from our own experience but just want to let you know that sometimes things said by IBESR personnel never happen.  We deal with different people in IBESR and sometimes each will give you a different answer to the same question!  This inconsistency carries through to the whole adoption process. 1. First I wanted to tell you ...

  • Looking for Churches to Visit in April and May

    John and I will be visiting churches starting the 12th of April through the end of May. On April 12th, I will be in Ocala, FL and on the 26th of April, I will be in Idaho. The rest of the Sundays and even through the week,  John and I will be available to speak at churches, home groups, or organizations.

  • What has been happening at GLA?

    Hi!  It's been a month since I've written a blog post.  So much has happened and I apologize for not being able to just sit down and let you know about it all. News from Fort Jacques First let me tell you about what has taken place since the break in at Fort Jacques.  We have hired a security company to provide guards 24/7.  This has given the staff and children a feeling of security that they needed.  Four of the foreign staff have had a chance to travel out of Haiti an...

  • Do Not Fear because God is with You...

    I want to send reassurance to our volunteers and teams coming to visit GLA that all possible measures are being investigated and implemented to assure safety for everyone at the mission.  First and foremost, most visitors do not stay at Fort Jacques except to work during the day.  The Guest House is in a more residential area and we've never had any problems there or at the main house.  In 24 years of living in Haiti, we have never had any personal safety problems (even during tim...

  • The Day After...

    It's impossible to not sit and think about what happened and to not go over the "What ifs" in our heads the day after the attack on Fort Jacques.  What if we had thought about the thieves throwing poison out to the dogs before the dogs had a chance to eat any hot dogs?  We knew that thieves do this routinely, why didn't we think of the possibility quicker?  What if we had more lighting around the property?  What if we didn't have such thick fog that night and could have seen ...

  • Urgent Prayer Needed for Fort Jacques Staff and Children

    First, I want to say that no children or staff were injured last night at Fort Jacques. After midnight, several armed men entered the Fort Jacques property looking for money. They climbed over a gate at the bottom of the property and then broke the gate open.

  • Church of Hope Update

    As of today,  $2475.00 has been raised to help the Church of Hope with their rent!  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped so far.  Their goal is $10,000 USD by the first of February. Please help keep the church open.  All funds donated will go directly toward the rent for the church. If you haven't made a donation but would like to, please click on the link below!  You can also send a check to God's Littlest Angels, 2083 A Waynoka Rd, Colorado Springs, CO  80...

  • A Wonderful Surprise Visit!

    Just after the Christmas Holiday, we received a surprise visit from Rocky and Marla MUNRO who live in Alberta, Canada.  They had adopted two children in 1999 named Tia and Jean Nixon (Tyrone).  Tia is now 17 years old and in her last year of high school.  She says she would like to be a nurse. Tyrone is in grade 10.  Then in 2010, they were in the process of adopting Moustapha (Izak) and Melissa (Isla) when the earthquake struck.  The children were evacuated to Canada sh...

  • Local Haitian Church Needs Your Help to Pay Their Rent!

    Pastor Colbert who is pastor of the Church of Hope comes every Wednesday to GLA to minister to our ladies through Bible Study and worship.  The Church of Hope was started by Pastor Brandon Jordan and his wife Nikki a little over 4 years ago.  Pastor Colbert was also part of the church from the very beginning helping Pastor Jordan.  When Pastor and Mrs. Jordan returned to the USA 2 years ago, Pastor Colbert took over the running of the Church of Hope located in Thomassin 32 close t...

  • The Last Day of 2014...what were our statistics here at GLA?

    Happy New Years Eve!  We pray that 2015 is a wonderful year for all of you and we wish you lots of peace and God's blessings in your lives! We thought it would be fun to give you a few statistics for GLA for 2014.  It's always fun and sometimes a little scary to look back and see what has happened for the last year.  Let's see how many diapers we have used, can of baby formula, cost of the food that we have eaten, and the number of adoptions done in 2014! For 2014: Adoptions Compl...

  • Illionson Returned Home to his Parents Today!

    Illionson came to GLA 9 months ago.  He was born with a cleft lip and palate, bilateral club feet, and amniotic banding of his arm, legs, fingers, and toes.  He was only a day or two old on admission.  At first the father said that he and the mother had 7 other children and could not care for Illionson.  He wanted to place him for adoption.  But Illionson was a big baby and was doing very well and I thought if we could get some surgery for him for his cleft lip and palat...

  • We Need a Registered Nurse in Haiti!

    OPENING FOR RN: We need an RN with experience in pediatric intensive care or neonatal intensive care. Needed as soon as possible in Haiti. You will be working with an all Haitian nursing staff.

  • 20th Anniversary of God's Littlest Angels in Haiti!

    John and I started GLA on Christmas Day 1994.  That was 20 years ago!  Time has gone by so fast.  We have lived in Haiti 23 1/2 years.  When we came to Haiti, John and I had made a commitment to stay for 3 years, but Haiti is our home now and in our hearts.  I don't know if I can ever leave! We were living and working at the Baptist Haiti Mission in 1994 and early on Christmas morning a premature baby was born at the mission hospital.  It was a baby girl and she wei...

  • Sometimes "Thank You" is not said enough...

    But I will call upon the Lord to save me—and he will. I will pray morning, noon, and night, pleading aloud with God; and he will hear and answer.   Psalm 55: 16- 17 Living Bible Sometimes "Thank You" is not said enough whether it is us thanking God for listening and answering our prayers or saying "Thank You" to our Donors and Prayer Warriors who support us every day!   As many of you know, we have been very busy this last month with all kind of things going on such as the mo...

