Frantina’s Doctor Visit on Thursday

We moved into our apartment on Wednesday.  It’s an older building on a busy street.  It is a gated community and large with a pool so Frantina can splash around in the children’s pool for some exercise.  There is a large city park across the road that is over a mile long with children’s swings and walking paths.  They tell us it is very safe during the day, but because it’s not lighted that we should not be in the park after dark.  Everything is so flat here and it makes it so nice to go out and walk to places.  I wish Haiti had some of these flat areas in Port-au-Prince.  It would be nice to be able to walk without it always being either up hill or down!

We waited 3 hours to see the doctor on Thursday.  Every time we see him, his plan of action changes.  The CT Scan still shows it to be either TB or an abscess. I am just praying that all of the tests are correct.  He said he did not want to do the surgery yet because he wants her on medication for a while before cutting into the mass pushing against her spine.  He said if it’s filled with pus and he cut into it and then there would be more problems.  But we must meet with another doctor on Monday for a bronchial suctioning so that a TB test can be done and the plan may change again!  If surgery is put off for awhile, then I will go back to GLA for awhile and do some of the things that need to get done and come back at surgery time.  I first must find someone to come and take my place so that Vivianne is not here by herself.

Frantina is feeling better, I think.  She is trying to sit up and turn over.  The doctor says she needs a back and neck brace since her spinal cord is unstable at the moment.  He is having trouble finding what he needs here in the DR.  I may have to see if we can find one in the States and have it flown in.  He says she needs something that goes around her chest with an attached collar supporting her neck/head.  not quite sure what it looks like but I’m sure there are doctors in the USA who knows what is needed.  Because her C7 vertebrae is gone due to the infection and T1 is also affected, we want that back braced to prevent any permanent damage.

We went to see the pool today and there were birds in the trees and they were making noise and Frantina was startled and almost started crying!  At first, every time a car went by on the road she started crying.  it is fun seeing her experience new things and seeing things she has never seen before. 


frantina pool 2

 frantina happy

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1. Kelly D wrote:
Wish I was coming down sooner so I could help with Frantina...praying that God will raise up somebody who can be there for Frantina and Vivenne and that a final course of action will be put in place so the true healing can begin!

Sat, February 4, 2012 @ 4:08 PM

2. Eliane wrote:
Praying for the right person to be found to help with Frantina so you can go back to GLA whitout worrying about them. She looks beautiful and happy on the pictures. Praying also that they will find the solution soon so she can heal and you can all go back to GLA to see her get better and heal. My most profound prayers are going your way.

Sat, February 4, 2012 @ 6:03 PM

3. Katie wrote:
Emailing you now. Love to you, Vivian & Frantina. Praying & hoping to see you all soon! xxxxxxx

Sun, February 5, 2012 @ 2:21 AM

4. Dean Shoemaker wrote:
Praying for Frantina. What a lovely girl she is. Frantina touched our hearts when we were at GLA last April. Particularly my teenage son really connected with her. Also, praying for BoBo and all the other children at GLA.

Sun, February 19, 2012 @ 10:27 AM

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