Haiti in Turmoil!

People are angry and demonstrating because Tires are burning in Petion-ville.they think the voting results are fraudulent and they are not willing to accept the results.  The UN and OAS did exit interviews at polling booths that showed Manigat and Martelly were leading.  The UNITY party even released a statement saying that they might not win.  Then all of a sudden Mr. Jude Celestin won second place by 7,000 votes! People are MAD!  They are not willing to accept another five years of the UNITY party being in control.  They are also upset because many senators from the UNITY party got elected and the people are saying that they do not understand this since these are new on the scene people that nobody knows and they shouldn’t have been elected!

People on our road has been burning tires at the entrance to Thomassin 32 since early this morning.  None of my staff came to work, which means none of my staff here was able to leave.  Even those volunteers at the Toddler House have stayed put all day and not come to the main house.  We are just taking precautions and staying inside our gates.

James went out to see what was going on this afternoon.  He says tires are still burning, men are firing guns, and beating anyone up that is for Jude Celestin!  President Preval lives just down the road from the orphanage by Thomassin 23.  In that general area and the road is packed with people.  They are calling for a statement by Preval. 

Many of you know our housekeeper, Ghislaine, and I think if she was off today that she would be down there marching with them all!  She is furious over the election results and just told me that the government cannot force Jude Celestin on the people.  She thinks Preval needs to have the people vote again or allow Martelly to be in the election in January. 

Crowds in front of President Preval's home in ThomassinSteeve and Mark’s friends are outside the gate and they are all very loud and noisy right now telling Mark what is happening.  I had to look out the window because it sounded like a mob in front of the orphanage!  The Haitians are a passionate people.  The radio says people have been killed and the country is in chaos!  Nobody likes the rioting, but everyone around us are all for protesting against these results.

Right around the Toddler House and the main house, it is quiet.  We have heard gunshots far away but nothing down in our area.  The same for the Toddler House.  Most of the action is on the main road. 


We are safe but please keep us in your prayers and also keep Haiti in your prayers.

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1. Bonnie wrote:

Wed, December 8, 2010 @ 6:15 PM

2. Jane Blannin wrote:
praying for all of you and for a just solution to the elections

Wed, December 8, 2010 @ 4:52 PM

3. geuze family wrote:
What a difficult situation,we're praying for Haiti!

Thu, December 9, 2010 @ 7:16 AM

4. Marcia Cargile wrote:
I am praying for you all as well as my granddaughter Amanda Jackson. Please take care and our Church is praying also. Thank you for all you do for the children.

Thu, December 9, 2010 @ 3:02 PM

5. Janis wrote:
Praying as always.

Mon, December 13, 2010 @ 1:43 PM

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