Notes From The Nursery

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    Three Babies Admitted to the NICU today! Prayers Needed!

    Today was a busy day at the nursery!  As twin baby girls were sitting with their papa on our front porch, a clinic was texting us to see if we could take twins and a preemie who could not hold his temperature!  With Emily, our nurse, out of country, I did not want to take too many babies especially if they are fragile.After some deliberation the clinic decided that the twins who came could stay with them because their temperature had stabilized and they were doing better.

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    Five New Admissions in the last month!

    We have had 5 new admissions to the nursery since January.  We don't get admissions for awhile and then we get two in one week!  Some are here for assistance and will return back to their families in a few months and a couple of little ones are for adoption.

  • Home to Her Family

      Marie Kencia initially came to us in October of 2013, fragile and tiny. Her parents were struggling to feed her properly and adequately, due to her cleft lip and palate. Our nurses began caring for her, helping her to eat, and gain weight.

  • Merry Christmas from the Main House Nurseries!

                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE MAIN HOUSE! We started Christmas morning with a big breakfast, and invited all of the GLA family to many wonderful faces, and great company as we all shared a meal together. We then moved upstairs and handed out gifts to the older kiddos first, one by one.

  • Angel Updates!

          I wanted to give you all an update on two of the children I recently wrote about, along with introducing you to little R, our newest angel here for assistance.      As you can see from the picture below, Lovencia continues to share her beautiful smile and joyous laughter with us all! She was just about six lbs when she came to us and she is now up to 11 lbs!

  • Our newest angel

    Please pray for our newest angel, Olson. This handsome little boy is roughly 15 months old and weighs just 14 lb. We actually believe he is a bit older due to the amount of teeth he has.

  • Little Love

    Little Lovencia is an absolutely beautiful baby girl who came to us smiling! Under the circumstances, we were all truly truly surprised to see a smile on her face after about an hour of being in the NICU. Lovencia is eight months old and on admission weighed just about six pounds.

  • Peace and Rest

    It is with a heavy heart I let you all know that Jepthe passed away early this morning due to respiratory complications. He has struggled and fought for his life since he arrived at GLA and prior; we take comfort in the fact that he is no longer struggling and with Jesus now. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

  • Meet Ashmey: Our Newest Addition to the Nursery!

    Ashmey came to us today with her mother. She is the tenth child for her mother and her last two children, who we were told were conjoined twins, passed away at birth. Archmie's mother said that her husband passed away during the earthquake and her last few children all have different fathers.

  • Survive to Thrive...Story #7

    Ednaika is a special girl. She was one of the very first children we were able to send home the first month I started at GLA. She came to us in late October 2012, about 5 lb 10 oz and left November 26, 2012 just over 8 lbs.

  • Meet Ruth-Our Newest Addition

          Meet Ruth, our newest baby here in the NICU. She came to us this past Sunday, December 15 at just about 2 lbs. Ruth was born on November 30th to parents of 5 other children.