Frozen Turf and Boxes of Diapers

I've had a couple of people ask me lately about how we're coming on the artificial turf and the diapers that we are going to be sending from Michigan down to GLA. I mean, after all, the turf for the playground is a crucial part of getting the big kids up to Ft. Jacques.

So, I went out to where the artificial turf has spent the winter.   Rather than telling you about it, I took some pictures.....

Yes, that is snow.   A lot of it.    Those piles/bumps right behind the stands, that's the turf.   If I had to estimate, I'd say it's easily 150 yds from the road.    And that 150 yds is covered in snow.   Not just a little snow, but a good two to three feet of snow.    Oh and underneath that is grass, so we can't just "plow" it clear.

Now look at this next picture.   Those "piles" of turf are probably 5 to 6 feet tall.    The fence that "blocks the way" looks to be about 2 to 3 ft. tall.   When I was there last fall, the fence was probably 5 foot tall.   That's how much snow there is.   Oh and you can see two piles of turf?   There's another pile behind the fence on the right and the piles are a lot bigger than they look from here.

What's the process with the turf?

  • First we have to wait until the snow melts and the ground dries out enough so we can get at the turf.
  • Then we'll need to get a good strong crew out there to help clean and roll it.   For shipping, we really need to have it all in 5 yd wide rolls by the width of a football field.   Expecting to have 6 rolls by the time we're done.
  • We then need to get some big equipment to load it on trucks and move it to where we can store it until it's ready to ship.
  • Estimated weight of the entire "section" of turf - approximately 20,000 lbs.

Do you know anyone who either is very strong and willing to help or has access to a really BIG hi-lo or a big flatbed truck?   If so, let me know.  Obviously, a big hi lo in Missouri won't be a lot of help.   

Now the diapers - where are we with the diapers

Based on the size of the "stash" of diapers that we have so far, we are approximately 20% of the way to having the diapers that we need.    It's a lot of diapers, but when you have 50 + kids in diapers, you need a lot of diapers.

So how can you help with the diapers?  Three ways:

  • Order some diapers from Amazon, Walmart or somewhere like that and have them delivered to God's Littlest Angels c/o Tom Vanderwell 2260 Rosewood St. Jenison, MI 49428
  • Buy gift cards to the big box stores (Target, Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco.....) and send those to Tom at the above address.
  • Send funds to either our Colorado office (God's Littlest Angels 2283 Waynoka Rd. Suite A Colorado Springs, CO 80915) or to GLA Canada and put a note in it that it's for the container shipping costs.    Right now, we have approximately 20% of the shipping costs covered.

Three ways to help, three easy things.   If everyone does something, we'll have this all taken care of before the snow in Michigan melts.   Please tell me it is actually going to melt some day!    :-)

Thank you for helping our kids,


P.S. Here's a picture of where the turf is going to go.   Just a reminder of how much better it will be for the kids when we reach this goal.....

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1. Linda Dykstra wrote:
I hear you on the snow bit ... another huge storm today in the Toronto area!

Wed, March 12, 2014 @ 8:47 PM

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