End of Book Party!



Today was a very special day for the kids in Joyce’s oldest English class. It was the  final day Book #2 “American Start with English” which meant party!!

6 As the final lessons were checked off in the previous days the class discussed what they would like to do to celebrate accomplishing level 2 and moving on 3. They voted on food and came to a unanimous decision, but the rest of the agenda was a surprise to them all as Joyce concocted some new and interesting ideas.9

The funky prize table  was the first thing the kids saw as they piled down to the school room. A decorated table full of odd shaped prizes that could not possibly contain and object inside to match its exterior shape and size. As the kids won games they  were allowed to pick a package from the prize table and open it to 84 reveal strange and interesting giftsJ. A few examples of these were: a can of ravioli, new underwear, a set of markers, matchbox cars, construction paper, etc.

The kids played: Ring-on-a-String, Search-and-Find, Bingo, Bean Bag Toss,5 Bobbed for Apples, Water Balloon Toss, Kiss the Frog, and had a Scavenger Hunt. Eunise thought she was going to drown bobbing for apples. But Kerby got his right away biting off almost half the apple on his successful dive. Judith pulled quickly in to the lead to 1 win several games in a row, and after winning her fair share of prizes picked another in her place to take a funky prize from the table. Rilinxe “Wowed” us with his incredible accuracy in the water balloon toss. Judith, eye on2 the target, threw too high and high the balcony overhang just above her causing a shower to rain  down on her and sending the others into a fit of laughter. The scavenger hunt was a challenge that they quite enjoyed. Kerby was sure he had 7everything but he panicked as his list was checked off and he realized he was still missing a barrette! With the delay  he still managed to get up to the girls hair box and back down again before someone took his position of first. A fact he is quite proud of.

For our menu the kids choose, of course, Pizza. But we didn’t just have any old pizza, if there is such a thing. They made homemade personal pizzas. They had read a book on how to make it the week before and now was their turn to move into 3 action. Each prepared their sauce, cheese, and various toppings, and watched it brown quickly in the oven , the boys then cutting theirs into three slices while the girls chose to divide theirs into four. Mushrooms and green peppers ended up being removed after a few bites, hot dogs (yes, hot dog pizza topping) was a definite fav! The younger class then joined in as we served angel food cake and vanilla ice cream for the grand finally of an amazing time. And a glimpse of what they can look forward to in the future.

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