  • US Consulate Meeting - Information Correction

    I received a call this morning from the Chief of the USCIS section at the US Consulate, Mr. Hichem Kefi.  He said that my blog post on November 15 called  US Consulate Meeting on International Adoption has some errors in it.  He wanted me to know that he is not leaving in December.  He said he has purposely not stated when he was leaving and he hopes to overlap some with the new Chief.  He did not say when the new Chief would be coming to Haiti.  I apologized for an...

  • Give Someone a Special Gift this Christmas! A 2015 GLA CALENDAR!

    The Calendars are ready and will make great Christmas gifts! If you are interested in ordering a calendar for yourself or for gifts order them soon. The photos inside are wonderful this year and our contest winners' photos are inside too.

  • GLA Newsletter in the Mail!

    You will be receiving a Christmas Newsletter in the mail very soon.  I decided to try and do a booklet newsletter this time instead of the legal size paper.  I have been wanting to do a booklet newsletter for about 4 years but we just thought it would be more expensive then our current newsletter, so we never did one for Christmas.  Then a few months ago, a man walked into our office in Colorado and he was from a local printing company with an actual printing press.  He asked...

  • Today is #GivingTuesday! Help GLA Start Off the Christmas Giving Season with a BANG!

     Today is #GivingTuesday!  It is a day to give to a charity   of your choice! #GivingTuesday was started 2 years ago by a group of donors who wanted to give back during the Christmas giving season.  It is a movement to create a national day of giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. The founders wanted to fight the commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season.

  • The Kids Have Moved!

    It is true!  The Toddler House children have moved to Fort Jacques!  This has been a dream of John and mine for the last 15 years and on Friday, it actually came true!  Thirty-five children moved to their new home after a month of anticipation. Molly and Joyce had been packing for more than a month and moving to Fort Jacques all supplies that were not essential for daily life.  They had moved extra clothing, Christmas decorations, and lots of shoes!  Then they took down ...

  • Help GLA Launch the Holiday Giving Season with #GivingTuesday

    We have a day for giving thanks. (Thanksgiving) We have two for getting deals. (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.

  • The Rest of the Story....

    I will see if I can remember a few of the other things that was spoken about at the meeting.  Diana Boni, an agency director for Haiti, told me some things that I missed.  I said I must have been spaced out during that conversation because I did not remember it at all!  LOL  A committee at IBESR will make the matches of the children and families.  The director of the orphanage where the child they are matching is living will be on this committee.  I did not hear thi...

  • Meeting at US Embassy on International Adoption and the Hague

    Sorry that it has taken me this long to give you a report about the meeting on Thursday. I was exhausted by the time I arrived back at the orphanage late in the afternoon. I had to go to the market for food and also work on some things in my office.

  • The GLA 2015 Calendars Are Ready To Order!

       They are being printed and will be ready for delivery mid November. The calendars will make great Christmas gifts! If you are interested in ordering a calendar for yourself or for gifts order them soon.

  • Update on Baby Ralph

    Baby Ralph's mother came back to the orphanage without the grandmother on Monday.  She wanted to take baby Ralph home.  I had told the mother to go home over the weekend and really think about baby Ralph and whether she wanted the baby for adoption.  I told her that after things settle down that she may realize that she wanted Ralph to come back home. He had no problems with the bleach episode.  So I think he must not have ingested enough to hurt him or none at all. I did mak...

  • Attempted Murder! Feeding Bleach to an 8 Day Old Baby!

    This is Ralph and his mom.  Ralph is 8 days old.  He is a beautiful baby but his biological father wants him dead.  He never wanted him to live to begin with and decided when the mother went out of the house to purchase something that he would put bleach in a baby bottle and feed it to his newborn son! Someone was there and witnessed it and told the mother about it when she came home.  She took the baby and ran to the Hospital in Fermathe where Dr. Bernard treated the baby an...

  • Orphan Sunday 2 November 2014

    "Defend the cause of the fatherless..." Isaiah 1:17 Orphan Sunday is a day for your church to focus on the plight and reality of orphans around the world.  With a focus on God’s heart for the orphan and the call to Christians to act on their behalf.  Some churches are using all month to collect donations to help the orphans of the world because November is also National Adoption Month. Due to our new adoption law in Haiti, the fees given to an orphanage to care for the children is bein...

  • Ghislaine Needs Your Help Urgently!

    Ghislaine needs your help!  Anyone who has been to GLA in the last 10 years has probably met Ghislaine Antoine.  She works in the main house and is always the first one to jump in and help visitors find things if they need something.  Ghislaine has worked at GLA since May 2004. She hardly ever misses work and cleans and helps in the kitchen most of the time. Last Tuesday, as Ghislaine was coming back from her two days off, she had to change tap taps (taxi) in Petionville.  As...

  • Adoption News, Container News, and Sponsorship News!

     Thought I would give some random updates here today!  Sorry the Adoption News is so long!  Warning there is a lot of ! marks in my blog today because I'm passionate about these things!!! LOL  DONATE Now  Container News The container of food and orphanage supplies was packed on Monday is now on it's way to Haiti!  It was an all day effort and thankfully a lot of volunteers and staff were in Colorado getting it all sorted and packed so that every available inch of th...

  • Please Make a Difference in the Life of a Child with School Sponsorship!

    We only had 2 people who signed up to sponsor one of the children still needing funds to attend school this year.  We had faith that we could get 12 people to sign up to help the children.  We did not even ask people to help all of the children from these 12 families, just one child from each family. Would you please consider helping one of these children?  For $460 per year, you can make a huge difference in the life of a child!  Step out in faith and sponsor a child.  ...

