Grass and Diapers - Questions Answered......

I've had a couple of questions that people have asked lately so I thought I would answer them for everyone to read.  Here goes:

  • Where do we send the diapers or gift cards?   To Colorado like usual?
    • If you want them to go down to Haiti in the container that we're planning on filling with 500 boxes of diapers and with the artificial turf, then you need to get them to my office in Michigan - the address is 2260 Rosewood St. Jenison, MI 49428.
    • You can get them to Colorado as well if that's cheaper, easier or both.  If you do that, they will get to Haiti on the next container from Colorado - but we don't know when that will be yet. 
  • What size diapers do you need?
    • Very simple - all sizes
  • When do you need them by?   We don't anticipate being able to load the turf on a container until late March at the earliest (given the way this winter is in Michigan).   So, we've got easily 60 days to raise the money to pay for the shipping costs and collect the diapers.
  • Why are you shipping artificial turf down to Haiti?
    • If you look at the picture below, you'll see three of the big kid houses.   At the bottom of the area - so on the right side of the picture is a very rocky but relatively flat area.   That's where the playground is going to be.   Can you imagine how many skinned knees and elbows we'd have if they played on that?   We're putting artificial grass in to make it safer for the kids and more enjoyable for them while they wait.   That's why two schools in Grand Rapids Michigan donated the supplies and why we're shipping it down to Haiti.

Does that raise more questions?  Let me know if it does and I'll answer them.    Thank you in advance for helping us give the kids a safe place to play.

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