IBESR and this week at GLA

I heard today that there was some "negative" things going around the GLA Adoptions Facebook group.  I guess people read things into what I wrote on Facebook last night.  Some families were assuming that we might have a problem with IBESR because I said we had something sad happen yesterday and in the sentence before that, said we had a visit from IBESR.  Our sadness had nothing to do with IBESR, but some people thought so and it seems to have caused a lot of stress.  I don't  always go into details on FB because it's confidential information that I can't share with everyone immediately.  I will know from now on that I shouldn't share our sadness or that we need prayer until I can give more details, I guess!

Magaly and I took 5 families to IBESR on Tuesday for parent interviews.  While there, I talked to everyone I knew about the new policies and wanted their opinions on them.  It turns out that several people I talked to in IBESR were not in favor of all of the new policy changes.  They felt that the new policies are kind of restrictive for a social service program.  The policy changes were written by a lawyer with input from "outside organizations".  

Thankfully, the lawyer at IBESR allowed us to send him our questions and concerns about the new policies.  GLA did send several questions and are still waiting on a response.  But overall, the visit to IBESR was very positive for me.  I had not been down to talk to some of the people there since shortly after the earthquake back in 2010.  It was good seeing them.

Yesterday, three women from IBESR came to GLA to visit the children who came to us from Sister Dona's orphanage in Kenscoff back in June.  IBESR has not been very good at following up on these children and I discussed this with them when I was there on Tuesday.  I told them that we opened up our orphanage to take the children because it was an emergency.  We really did not have room and the children are still sleeping on mattresses on the floor in one of the school rooms.  

I had heard that several families had gone to IBESR asking to take their children back.  Here it is, three months later, and we've sent one child back to their parents out of the 25 that we received.  I'm not very happy with IBESR because school starts soon, and I have no place to even hire a teacher to teach these students.  IBESR told me that we don't need to put them in school since most will eventually go home.  Magaly and I told them that this is not acceptable.  They need to be in school and these kids should be going home if their families want them.

So I encouraged them to please hurry and send them home.  GLA has sponsors for most of these children and we can help the families with school expenses after the children leave the orphanage.  

Since Magaly and I were kind of verbal about their lack of follow up care for the children, they sent  a group up to check on them on Thursday.  No big deal and I was very glad to see them.

The sad thing that happened was something we couldn't have planned for at all.  We did not even think that this thing might happen!  A biological family came from very far away to go to IBESR for their parent interview on Wednesday.  They had been here several times to see the judge, go for DNA appointments, etc.  The chidden had been here for 20 months.

Wednesday while talking to IBESR, they said that they didn't want the children to go for adoption anymore.  They said that someone came to their house and told them that the children who go for adoption return when they are 18 years old.  When IBESR told them that this isn't true, they refused to sign.  We don't know who told them this.  Must have been someone in their community.  They say that they don't know who it was.

Now when they placed the children here in January of 2011, they were told by us, the Pastor from their community, and the judge, that the children would not be returning to Haiti.  They don't remember this.  

The parents returned to IBESR on Thursday.  They had spent the night at the orphanage.  IBESR sided with the parents that the children should return home.  Nobody wants this to happen especially when the children have an adoptive family. My heart breaks for this family.  My heart breaks for Molly and Joyce.  And my heart breaks for the children.  So this is the sad thing that happened.  

I try to be optimistic and I pray that the children adjust back to being in their home quickly.  Even if they don't get 5 meals per day, that isn't the worse thing that can happen to a child.  If the parents love them and take care of them and are in a position today that is better than 20 months ago, then maybe this is what should happen.  But it still breaks my heart….

I want to plead with all of our adoptive families to please not read things into anything I write.  If we are having a problem, I usually blog about it right away.  I don't keep things from our families that pertain to their dossiers.  But I won't always tell you details if it doesn't concern your dossier.

We are working like crazy to get dossiers into IBESR and also to get our application for renewal of our license completed.  It is quite detailed this year and we even have to do an inventory of everything in the nursery and kitchen!  How many spoons do you think we have?  Yup, even down to the number of spoons.  So it's time consuming.

We have 2 weeks to get it done and we just keep on working to get it all done in between working on dossiers, enrolling children in the school program, giving updates to all of the adoptive families, etc, etc, etc.

Have a good Weekend!



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1. Sunshine Edmunds wrote:
Thank you for updating, explaining, and clarifying. I didn't want to "read" into anything you wrote, just pray like you asked.

Fri, August 31, 2012 @ 10:02 PM

2. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh wrote:
Oh my goodness, how sad and how hard for everyone. I know the waiting for children is extremely difficult, having been through that process twice and I know that adoptive parents can overreact to news without having all the facts. In the midst of everything you have to do, somehow you always find time to let everyone know what is happening. That is truly amazing Dixie, thank you for how far you continue to stretch!!! And, it would be very wonderful to hear some of those stats you are having to collect, like how many spoons you have at GLA :-) Well, having dried a lot of dishes in the kitchen after supper, I did wonder one day how many dishes we were washing and drying. I think that sometimes some of the "attention to detail" can get a bit crazy, anyone agree??? Continuing to pray for all of you.

Sat, September 1, 2012 @ 1:06 AM

3. Rori Hartzell wrote:
Oh my heart breaks for this adoptive family and for all involved. I will be praying for these children and praying that returning home will be a healthy thing for them. I am so very sorry for this situation!

Sat, September 1, 2012 @ 3:10 AM

4. Melinda Ulysse wrote:
So sorry to hear about the difficulties. I can sympathize with what you are going through and the hurdles for getting the children educated this year must be very frustrating. I am so sorry for the adoptive parents and for you there as these situations are so hard. Please don't hesitate to post the need for prayer or when things get sad. Not everyone will read into it and some of us want to know so we can pray for you. Keep the faith and look to Jesus. Praying that the peace and comfort of the Lord will surround all of you as you continue to minister for him.

Sat, September 1, 2012 @ 11:10 AM

5. Amy McCraw wrote:
Dixie, thank you for being such an excellent communicator to all of us. I didn't "worry" about your Facebook post. It just gave me more specific details on what to pray for. : ) I pray that God blesses you, your family, and your staff for the many hours that you give to the children. I know it must seem like a "thankless" job at times, but He sees your heart and your service. Can't wait to meet you one day!

Sat, September 1, 2012 @ 11:36 AM

6. EJ wrote:
Oh Dixie how very unfortunate. You are a wonderful lady and I wish all adoption programs were run like yours. We are on a an adoption journey and I can tell you the majority of orphans in the world are not even remotely cared for in this way. You are amazing and the world is VERY blessed to have and GLA in it!!! As tough as it is there is dissappointments in adoption and since you are so transparent with all the good and bad I really hope and pray that major NGO's take note, that maybe their way is not necessariy the best way. And listen to what exceptional programs like your have to say I think they could all stand to learn ALOT!!!

Sun, September 2, 2012 @ 6:04 PM

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