  • Needed: 12 Sponsors for 12 Students! Please Can You Help?

    We have 12 families whose children were helped in school last year, but this year we did not find even 1 sponsor to help them! When you look at the big picture and see that 334 children were sponsored, this is not a large number. But these families cannot pay for their children to attend school and depend on our sponsorship program to help them pay the tuition.  The families were upset and I understand why they were upset.  Other families might have four children sponsored out of their...

  • VOTE NOW for the Photo Contest!

    Click Here to Vote Now for your favorite Photos!  You can vote for one, two, or three photos! The top three photos will be included in our 2015 GLA Calendar!  Please take a moment and vote for the photos you like best!  I think they are all really cute and I find it really difficult to pick just one!

  • More Help Needed to Get the Container to Haiti

    We have just a few days left before we need to pack and send the container from Colorado Springs to Haiti.  We are very thankful that we have received about $2000 to ship the container but it's not enough. We have had donations come in and we have food donated by Kids Against Hunger and Diapers given to us at cost by a local market in Pueblo, Colorado.  We have Baby Lotion, Soap, Shampoo, Powder, Baby Wash, Moist Wipes for diaper changing, high chairs, toys, clothes, building supplies,...

  • Help Get Food to GLA by Sponsoring a Mile or More of the Journey!

        #Kids Against Hunger sent us a total 5616 packages of food and each package  serves 10 so that's 56,160 meals!  It is 6 pallets full of food!  We also have diapers, clothing, lotion, and soap that need to come to Haiti. #Golden Corral Restaurant in Colorado Springs donated 216 dining room chairs to the orphanage to help furnish our Fort Jacques buildings.  Since we are moving the children to the new Toddler House compound in November, we need to get the houses f...

  • More dossiers released by IBESR for the Children's Court

    Yesterday we received 17 dossiers from IBESR for our abandoned children to be taken to the Children's Court so they can be signed by the mayor and then be proposed to families. We already have 4 dossiers down there waiting to be finished so the biological parents can come and sign them. They are have been there at least 6 weeks but having trouble getting them signed.

  • 2015 GLA Calendar Photo Contest

     Have your photo featured in the 2015 GLA Calendar With the end of the year in sight we are planning the 2015 GLA calendar, this year we want to include you.We have 3 months in the calendar left to be filled by your favorite photo you took while at GLA. How It Works Email your photo to us and the staff here will select a shortlist. Then the voting will be up to you!

  • GLA Prayer Request Updates Sign Up

     We want to be able to send out new prayer requests for those of you that would like to know the needs of GLA.  Most of the time, I just quickly put a prayer request on my Facebook page but we felt like we needed a way to get urgent requests out to our Prayer Warriors! We have a prayer request page but we want to keep our Prayer Warriors aware of current and urgent needs.  If you would commit to pray for for the children, staff, and needs of GLA, please click here to go to the Pra...

  • USA Company Donates to Charities through Food Purchases!

          SUPPORT GOD'S LITTLE ANGELS WHILE YOU SHOP FOR FOOD! Giving back to your community never tasted so delicious. Schwan's Home Delivery offers over 350 delicious foods, flash-frozen at the peak of freshness and conve­niently delivered to your door.

  • It's School Time Again and Sponsors are Needed!

    How often do we take for granted our ability to read our Bibles, get directions, or attend school? Change the life of a child for just pennies per day by giving them the gift of an education! We have over 190 children who are waiting for sponsors so that they can attend school.

  • New Procedure for All Matches at IBESR and other news

    I went to IBESR today because I needed to see the Director and have begged for an appointment for at least 6 weeks and they keep putting me off and then they told my staff it would be October before I could see her!  So today I went down thinking I would sit and wait and hope I could talk to her!  Thankfully one of the people in her office heard why I wanted to see her and told me to come back on Thursday before 9 AM and she would try to get me in for 5 minutes.

  • IBESR Visit to GLA on 5 August 2014

     Mrs. Alphonsine SAWADOGO, the Hague Representative to IBESR along with Felyne, the IBESR representative responsible for putting together your matches, came to visit GLA on Tuesday the 5th of August.  Mrs. Sawadogo is leaving to return to Africa next week so I'm so happy she had the chance to come visit.  We have been inviting her to come for months now.  She is such a nice person and I've enjoyed getting to know her.

  • Help Needed with Water Costs for July

    We received 76 truck loads of water the month of July.  That is almost double what we usually receive for a month!  It was a dry month until this last week and then we started receiving some rain.  It has also been a terribly hot summer this year.  It is over $5000 for just this month!  Our diesel bill for two months was $10,000 and our electricity for 3 months was $6000!  I am a little overwhelmed! We need your help. This bill was double what we expected as was the...

  • Beauty from Ashes: An Eyewitness Account of Haiti’s Tragic Earthquake

    Beauty From Ashes is a book written by Melanie Wright Zeeb. Melanie at the time of the 2010 earthquake was living and working in Haiti as the GLA update coordinator.   Melanie contacted me a couple of years ago and told me that she was writing a book about what happened in Haiti and at GLA during and after the earthquake.

  • IBESR Visit July 31

    I woke up today not feeling 100% and ended up being sick on the way down the mountain and while at IBESR.  But we got some good news while we were there!  IBESR handed us 4 children's dossiers to take to the Children's Judge with the birth parents for the final signature needed to make sure the children are legally adoptable.  This signature is the severance of the parental rights of the birth parents.  We have been waiting for them to hand us some of these dossiers for the l...

  • A Mountain Of Diapers!

