Miss Milandie

SONY DSCMay 31st 2012 – The biggest of the kids that came in that day, Milandie measured in at 35.5 lbs and 38.5 inches. The social workers gave us an estimate of her age, 6yrs old. Our pediatrician guessed they were 2 yrs short. Whatever the case Milandie had seen and been through things far beyond anyone her age. She teetered between waves of hysteria and depression.Milandie Laughing and teasing one moment, the next drifting into a withdrawn hidden sadness. Vying for attention, and then aggressively pushing it away, testing our response to her various emotions.



1 yr later – I hope we have passed her test. Milandie 16 Nov 2012 (2)Though Milandie still has many ups and downs, emotionally coping with past and present issues in often the opposite way you would think natural for a child, she has learned to trust us. Her little eyes ever watching, noticing everything about the caregivers in her life who she has formed a strong bond with. She imitates their Milandie 25 Dec 2012 (3)ways. We hear her stern voice telling the others to sit down, or give back that toy to so and so, just like her nannies do. You can see her little mind maturing and trying to find her way among so many thoughts, so many different ways the world has wronged her, she’s fighting against the natural to hurt others the way she has been hurt. Chelley & Milandie 15 Jan 2013 (83)Some days she loses and some days she wins. But today we look back at her long and bumpy journey with us, and we celebrate each tiny hill and each giant mountain she’s climbed. Physically strong and healthy, having put on 11 lbs and grown 4 inches, this little girl flitters about, DSC_1184looking for peace in the safety of our family, she reclaims her innocence. She loves to pump herself high on the swings, she jumps rope, draws 5 foot tall flowers in chalk on the cement of the play yard, paints her nails with felt markers, she’s partial to DSC_1181purple, and has all the songs from Sunday school memorized. We are blessed to be a small part of this journey she is on as she finds her way in this great big thing called life.


“But I will restore you to health
and heal your wounds,’
declares the Lord,”

Jeremiah 30:17a

To be continued…

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1. Mary Caruana wrote:
I am thankful for her new smile.

Fri, May 31, 2013 @ 4:09 PM

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