Haitian Staff Bios

Magaly Francois

Magaly Francois has worked at GLA since February 2000. Through a GLA donor, Magaly was sponsored to attend school to become a registered nurse while working at the orphanage. She graduated in 2005 and became the Head Nurse for the orphanage. Magaly is now the Haitian Administrator for the Mission and does everything from hiring staff to getting medical visas for sick children. She has matured and grown a lot in her abilities and knowledge since coming to work at GLA. We are very proud of all she has accomplished.  Magaly is married and has a little girl named Ashley and a little boy named Walker.  Magaly's husband works at GLA as an engineer for our building projects.

Ernst Beaublanc

Ernst Beaublanc is the purchase agent and driver for GLA. He picks up guests from the airport and also purchases and picks up items that GLA needs to operate on a daily basis.  Ernst's job is varied and every day brings something different for him to do. He has worked with us for more than ten years. Ernst is very good with the children and serious about his work. Ernst lives close to the Port-au-Prince airport, he is married and has a son and a daughter.

Guerda Fils Aime

Guerda Fils Aime (Mme Bernard) is our head nurse in the Intensive Care Nursery. She has worked at GLA since 2000. Since working at GLA, Guerda has gained a lot of pediatric experience and is a very competent nurse. Guerda becomes very attached to the children and treats all of the children as if they were her own. She and her husband live in Fort Jacques and have two children.

Vivianne Louis

Vivianne came to GLA when she was still in grade school.  Her mother  worked at GLA for 11 years before her death from cancer in 2011.  The Bickel family tutored Vivianne and eventually she came to live with us.  She has lived here ten years and has gone to school to be a cook, seamstress, and took a course in cosmetology.  She is responsible for supplies in the house and working with the kitchen staff making sure we are fed.  Vivianne loves the babies and always has one in her arms.  Vivianne was married in 2013 and lives with her husband, Herby, within walking distance of GLA.  She has a baby boy named Luke.

Patrick Metellus

Patrick started working at GLA in 2011. He first started working as an assistant for Magaly.  Then we found out that Patrick is a trained accountant with a degree from a Haitian university! Patrick is now our accountant for all the funds that go in and out everyday to keep everything at GLA running smoothly.  Patrick has a great sense of humor and is willing to help GLA in any way that he can. Patrick is from the community of Kenscoff.

Alan Corviel 

 Alan Corviel joined the GLA staff as a driver in October of 2014. Alan lives in LaBoule which is very close to the orphanage.  This allows him to make early morning trips to the Consulate and Airport when we need him to do this for us.  Alan speaks a limited amount of English so if he picks you up from the airport, please remember to speak slowly with him.  Like everyone else here, his English will improve as he spends more time with English speakers.  Alan is married and has 1 child and another on the way.

John Similien

John has been a part of the GLA “family” for many years, and officially became staff member in November 2014. John is the Inventory Manager at Fort Jacques and keeps track of all the supplies that come in and out of GLA. He also helps with the Fort Jacques construction projects. John often works with teams that come in to serve and helps with translation and many odd jobs. Johnny’s helpful attitude and servant heart is much appreciated here at GLA.