    We were able to finally get the container with diapers and astro turf out of the customs department and up to Fort Jacques on Wednesday!  The transfer went pretty easy, but we had a large tax on the astro turf and I was not very happy. You never know what you will charged for something like this before it gets here.  We are in the process of trying to get a franchise with the government so that we don't have to pay taxes on donated items.  But this process is taking us a long time...

  • The Kids Need Your Help! They Are ONLY $133 Away From Matching Their Goal Amount!

    Yes, they are only $133 away from reaching their Soccer Goals to get that extra $30,000 matching amount!  Can you give $10 or more today so the kids can finish with the knowledge that their goal was met? The children have been so excited playing soccer/futbol and kicking goals!  They have been so involved in this challenge.  Please give a small donation today!              

  • School Sponsorship Program Going Strong!

    This week the School Sponsorship Program has gotten off to a fantastic start!  We have had 269 students come to enroll this week and expect another 150 to 200 before the program closes at the beginning of August.  Tiffany Akeo is responsible for the School Sponsorship here in Haiti and Terry Robinson is responsible for it at the office in Colorado.  Both of them are here for this week of enrollment!  Terry needed to see what happens on this side of the program so that she can...

  • Meeting with IBESR on Wednesday 16 July 2014

    We had a really nice meeting with IBESR yesterday at the Les Palmes Centre in Petion-Ville.  The meeting was sponsored by IBESR and the group HPP-AKSE, which is a humanitarian organization involved in the Healthy Policy and protection of children and women.  The groups attending were a very mixed group of a few creches, mayors' office staff, court staff, embassy staff and groups working with children in the community.  I met a lot of pastors and workers who are in the community wo...

  • Global Giving Bonus Day

    Global giving is a charity fundraising website that GLA uses to help raise the money needed for our ongoing project needs such as baby formula, clean drinking water, and food to feed the children.Global giving will be matching your donation for today only, for each dollar given it will be matched 40% by Global Giving. So for each $1 given, Global Giving is matching $0.40. GLA will receive $1.40!

  • We are moving the Toddlers to Fort Jacques in November! Teams/Volunteers Needed!

    VOLUNTEER We have one opening that just became available for a volunteer from September 29 through October 13.  If you are interested in coming to volunteer for two weeks please contact or call 719-638-4348. TEAMS We have one opening for a team from August 18 through 25.  If you have a team ready or know of others who would like to come with you for a week to work at GLA, please contact us. We are also looking for some teams or volunteers to come and help us get...

  • Looking for a Special Volunteer: Could it be you?

    I need a special volunteer who will come for at least 2 weeks and work with this little girl.  Must know or be willing to do research on speech therapy methods.  Must also be strong willed and be a disciplinarian. Her name is Bianca and she babbles but does not communicate with us which is causing frustration on her part.  She is strong willed and no one in the nursery is willing to discipline her on an ongoing basis.  She was a preemie and then had a stroke on her right side...

  • Donations for Sebastien's Medical Care

    We have had a great response from people wanting to help with Sebastien's medical care!  We now have enough for his trip to Minnesota and his visa.  Any funds above the needed amount will be added to the Medical Fund and used for medical care for Sebastien if there are further needs or other children needing medical care. We want to send a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who gave a donation to see Sebastien receive the care he needs!

  • We Need Help for Sebastien!

    We need your help to send Sebastien to Minnesota for medical care.  He has a chance to get additional surgery on his feet so that he can walk without help.  Sebastien needs $ 2000 to cover the cost of his trip out and back. Sebastien just turned 11 years old on the 12th of June.  Many of you have followed his story for the last few years since he came to God's Littlest Angels.  Sebastien was born with bilateral club feet.  Both of his feet turned inward and he walked on ...

  • NICU or ICU Nurse Needed!

    We are looking for an volunteer RN who has NICU, ICU, or Pediatric ICU experience to work at our orphanage in Haiti.  This is a full-time position and we ask for a two year commitment to come and join our staff caring for premature and malnourished infants and children up to age 10 years old in Haiti. Position is open immediately. If you are interested in receiving further information, please call 719-638-4348 and speak to Jean or write her at

  • Clean Water for the GLA Staff's Homes!

    When living in the States, I took clean water for granted.  I assumed I would go to the sink,  turn on the faucet, and water would miraculously appear and I could drink it too! Living in Haiti, we don't have that privilege.  Most of our workers do not live in homes with running water.  The water they are able to get is not always drinkable. According to a 2004 study by the Pan American Health organization, less than half of the population has access to clean drinking water.

  • A Baby Frog Teaches a Child a Lesson about Adoption!

    Yesterday was a very hard day for me.  We had things happen at the orphanage and then some personal family matters had to be dealt with that just made it a day that I was glad to see end!  So when I woke this morning and read my emails, I was so happy to get an email from a prospective adoptive family that made me laugh out loud! The letter was very encouraging and talked about a couple of blogs that we had written.  Sometimes we wonder if anyone reads our blogs and it's nice to g...

  • Almost 10,000 Goals Kicked for the Kids at GLA!

    Sides have been chosen and the battles have begun!  Cheers are heard throughout the countryside as one team or another scores a GOAL!  I recently was talking to someone on the phone and could not hear them for yelling and screaming in the background.  When I asked her where she was, she said at her house but the community was outside watching a TV and they were cheering the game!   Haitian are fierce about their teams too!  Cars have the flags of their favorite teams att...

