Even a 12 Year Old Can Double Her Money

Right now we're in the time of year when I have two children of the same age.  My youngest two (both adopted from GLA) are 9 months apart in age.  So, for three months a year, they are the same age.   

As I'm sure most parents do, we provide them with an "allowance" in return for certain chores they need to do around the house.   We also encourage them to divide the money the receive - 10% to give away, 40% for spending on "stuff" and 50% saving for big things - college, a new bike, really cool gifts for their parents...... (not).

My youngest 12 year old has been saving her "give away" money and every now and then we would mail it to Colorado with a note that it gets applied to the building fund.   Having been there and seen the current Toddler House and working on the new houses, she wants to do everything she can to help the kids get up there soon.

Last night she said, "Dad, I've got $8 saved up to send to GLA, when do you think we should send it?"   I said, "I don't think we should and I know a way to turn that $8 into $16."    Confused look, "Huh?"  

She's heard us talking at the supper table and such about the Family Christian Stores Haiti Challenge.  So, I explained to her that one of the things they are doing is also accepting donations and that they will match those donations $1 for $1.   Which means that her $8 can turn into $16.

She was pretty excited about that.   So we'll be making an $8 donation in her name (actually $9 - she'll get her allowance this week).  That will turn her donation into $18.

Now imagine if we all donated as much as we could - and then Family Christian Stores doubled it.   

Consider between now and next Friday how much you're willing to give, how far you're willing to go to make this happen for the kids at GLA.   Will you help us reach the $500,000 goal next weekend?

On behalf of the  kids, thank you to Family Christian for their care and generosity and thank you in advance for yours,

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