Little Moments


Just a moment to share with you... one I wish that each of you who provide for us with prayer and support could experience each for yourself…

Milandie, Melissa, Beatrice, Therese 17 Nov 2012 (3)

I too often spend my day buzzing by the precious little souls of the Toddler House in the midst of their morning play, the very reasons I wake up each morning and walk Neika 14 Dec 2012 (2)through each day… but sadly my time to spend in their presence can be limited to a few moments here, or there, in the business of making sure that everything “runs” in their DSC_0032environment and their daily care and needs are met. Yesterday morning I was on my way from one “problem” to another when tiny little princess voices reached my ears. I could not resist investigating from where they came. Within seconds I found myself dunking under the low archway of the play set and into the “palace” where Rosegalle and Carine were engrossed in a conversation about their “home”. They had rolled basketballs and dodge balls into their “living room” and were sitting on them as chairs. A third was positioned near Rosegaelle who quickly offered me the “seat”. As I Kimberlie 14 Dec 2012sat they paused but just a moment in their conversation to make sure I was able to balance the proper way on a ball chair, as us adults are not often capable of the many things our children are, and they are keenly aware of our deficiency in these areas though kind enough not to point them out. Without moving, nor looking through the “window” to see who was nearby these two masters of the house called simultaneously for Widley & Winzor 16 Nov 2012NAILA!!!! Who came running, greeted them, asked what the topic of conversation was about, while hosting herself up into the “windowsill” and taking a seat to the right of Carine. Emphatically she brought in the latest news and reported that someone had parked a moto in the yard and no one had returned for it yet. At this point Wislande appeared in the Sony 14 Dec 2012doorway, receiving a warming welcome she popped in and Rosegaelle, whom must have been the acting hostess of the castle that day, pointed her to her “chair” and asked her to sit down. Inquiring at the same time if she was aware of who the driver of the moto was, and if they were coming back. Trying to play the part I joined in and gave my opinion that it must have been Wadson who dropped it off. All parties gave me a funny look as though I clearly had no idea what I was talking about. DSC_0061Carine then quickly offered that they would wait and see who came back for it. And I realized in that beautiful moment our worlds are so much more similar than I gave them credit for. That though we think so much escapes them, so much is above their understanding, and that things don’t concern them, their ability to reason, discuss, and exhibit grace and warmth in social situations is far more advanced than many people who have had decades longer to practice. I then bid them farewell, they wished me a “good day”, and I returned to the land of big people and problems, my heart longing to stay in the palace for just a little longer…

Mewoogye, Kimberlie, Rosegaelle 14 Nov 2012 (116)04


But let all who take refuge in you be glad;
let them ever sing for joy.
Spread your protection over them,
that those who love your name may rejoice in you.”

Psalm 5:11

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1. Alicia Osborne wrote:
Molly, thank you for writing about these precious moments. Thank you for loving these girls! You are a blessing!

Wed, December 26, 2012 @ 1:46 AM

2. Francine Hamel wrote:
Molly, those little girls are so precious! It was your moment to peek into their child's world and witness their play. They are like little sponges, absorbing what they see and hear around them. Could the little girl in the middle of the bottom picture be Naila? I'm not sure as she hardly smiled when I saw her last. We will keep praying for all God's Littlest Angels.

Thu, December 20, 2012 @ 8:24 PM

3. Marissa Pineda wrote:
What a beautiful glimpse into the lives of the kids! When I saw the name Rosegaelle, I got excited--could it be the same Rosegaelle my family has the privilege of sponsoring? YES! There she is in the bottom photo! Thank you! We love and pray for her and for all God's Littlest Angels, and for the staff in Haiti and in the US! Love, the Pinedas, in Kuna, Idaho!

Tue, December 18, 2012 @ 2:31 PM

4. Nadege Noah-wilson wrote:
hey molly how r u doing? i like the pictures

Tue, December 18, 2012 @ 2:52 PM

5. Emelyne wrote:
Molly, this little story warmed my heart! Those girls are so sweet :) and you're definitely right - i think that many times we think they miss a lot more than they do. i love that they 'discussed' the best way to go about claiming the moto, and decided that it would be best to wait and see if anyone was still planning to use it! their consideration of others is so precious :-)

Tue, December 18, 2012 @ 3:15 PM

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