Frantina to enter hospital on Tuesday 24 July


On July 1st, I brought Frantina to Santo Domingo for a check up after her surgery.  The doctor said that he wanted a CT Scan 2 months after her surgery and to see her.  When we arrived, the neurosurgeon took one look at the CT Scan and said two things: Put her neck brace back on her today and she needs repeat surgery!  it seems that the screw that is holding a metal plate to stabilize her spine has pulled out of the bone and needs to either be replaced or taken out completely.

Due to a strike by all residents and interns at the hospital where the surgery will be done and because there is a list of  other children who have been waiting for surgery, Frantina’s surgery has been postponed until the end of this week.

IMG_1902Frantina’s adoption dossier has been in IBESR a very long time waiting for a Presidential Dispensation and it finally came out just before we can to Santo Domingo for her check up.  Her adoptive parents were coming to Haiti to appear before the judge and Frantina was not there!  God’s Ways are Perfect and I feel that postponing her surgery allowed her adoptive parents to come to the DR and visit with her for two days.  They have watched all of the blogs and updates sent to them from far away in Europe and it has been very difficult for them to not be with Frantina as she has gone through all of her treatments.

Frantina has had a photo album sent by her families and seen it daily for many months now.  She immediately started calling them mama and papa and was not afraid of them at all!  We had a very nice visit and it was fun getting to know them. 




We spent one afternoon in the Colonial Zone here in Santo Domingo.  Christopher Columbus’ son was the first governor or Santo Domingo and his mansion is still there.  The Colonial Zone is full of old houses and buildings dating from the 1500 and 1600’s and is a nice place to visit especially if you like history like I do.




Since coming to Santo Domingo, Frantina has started standing and even taken a couple of steps without holding on to things!  She thinks she is hot stuff and will call out, “Kanpe” (stand), so we will all look at her.  She can climb on furniture, and walk around holding on to the furniture.  The doctor is so happy that she is moving around, but also says that screw that is lose inside her is moving around as she moves around and is causing more damage, so he has to do something about it quickly.


IMG_1782Frantina has turned two years old since we arrived in Santo Domingo and is definitely a two year old now.  She has started using the “NO” word in the last couple of weeks and understands everything said to her in Creole and English and most things in French.  We have to watch what we say because she also repeats any words that we say to her!  She will also lay in the floor and draw pictures now.  





She just has really developed a personality since her last surgery and is a pleasure to have around us.  Before surgery, she cried all of the time, but that changed after her surgery.  She now can move around more and is happy.  She loves to be silly and play around.



We need your prayers this week for this beautiful little girl.  The doctor said that this surgery is going to be more difficult because they have to figure out how to reattach the screw into the bone unless the bone has started to mend around the spine and then he might be able to remove the metal brace and just leave only the cylinder that is surrounding her spine.  He also said that the recovery will be easier and shorter than the last time and that we can return to Haiti within a week or two.

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1. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh wrote:
God is so good!!!!! So wonderful for Frantinas's parents to have some time with her. She looks so happy and so active, what a huge blessing. We will pray for her and that her surgery will go well, blessings and prayers to all of you !!!

Mon, July 23, 2012 @ 3:26 PM

2. Gina Stouffer wrote:
We got to meet Frantina in January and she is the sweetest thing. What a beauty. Thrilled her parents had the chance to spend time with her. Praying for tomorrow!!!

Mon, July 23, 2012 @ 7:43 PM

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