Frantina, Docilia, Shamira, and Dabens Updates



IMG_1603I was so surprised when I walked into the nursery this morning and Frantina stood up in her crib and walked around to the front and said “Hola, Nana!” and held her arms out for me to pick her up!

What a change has taken place in this child since her surgery!  A MIRACLE!  She has gone from a child who was unable to even hold her head up or sit anymore, to diagnosed with Cancer of the spine which was inaccurate, then TB of the spine, and now is HEALED!

She has adjusted to being back in the nursery without many problems and is a happy baby!  She has had a lot of people praying for her and it shows in her recuperation and adjustment back to GLA.

Oh, the cherry on top it all, is her dossier came out of IBESR this week and her adoptive family will soon be coming to Haiti to meet their very special child!  Hurray!!



Shamira has had a terrible time adjusting to everything that has happened in her short life up until now.  She would turn away from us and would never smile when she first arrived. A few days ago, the staff told me that she was smiling sometimes.  I hadn’t seen her yet, so I went down after breakfast this morning and visited her.  Sure enough, she is standing in her crib and smiled at me when I came in.  She even laughed when I talked to her and tickled her belly!  Thank you Jesus for comforting this child and giving her the security that she needs to adjust.  God used the staff here to help this hurting and neglected child and look at her today!






Docilia smiled even the night she arrived at GLA, but today she runs around laughing and is so happy!  She is a loving little girl.  


Personally, I think she is a little doll and has a wonderful, bubbly personality!





Dabens is malnourished but is starting to drink and eat better.  It is going to take him a little while to gain the weight he needs.  His arms and legs are long and skinny.  Right now, due to his malnutrition, he lacks resistance to common illnesses and we need to watch him closely.

All of the children are receiving childhood vaccinations because we have no idea if they have ever had any…ever.  I would be willing to guess that most have never had the full series of DPT, Polio, and Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.  So we will vaccinate them for all of these.




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1. Kelly D < :) wrote:
AWESOME news about Frantina's recovery and about her Dossier!!!! Glad that the little ones from Kenscoff are getting better and showing their true personalities. Praying that all continue to grow and get healthy esp the little one who is recovering from malnutrition! Loving God, Loving Haiti, Loving GLA and ALL her children! Kelly D< :)

Sat, June 9, 2012 @ 3:18 PM

2. Joy wrote:
All of this information is a message from God . . . "care for the widows and children". These children are so fortunate that they found their way to GLA! Thank you Jesus!

Sat, June 9, 2012 @ 3:47 PM

3. anne souville wrote:
ohh fantastic! i'm so happy to read how strong is this really special little girl, i'm happy she'll cannow begin to grow and share games whith the others childrens and also that soon she'll be with her own family please send her all my love and for the whole team that cared for her Anne mother of Manuella (in france since more than 3 years now)

Sat, June 9, 2012 @ 6:09 PM

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