Life in Haiti can be so sad…

Sixteen year old mama

(I wrote this blog on Saturday but my computer messed it up!  Surely it wasn’t operator error? I made changes and reposted.  LOL)

Today has been a busy day for me.  I woke up a little dizzy and it has continued throughout the day.  So I decided I would stay upstairs today and just read and work on my computer, etc.  But, it has not worked out that way!

First, a team who just arrived in Haiti came for a short visit.  Holli was here and showed them around. They were stopping here before heading to REAL HOPE FOR HAITI in Cazale for the week.  Zach, from Real Hope for Haiti, was really good about bringing them up to visit us even though it was two hours out of his way!

They had just left when an adoptive parent who lives in Ontario, Canada stopped by with her sister who lives and works for a non-profit in Haiti.  She had adopted from GLA several years ago.

Now, we both know God sent he here today!  We know this because her adopted son’s birth mother had brought a baby to GLA and signed papers to place him for adoption!  He had come just before I left for the States back in September.  I did not think the adoptive family in Canada would interested in a baby.  They have older children and the child they adopted in now six year old.  We had a nice visit and the adoptive mom got to meet her son’s birth brother.  It is up to God to show this family what is best for them and if another adoption is in their future!  We like to keep siblings together if possible.

I had not been back in the apartment long when Vivianne came and said their was a very young mother at the gate with a baby.  She told me that the mother was a child herself.  It turns out that she is 16 years old!  This is her second (2nd) baby and the other one is about 1 1/2 years old!  She just turned 16 in July.  Her mother and father are deceased and her mother’s family in the Fermathe area will not have anything to do with her.

The mother told me that she is spending 3 nights with one person and then moves on to the next person for 3 nights. Right now, she is living in a bare room that is no more than 4 foot wide and sleeping on the floor.  She said sometimes she eats and sometimes she doesn’t.  She has no money.  No work.  She did finish grade school. 

With tears in her eyes, she told me that she doesn’t know what to do.  She said she went to family planning but still got pregnant.  She said she has no one except these babies.  They fill a void in her life because she has no one!  Both times, the fathers declared they were not the fathers and didn’t want babies, and left her on her own again.

I talked to her about the fact that she was pregnant with her first baby at 14 and that was way too young!  We talked about her trying to fill this spot inside herself where there should be love from a family and she is trying to find it from people who take advantage of her!  I don’t know how much she understand as she sat there with tears running down her face, but I hope God opens her mind to the words.

I wish I had a house for young girls like this.  Where we could give them a room, have a house mother to watch over them, childcare nannies to watch the children while the young girls went to school.  But unfortunately, we don’t have have the funds for  that sort of program.

Right now, the mother is living with someone up by Fermathe and this new baby is just too much for her to handle along with the other baby she has with her,  I sent Vivianne with the mother back to the house where she is staying so we would know her situation.  She was not very clear in her story.

Pray for this young mother and for her two babies.  Pray that I can find somewhere for her and her first baby to live where they can receive food and shelter and maybe we can get the mother back in some sort of school to help her.

Donations have not been good for 2011 and it is very difficult for us to help someone like this that needs help so desperately!  Please pray that people will start donating more funds to help the children of Haiti!

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