I have had bloggers block (did I just make that concept up?) and I’m sorry for that.  It’s not like our life here aren’t busy, but to think of stories about the kids and what is happening in the nursery was difficult.  I did not think you would want to hear about what is going on in other areas, like I am teaching some of the Haitian staff to make bread and cinnamon rolls or that water pipes broke and we woke up Monday morning with no water in the house!  But maybe you would like to hear those things because that is life here at GLA.

I had an adoptive father say to me this week as I was making bread, “So this is why you haven’t been blogging lately!”  It’s true!  I find it very difficult to blog, Facebook, Tweet, pin to Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/glahaiti) and do all of the other work that needs to be done at the orphanage!

Today, I’ll try to catch up on some of the things that we have been doing at GLA.  So here goes….

DjulikaBaby Djulika came to us this week.  She weighs 1 kilogram or 2.2 pounds and is one month old!  She is beautiful and tiny.  Mom came with Djulika from a hospital in St. Marc.  She is here for assistance and for the mother to learn how to care for her properly.  She has not been breast feeding her because the other mothers at the hospital told her that her milk was not good for Djulika!  At our house we will insist that she breast feed her or at least give it a good try.  Mom is only 20 years old and cannot afford to buy milk for Djulika, so she has to breast feed her.

Mom was afraid because Djulika was so small that she Djulika 2would not survive so she ran away for two days.  The aunt, who is 18 years old, took Djulika to Mission of Hope in Titayen and they transferred her to the hospital in ST. Marc.  The aunt finally found the mother and took her to the hospital and she was good about staying once she got there.

The doctor at St. Marc and the mother both felt coming to GLA was a good place for the mother to learn how to care for Djulika.  At the moment, Djulika is on a small amount of oxygen but feeding well.  We pray that she continues to grow and mother continues to learn how to care for her so that she can return home and raise her beautiful daughter and keep her healthy.

basketball2My son, Mark Bickel, graduates from High School here in Haiti this year and will be leaving for University in Colorado in July.  This is his last year of high school basketball and several of the staff and his family traveled to Quisqueya Christian School to watch him play in a tournament recently. 

We waited quite some time and then the coach came out and said that the other team forfeited their game because some of the players were over the age limit.  He asked our other son, Steeve, and our grandson, Jay, if they would like to play a short game with the Quisqueya players and the staff.  They jumped at the chance! What a blessing for John and I to watch our sons and grandson play this game!  The staff with Steeve and Jay, beat the high school players!  All of the boys made at least one basket during the game.  Steeve made a three point shot!  it was pretty exciting.


beach 4








I was invited to speak at an event for some adoptive families from another orphanage at a beach resort called Moulin Sur Mer a couple of weeks ago.  One of the guest speakers had to cancel at the last minute and even though I had bronchitis at the time, I said yes!  We had been through a stressful period trying to get some dossiers into IBESR in a short amount of time, and I thought the heat and sun might help my bronchitis go away!  Heather, the director of the other orphanage, paid my way and told me to bring some of the GLA staff with me if I wanted to at no charge and so I did!  I brought 5 with me and we spent a night just relaxing, visiting, and swimming.  We played miniature golf and ate good Haitian food. 

it was so fun to just relax and get away from the stress of the orphanage even if only for 1 night.  We enjoyed it so much that we plan on taking a staff retreat there for a couple of nights soon. 

I got to meet Mary Beth Chapman (Steven Curtis Chapman’s wife.  He is an American Christian singer)  I didn’t know who she was.  I am so clueless about American singers.  I had heard of Steven Curtis Chapman and heard his music, but didn’t know much about him.  Her story of their adoptions and the loss of one of the adopted children in an accident really touched my heart.  Thank you, Heather, for letting me share this experience with you.

beach 2

beach 3








PhotoOn Sunday, a military plane from Brazil had an engine catch fire as it was taking off with 110 UN soldiers on board.  It came down safely but then ran off the runway into the grass.  It has shut the Port-au-Prince airport down and planes won’t be arriving until the plane has been removed far enough from the runway to make it safe that the wings of other airplanes will not clip it and cause another accident.  We have a team of 10 people caught here in Haiti until Thursday and another volunteer who will leave tomorrow afternoon, hopefully.  We have 6 adoptive parents stuck in Miami who will arrive tomorrow afternoon if they open back up.  We have volunteers stuck in Montreal.  An adoptive family coming to take their twins home.  Please pray that everything will work out for everyone and that everyone can stay patient and flexible without too much stress.

And YES, Ruth and I even mixed up the sour dough bread today and will bake it tomorrow and make cinnamon rolls!  Then tomorrow, we will mix up a different batch of sour dough bread and make cinnamon bread!  I have to teach her quickly how to make bread because I start back on my diet soon and there is NO WAY I have the will power to bake bread once I’m dieting!!! Sad smile

IBESR recently allowed all orphanages to put in some dossiers under the old policy of us matching children and putting them into IBESR.  We worked hard to get 13 dossiers ready and in on the days they allotted.  So 13 more families are in the process and only a few dossiers are still waiting for IBESR to make the proposal under the new policy.  this was a great blessing for all of the families involved and for us too!

The new adoption law has been passed by the Haitian Senate and just needs to be voted on again by the House of Deputes.  It then will go to the President’s office to be signed and has to be published three times in the state journal, the Moniteur.  After that, it becomes law!  We cannot wait for this to happen.  Thirty years old and married five years!  What a blessing those requirements will be!

And Life in Haiti goes on…

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1. Kristin S. wrote:
I was thinking back to reading your blog after the earthquake and how it made me almost feel like I was there. I still love reading about the day to day happenings at GLA so thank you for sharing with "all of us out there!" In your spare time (ha!) you should read Mary Beth Chapmans book "Choosing to See" it was awesome!

Mon, May 27, 2013 @ 11:03 PM

2. Darryl and Del Horrill wrote:
We will pray for all these needs. We are at the tail end of a very long testing time as we adopt our daughter from the BC ministry here in Canada. But our trials are so small when we read the challenges you face and the families and children face in Haiti. Good bless you and this work, we pray for you daily. Blessings too you Darryl and Del

Tue, May 28, 2013 @ 12:43 AM

3. Beth Puricelli wrote:
Dixie- Is there any idea of when the new law will go before the House of Deputies for the vote?

Tue, May 28, 2013 @ 8:05 PM

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