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I feel like we are always encouraging the kids appetites and especially the ones that have a high metabolism and a hard time gaining weight. We verbally encourage them to eat, to finish their full bowl at a meal and to run in and get peanut butter bread whenever they are hungry. Well apparently these tactics have not fallen on deaf ears, and kids in Haiti and around the globe dream the same dreams of getting big.

Joyce was eavesdropping on an interesting conversation that went on yesterday. Widley, who is borderline “big kid” but still in the “little kid” bracket, brings up the topic of what he ate to Montesquieu a “middle kid” in our house of 20.

imagesCA36J317 “I ate SOOOO many corn flakes this morning,” he bragged. “I ate my whole bowl, and it was full, it didn’t just have a small bit, it was really FULL.” Lifting up his shirt, and pointing he declares, “See my belly, it is so big, I am going to grow so big that I will be able to watch TV!” (Friday nights the “big kids” watch a movie as a special end to good behavior and good grades in school.)

Montesquieu chuckles at his little friend’s ideas, but none the less feels drawn in to tell about how much rice he can consume and how big his muscles have grown because of it. Rolling up his sleeve he pumps his muscle and declares, “Well I am strong. I eat rice which makes me have big strong muscles see.”

boys back to back 001Laurore, sitting nearby, instantly pulls up his shirt, “See how big I am? I am going to be in TV too! I can eat more rice…. and more corn flakes…. and more bread… (thinking…)… and more cookies, I eat them ALL.”

Widley is now feeling a bit intimidated and puffs out his belly to make it even bigger, with labored breathing as he holds it Scale_ClipArtout, he declares, “Mine is the biggest.”

Montesquieu and Laurore follow his lead and all three are puffing out their bellies,  comparing, exhaling, and doing it again! Our once a month weigh day will be next week, and I KNOW they will hover around waiting to hear the official verdict on who is the tallest and who weighs the most. But poor Montesquieu is going to need some major calories if he wants to stand a chance.

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1. Emelyne Martin wrote:
I LOVE IT!!!!! this makes me SO happy! lol

Fri, January 7, 2011 @ 7:50 PM

2. Joanne Cottrill wrote:
How did Montesquieu do on weigh-in day? Tell him to keep on eating lots of rice!

Tue, January 11, 2011 @ 11:48 AM

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