  • Taxes and Matches

    New Tax for all Visitors to Haiti effective 1st of July 2014 It was just announced that there will be a new tax collected on ENTRY into Haiti. Whether you arrive in Haiti by land, sea or air, you will pay  $10 unless you are a child under 5, a diplomat, or you hold an official passport.  The money you use to pay the $10 will be according to the passport you carry.  Americans will pay in US Dollars, Canadians will pay in Canadian Dollars and Europeans will pay in Euros.  We ar...

  • Just Like a Little Brown Haitian Garden Snail...

    Our youngest son, Steeve, walked across the stage for his high school graduation last Sunday.  He really finished high school in January but had to wait to officially get his diploma until now.  His dad and I are so proud of him.  After 32 years, we finally do not have children in primary or secondary school!  That is what happens when there is an age span of 17 years difference between your oldest and youngest child.  Our son, Mark, is still in University, but it's just...

  • IBESR Adoption News 17 June 2014

    IBESR posted some news today about adoptions. June is the month for new agencies to apply to IBESR for authorization to participate in the International Adoption Program. Re-authorization for current agencies is coming up at the end of the summer as well as for creches.

  • IBESR News 13 June 2014

    This has been a busy week for me being my first week back in Haiti.  I also have been really tired trying to get used to the humidity and heat again!  It always take me a little while when coming back from Colorado which is about 20% humidity and coming to Haiti which is probably close to 100% humidity at times!  The difference  makes me tired for a few days. My trip down to IBESR went well.  Several people were out sick due what they are saying is the Chikungunya fever....

  • Kicking 30,000 Goals for the Kids at GLA!

    We were contacted by a donor who wanted to help with a fundraising campaign by matching funds. They were so excited to see the excitement during the last time a donor matched funds and they wanted to help in the same way. They offered to match funds raised in the next 30 days up to $30,000!

  • Check Out Our New Canadian Web Site!

    Since GLA's new website went online last November, we wanted to update the Canadian website too.  Dave Williams, a staff member in Haiti,  designed the site with input from our Canadian board members and I love it! GLA Canada is very excited about the launch of the new Canadian website.  They ask all of their supporters to check it out and please give feedback on how you like it!  I think the site is easy to navigate and read.  Let us know what you think!     T...

  • Tom Vanderwell will be leaving GLA

    Tom Vanderwell joined the GLA staff full-time in January of 2011. With the donations down to our general operating expenses, we have looked at ways we can bring down our operating budget. Before Tom joined our staff, all fundraising and social media was done by the staff in Haiti and by those in our US office.

  • IBESR News from Monday 21 April

    As I'm getting ready to leave for two weeks in Colorado visiting our office and working out there most of the time we are there.  I am also going to Boulder to bring my son, Mark, home for the summer!  Gosh, I have really missed him a lot!  Not being there for any of the holidays where he could come home if we had been there was hard. So I'm trying to do a million things before I leave and one of them was that I needed Miss Magaly to go to IBESR today to check on dossiers.  S...

  • Goal Surpassed for Double Your Donation Challenge!

    I am overwhelmed with the generosity of our donors.  With the newsletter that was sent out at the first of April telling of our needs for funds and the Double Your Donation Challenge, our goal was met, passed, and then blown away!  Truly it gives me shivers to see how God watches out for us and how our donors give abundantly when they know our need. I asked Tom to blog on March 20th about the Double Your Donation Challenge.  We had a slow start in the challenge but then I blogged ...

  • Happy Easter!

    Easter has always been a very special holiday especially when I was growing up. Today, GLA will be celebrating Easter with a special church service remembering how Jesus came to earth to live and die for us.  He died for you and me not just some "idea" of future generations, but for you and me! This is a song we sang often at the church I grew up in and my mother still goes there today.  I think they are probably singing that same song this morning!

  • We are Almost There! Help us with a last BIG push to reach our goal!

    We have had a fantastic response to our "Double Your Dollar Challenge"!  We are now at $11,646 and our matching goal is $12,000! If you plan on giving but have not had time to go on the website and donate or write out the check and send it, please give TODAY, so we can reach our goal!  We really want to turn that $12,000 into $24,000!  We need the funds for food, diapers, medication, fuel, electricity, water, and all of the things needed to run an orphanage.  I cannot express...

  • Double Your Donation Update

    Almost To The Goal But Don't Stop There! We have been so blessed by the outpouring of love, prayers, and donations since the April Newsletter went out and a donor offered to match donations up to $10,000.  Well, we heard from this donor today and they have raised the amount that they will match to $12,000!  We are so thankful that this donor is willing to match funds so that people can take advantage of the Double Your Donation Challenge. As of today, $8890 has been raised!

  • Adoption News, Surgery, and More!

    I have had some requests to post where to go on the website to give to God's Littlest Angels .  Go to the GLA web site and click on the DONATE button and you can choose what country you are from and then just donate from the site.  Until June, we have someone willing to match all donations up to a total of $10,000!  So if you donate now, you can double your donation and help the children even more.  Please consider giving a donation to help us reach that $10,000 goal!  W...

  • Marie Kencia to have Surgery on Thursday for her Cleft Lip

    Marie Kencia is 6 months old now.  Her family brought her to GLA when she was only a day old.  The first day she could not suck on a nipple, but within 24 hours she was sucking and had no problems feeding. She has a cleft lip and palate.  The cleft lip goes up into her nose and is pretty large.  A volunteer who came on a work team from Canada fell in love with Marie Kencia and wanted to find help for her.  She first contacted Operation Smile.  Operations Smile said ...

  • Double Your Donation!

    Help us raise $20,000!  A family is challenging our donors to raise $10,000 by June 8th.  We have 2 months to raise $10,000 and they will match that amount $1 for $1.  Help us make a difference in the lives of the children.  

