God's Littlest Angels has ministered to the children of Haiti since 1994 through medical care, sponsorship programs, and has been involved in international adoptions since 1997.

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  • GLA Approved as Charitable Organization in the Combined Federal campaign

    For any of you who are US federal employees or have family or friends who are federal employees, GLA has been approved to participate as a charitable organization. You can designate GLA as the charity that you wish to contribute to. Any questions contact Jay at or call our Colorado Office at 719-638-4348.

  • New Soles!

    Hours of play a day can take its toll on footwear.  We put out to call for sandals and sandals CAME!  Thank you to all who donated and brought footwear for the kids to replace that which was broken and worn down to nothing!  Now if only we could get Shelove to stop chucking everyone's flip flops behind the fence when they're not looking;)  "The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him;"  Psalm 37:23 

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