  • Need a Volunteer to Install Ceramic Tile at New School

    The construction of the new school for Fort Jacques is coming along quickly.  The roof is on, walls are up, and we are ready to lay the tile on the floors.  My children went to school at Quisqueya Christian School in Port-au-Prince and one of their classmates now runs a tile store in Port-au-Prince.  Their friend donated all of the tile for the school house!  It amounted to 3300 square feet of tile! If GLA had to buy that tile, it would have cost several thousands dollars, so...

  • IBESR Update for Thursday

    The adoption world is full of rumors, rumors, and more rumors!  You do not know what to believe unless you go down to IBESR and ask the people in charge.  So we had heard rumors that IBESR was going to increase the socialization period to 3 weeks for family coming to Haiti under the new procedure.  THIS IS NOT TRUE according to IBESR adoption section!  They told us today that there are no plans to increase the length of time for the socialization period.  They do not kno...

  • IBESR News

    Went to IBESR this morning and thankfully everyone we needed to see was there and could see us.  There weren't as many other people there wanting to see them and everyone at IBESR seemed more relaxed then the last time we were there.  Some of the things we learned were: 1. IBESR has started to match families and children again!  The lawyer doing that was out sick today so I couldn't speak to her but I know who she is and will talk to her next week about some matches that are ready...

  • Speech Therapist and Physcial Therapist Needed!

    We need a speech therapist and physical therapist to come to the orphanage and work with some of our children.  We need you to teach us what to do and give us hands on teaching because we have figured out that just telling our staff does not work very well!  They need to work daily with a professional and learn what they are to do well before left to do it on their own.  This little girl on the left is the reason this has become very urgent for me.  Abygaelle never had a diag...

  • Speech Therapist and Physcial Therapist Needed!

    We need a speech therapist and physical therapist to come to the orphanage and work with some of our children.  We need you to teach us what to do and give us hands on teaching because we have figured out that just telling our staff does not work very well!  They need to work daily with a professional and learn what they are to do well before left to do it on their own.  This little girl on the left is the reason this has become very urgent for me.  Abygaelle never had a diag...

  • Skilled Building Teams Needed at Fort Jacques

    We need skilled building teams to help finish the school house and Staff homes at the new orphanage site in Fort Jacques.  Would you please consider bringing a few builders, plumbers, framers, etc and come to Haiti for a week to help get these homes ready for our Toddler House?  We want to have everything ready for the children to move by late summer 2014 and the only way we can do that is if we can get teams here to help us get it built! Please talk to your friends, your church, your ...

  • Internal Revenue Service and Donations

    I have heard that some of our donors are wondering why I asked for help recently when we just received a large donation to help build the baby house at Fort Jacques.  Why can't we use some of those funds to help with our financial needs? The reason is that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the USA forbids us to use designated funds for a project other than what the donor has specified when the funds are sent to GLA.  This regulation protects the funds given from being used for othe...

  • Update to IBESR News

    Magaly just returned from IBESR and it looks like there will be no matching of children with waiting families until sometime in March.  IBESR is scheduling 3 days of meetings between the adoption section and creches authorized to do international adoptions and who have children and dossiers waiting.  They will also wait until after these meetings before scheduling any birth parent interviews. Please pray that this will happen quickly and matching can once again take place for the waiti...

  • IBESR News

    I have personally not been to IBESR in a little while.  I felt like I was just spinning my wheels with the adoption section because nothing was being done with proposals.  Today, when Magaly called to talk to the secretary, the secretary wanted to know if I was "angry" with them because Mr. Guillaume commented that I had not been down asking him about the dossiers!  I had to laugh because I stopped going and asking so much since I could see he was stressed and overwhelmed by all o...

  • We need your help. Can you give a donation today?

    We desperately need your help! More and more babies are coming to GLA for assistance. The parents cannot afford to pay for a hospital stay for their baby or the cost of a doctor's visit.

  • Email and Internet Problems

    I have had a couple of frustrating days with emails and our web site.  Our email was shut down yesterday by our former web hosting service without any notice after we were told that they would continue to host us!  I've scrambled today trying to find another server to host our emails. Thankfully, I figured it all out by noon but I think we lost some emails between 2 PM on Thursday and 3 PM on Friday (today). If you sent us an email and you haven't receive an answer, please resend! ...

  • Baby Orphanage Ground Breaking a Huge Success!

      Wednesday was a special day, we held a small ground breaking ceremony to start the next phase of our building project.   It is very exciting to know that we are finally at the phase of building where the baby house can be started soon.  The foundation work will start as soon as the foundation for the Toddler House's Director's home is finished. There were approximately 60 people at the ground breaking ceremony.  We had two teams here along with our staff and the Haitia...

  • Thamara is a month old and losing weight...

    I received a call from Samaritan's Purse's Clinic in Cite Soleil.  They had a mother who had come with a one month old baby who is losing weight.  They were concerned and wondered if we would be willing to take the mother and child in our nutritional program.  When I asked I was assured that mother said she was breastfeeding but the baby was still losing weight! Thamara arrived yesterday afternoon and yes, Mom is breastfeeding her but Mom doesn't have any breast milk!  This i...

  • Baby Orphanage Ground Breaking

       This is an exciting day for GLA.  The Family Christian team is in Haiti and we will have a ground breaking ceremony for the foundation of the baby orphanage followed by a time of fellowship.  We have waited a long time to start this building project and we are so thankful to everyone who made a donation toward the Family Christian Angels House! It just worked out that we were ready to break ground for the foundation of the orphanage and the Family Christian Team is here th...

  • Meet our newest baby

    Jocelin is a baby boy who is 15 days old.  His father died before he was born and his mother has lost everything she owned when her house burned down!  Jocelin is the youngest of 5 children.  The mother says she has no possibility of caring for Jocelin.  She and her family brought him to the orphanage to place him for adoption.  My heart breaks that she has had such misery in her life recently.  How her heart must ache for both her husband and her children. Please p...

  • Another Dossier Released by IBESR! One by one they come out...

    We have 6 dossiers ready to sign. Today, they gave us one of them. I do not know why they will not just hand them all over at one time!  It is very frustrating but then again, I am really happy to get one each time we go to IBESR so I guess I will just rejoice in the one that came out today!

  • Meet Rose Clara...She needs some Sponsors

    Meet Miss Rose Clara. She is a child with lots of spirit, a smile that melts your heart and talks like an adult! She is abandoned.  She has been living at the University Hospital in Port-au-Prince until IBESR brought her for me to see.

  • News from IBESR and Another Dossier Released!

    Slowly, we are getting the dossiers out of IBESR.  Magaly did not tell me last night, but she received another dossier that has been waiting months for just one signature! For the 6 remaining families, I know that it seems like it will never happen, but the 4 dossiers that have been released in the last week show us that with perseverance you too will overcome that hurdle called IBESR! Those of you who are my friends on Facebook have read my mini posts about the frustrations of dealing with...

  • When It Rains, It Pours!...and other news!

    Today was a good day at IBESR.  I think they are tired of seeing me and answering my questions.  But I am NOT giving up and maybe if someone from GLA just keeps showing their faces down there, we will get good news soon! IBSER NEWS I was able to get 3 children moving through the system.  These children had been "stuck" waiting for a document because no one in IBESR really knew what they wanted!  We ended up going to the courts and asking for 4 different documents!  Final...

  • Good News from IBESR on Tuesday 14 January

    I have had a very busy day and almost forgot to blog about my meeting at IBESR! The last few meetings I have had  I think have been very positive. GLA dossiers that have been stuck in dispensation for months on end have been moved to the Director's office and we are now waiting on the director's signature.  I think this is a big step forward and on Thursday I will find out if the director has signed them yet or not.

  • IBESR News About Dispensations

    I was very fortunate today to see several people that I needed to see in IBESR.  First I saw Maitre Nathalie Jean, an IBESR lawyer.  We discussed the problems between the "old" adoption law and the "new" adoption law.  There is some conflict between the two of them and the adoptions in progress in IBESR.  Social Services has to come up with a way to release the adoptions that meet the requirements of the new law and decide when they will release those files. For me, there is ...

  • IBESR January 2014

    I went to IBESR (Haitian Social Services) this morning to try and find some answers to my many questions concerning families' dossiers sitting in their offices.  I had a list and figured that I would be super lucky to find anyone in their office today.  But I walk through the gates of IBESR and the first person I see if our lawyer!  On the way to IBESR, he had called and said that we could not see the lawyer today.  So I was surprised that he was still there. Then we went and...

  • Please Donate your used Smart Phones to GLA

    We need some donated smart phones for our staff here in Haiti. Phones are expensive here and they are not always the best quality. Miss Magaly's phone gets used a lot and she has to change it frequently because it breaks or someone once reached inside the car and actually took it out of her hand as she was talking on it!

  • Christmas Eve at GLA

    Christmas Eve is always a very busy day at GLA.  People finishing wrapping presents, getting food ready to cook for Christmas Day, and still trying to get some office work done! But now as evening comes, things slow down.  We are able to sit and fellowship together.  As we sit on the balcony and lift our voices in song to God, we also reflect on God's love for us.  He sent his only son to earth to become human.  Jesus' birth was a gift to us and Jesus is our salvation......

  • Mediocre Childcare is Never Acceptable

    Haiti has about 700 orphanages.  Most of those orphanages do not have a GREEN rating from IBESR which is the best rating.  God's Littlest Angels does have a green rating from IBESR and UNICEF. IBESR (Haitian Social Services) would love to close many of the orphanages who do not have a passing rating but they can't because there is nowhere to put the children.  So they mandate that these orphanages must improve the conditions inside their orphanage. In the same area as GLA is an or...

  • Christmas Party for our Toddlers at the Main House

    Mme Francois, our nursery school teacher at the main house, and her helpers put on a Christmas party for 8 of our toddlers here at the main house.  These kids go to school every morning from 8:30 AM until noon.  Mme Francois worked hard to teach some of the children to sing songs and quote verses for the party. Most of the speakers had these tiny little voices that could not be heard at the back of the room but then when Mme Francois would start it with them they would all of a sudden ...

  • Tuesday's Meeting with the Director of IBESR

    I feel like our meeting on Tuesday with Mme Arielle Villedrouin went very well.  I feel like she really listened to us and is going to try and help us find solutions to a few concerns that we have.  I have been trying to get an appointment to see her since October.  It is impossible to get a confirmed appointment!  At the IBESR meeting last week, I was able to ask her directly about getting an appointment and she gave me one right there and then! I wanted to talk to her about...

  • Meeting about New Adoption Law Held by IBESR

    Well, the IBESR meeting concerning the New Adoption Law was not quite what I was told it was going to be but at least they did have a meeting!  I was told that it was going to be a 3 day event with everyone involved in adoptions being there so that everyone would understand the new procedures and law.  One of the lawyers from Parquet talked about the adoption law and what was required for the biological families' consent.  His presentation was interesting and informational.  ...

  • Outpouring of Love for Margareth and her Family

    Margareth, our nanny who died more than a week ago, was finally buried on Sunday.  The outpouring of love and kindness for Margareth and her children was overwhelming!  We received enough donations to provide a simple funeral for her and to help provide schooling and to help the kids with some food for the rest of the school year. We cannot express to you all how thankful the family is to know that Margareth was loved by so many and appreciated the job she did taking care of the childr...

  • One Of Our Nannies Passed Away Last Week

    Margareth Bauzil was only 33 years old when she died on the 29th of November.  She was a widow with 5 small children ages 13, 11, 9, 8, and 6.  Maragreth's mother and father are not living and as the oldest child of the family, she had been responsible for her younger brother and sister since their death.  The brother is 28 years old and going to school to be a plumber.  The sister is 18 years old and still in high school. Margareth was a great nanny.  She loved the kids...

  • Forms for Post Placement Reports

    These forms are for IBESR post placement reports for children who went home prior to October 2012. We will use these forms until IBESR tells us they want something different.  The first two updates after the child goes home should be completed by a social worker. These should be yearly reports done on your child's birthday.

  • IBESR Post Placement Policy 2013

    I just recently found out that all post placement reports for children whose adoptions have been completed since October 2012 must follow the below schedule.  IBESR put this schedule into place in September/October 2012 and are now requiring it to be implemented.  The post placement reports must be given to IBESR for 8 years after placement of the child with the family.  This is not a policy, it is Haitian law. Post Placement Reporting Schedule: 6 months after the child is placed ...

  • Final Total for the Haiti Challenge is...

    We could not believe the amount of money raised in just 3 days to help build the main orphanage at Fort Jacques!  Drum Roll please....$278,673.00 USD!  This should build the cistern under the orphanage and get the first story raised. None of us including Family Christian stores had any idea of what amount could be raised in 3 days time.  We are just so thankful that so much money is coming to GLA to build the baby orphanage and neonatal intensive care unit! I pushed through twitte...

  • The Haiti Challenge

    I went to visit the Family Christian Store in Champaign, Illinois and was amazed at the publicity that the store personnel was giving the Haiti Challenge from the time we walked in the door through the time shoppers were checking out! Laurie Bickel and I were very impressed. The store was beautiful and all set up for Christmas!

  • A Stranger on a Plane

    My seat mate on the flight from Chicago was on his way to San Juan, Puerto Rico but was from Chicago. We talked about Haiti and he was very interested in GLA. Our conversation ranged from water, poverty, time zone, government, etc.

  • Giving Thanks

    Today is American Thanksgiving. As kids, we dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians and had Thanksgiving plays at our school.  We learned how thankful the Pilgrims were that the Indians shared their food with them.  We also were taught how we should be thankful for the things were are given throughout our lives. Today, I am so thankful for my husband, children and a mother who is 93 1/2 years old and still going strong.  I am thankful for my staff in Haiti and the USA, the children at ...

  • Our Relationship With Family Christian Stores began with a baby boy...

    Our relationship with Family Christian Stores (formerly known as the James Fund) started with a baby boy, named B. who needed a family. He was the cutest baby in our nursery!

  • Amazon Smile Gives to Charities!

    AMAZON.COM SMILE  I use a lot for books and gifts.  I am really excited when I learned today about a new program they introduced where my purchases help charities at the same time!  Of course, I chose God's Littlest Angels as my charity to help and I'm hoping that those of you who shop through will chose God's Littlest Angels too! You just do your normal shopping through but a portion goes to GLA!  How great is that??!!  Here is the infor...

  • New Adoption Law Published Today!

    At noon today, IBESR said the new adoption law would be published next week, but I just received word that it seems it was published late this afternoon!  What good news!  Haiti's new Adoption law with its new age limits and no limit on biological children already in the family, is in affect! What wonderful news and we have fought for this law for about 6 years!  Hurray!

  • Meeting Today with IBESR about Adoption

    I had a meeting this morning with the new adoption section of IBESR and wanted us to come and talk about matching some of the children with families whose dossiers have been put into IBESR by an agency.  This is the second time we've been there for matching and have found there are a couple of glitches in their system! The matches that we talked about 2 weeks ago still have not been sent out!  IBESR is sending them to the agency's representative in Haiti who then must scan and send via...

  • NEW and IMPROVED! GLA's new website is finally online!

    Several years ago, a GLA parent developed our first web site and it was wonderful.  But I wanted to be able to change photos and information quickly and I could not do this using HTML language because I wasn't a web designer!  Then we heard about a someone who was developing web sites with something called a Content Management System.  This system would allow all us to change the web site and add photos.  We were ecstatic! We spent weeks writing all of the information for the...

  • Desperation…

    A tiny baby boy. A mother without hope. A decision made that can’t be taken back ends with the baby left on the ground outside a gate with a sack of clothes left nearby.

  • Words of Encouragement adds Sunshine to our day!

    Every photo taken and every update written is done so with the adoptive parents in mind.  What do they like to see about their child?  What photos or videos would light up their day while they are waiting for their child to come home to them?  How can we make their wait just a little bit easier for them? I know families sometimes think they are all alone and we just don’t understand their deep desire to get their child home as quickly as possible.  But we all want this same t...

  • IBESR Meeting about Matching Children

    Friday, IBESR invited 6 crèche directors to a meeting about how they are going to start matching children with families.  All 6 crèches have dossiers at IBESR waiting to be matched with children and they want us to start sending them dossiers. IBESR had sent us an email at the end of May giving us the long list of documents for the children’s dossier that they needed.  But we did not want to send a dossier down to IBESR before they have decided if the child is eligible for adoption. Th...

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