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    The celebration of a birthday is an important part of any child’s life, but how much more so when you are one in a number of many. Knowing your day of birth, having it be (in most cases) just your own the date that you hold on to that is “your’s”. It is a piece of the puzzle when building unique self-identity as a child.

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    Settling In

      GLA’s infant/child care ministry is divided into two facilities. The Main House which contains the NICU/Nursery and the Toddler House. Each is set up for specific age and development levels.

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    Back to School!

    The arrival of our local teachers was a lovely sight this morning to all of us as we kick off the start of a new school year! The kids had a good dose of free time and lots of special activities to fill the month of August. So much so that even they (well most of them) will admit they are ready to be back in school.

  • New Soles!

    Hours of play a day can take its toll on footwear.  We put out to call for sandals and sandals CAME!  Thank you to all who donated and brought footwear for the kids to replace that which was broken and worn down to nothing!  Now if only we could get Shelove to stop chucking everyone's flip flops behind the fence when they're not looking;)  "The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him;"  Psalm 37:23 

  • Helping Hands

    The toddlers (and all of us really) have been blessed over the last two day by a team from Family Christian Book Stores. Yesterday the team spent time cutting steps into the slope of terrain leading up tot eh ladies wash lines, and restringing all their laundry lines to hold more clothing, helping us conserve propane and allowing more loads to dry in the sun. Today the group spent their morning hours playing basketball, talking, holding, racing, playing tag, and lavishing attention on the kids.

  • Chefs for a Day

    Creative writing can be a lot of fun when you’re in Joyce’s class. For today’s assignment the kids got to pretend they were chef’s, each choosing their own foods for a menu, and listing what ingredients they would need. Eggs of some sort, boiled or fried and served with spaghetti, hot dogs, or bread to make a sandwich was a favorite choice across the board.

  • World In Focus

    Chances for Children had a visiting medical team doing clinics for a week this month. They generously offered to fit in 18 GLA kids to be seen by their ophthalmologist and orthodontist. So we narrowed down a list and pick those children we had most concern about.

  • Playing in the Pit

      The bottom of the Fort Jacques property has a deep pit that was dug in preparation for the nursery/administrative building.  One of the kids favorite things to do is play in the pit.  When construction is quiet we'll often take them down to play in a little boys paradise or mud, rocks, sticks, steep inclines, and berry bushes.

  • Egg Dying Fun!

    Photos say it all... 

  • belongs to such as these...

      The Harvest Bible Church Team spent Wed morning putting on a day program for our 45 kids at Fort Jacques. We were so grateful for their energy and excitement in sharing their personal joy in God’s gift of grace and salvation with us. The kids’ favorite Bible story right now is the “Five Loaves and Two Fishes”, the team shared that Jesus preformed that miracle and also how He called the stormy sea.

  • Warm Generosity

    Living in Thomassin we had some chilly “winter days” or “rainy season chills”, but for the most part long sleeved shirts and long pants made up only a 10th of the kids’ necessary wardrobe. At Fort Jacques we are blessed with beautiful fresh breezes, and a light misting or dense roll of damp clouds at some point almost every day. The temperature drops low enough at night to produce a blanket of dew over everything in the morning that drips off the minty green tin roofs.

  • Lazy Saturday Chair Forts

    It’s a beautiful, warm, lazy Saturday afternoon at Fort. And nothing could be more fitting than casually shooting hoops while spectators lounge around in creative chair forts to shield them from the sunshine. Spring is on its way!

  • Karate for Breakfast

    The kids are so full of energy and life in morning! And why wouldn’t they be, it’s the very best time of day, brand new and ready for living. They get up at 6am, and school starts at 8, so besides bathing, dressing, and breakfast they have a bit of time on their hands to burn off some energy.

  • Protected

    We're all OK. I'm not going to say Sunday night didn't put a scare into us all as for over 90 minutes a band of men (some of whom were armed) scanned the Fort Jacques facility. But I will say we are all OK.

  • Happy Valentine's Day

  • Photos from our Christmas Celebration

    Kids 1st Christmas at Fort Jacques by Slidely Slideshow  

  • Christmas Today!

    We haven't fallen off the face of the earth!  We're still here, settling in to Fort Jacques, finding a routine, and making it "home".  Everything has been a little different this year...


    We're moving today thanks to YOU!!!  Follow us on Facebook to join along in this exciting day!  

  • We're Moving!

      Well that little ticking time bomb clock on the home page is a little alarming and a lot exciting at the same time!!!  Two weeks from today half of GLA's children's ministry will be moving.  And not just like we have in the past "outgrown our facility and needed to temporarily relocate to a new place"  but we'll be moving GLA's older children's ministry to a new permanent home for them.

  • Where's the cake?

    I certain spunky unique little princess turned 5 today!!! What a milestone, I remember 5 so well, I was no longer four fingers, but “A whole hand!” Perhaps five is too old to still be holding up fingers when asked by a stranger how old I was, but I happened to be a bit shy and it was easier than speaking;). This spunky little princess did not live at Toddler House last year at this time, she made the move up from the main house in the spring so this would be her first birthday celebration with u...

  • Here We GOOOOO!!!

    Thanks to the generosity of several individuals we have books!  Beautiful, bright, colorful, flip back-and-forth through the pages, smell of printed material books.  The kids cheered as there teachers arrived for the first day of school, chanting Elange, Michaelle, Kiki, and Rose Laure's names and running to greet them with lots of hugs and kisses.

  • Toddler House Needs Books!

      We have been blessed with lots of donated school supplies in the last several weeks to replenish our teacher's bookshelves and the kids cubbies, gearing up and ready for the beginning of the new school year.  Pencils, Notebooks, Markers, Scissors, Erasers, Pens, Folders, Rulers, Sharpeners, etc.  By the end of last school year we were scraping week by week for for most of those items, so this has been a huge blessing.

  • Pool Day Fun!

    The long awaited and highly anticipated "Pool Day" event happened Saturday at Toddler House despite some patchy skies.  The kids and adults alike didn't let a little gray weather get in the way of six full hours of water fun!  Join us through photos! Psalm 126:2(ESV) Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”   

  • From the Pits

    Joyce has a green thumb. She loves to grow things, especially plants from seed that she’s collected locally. Over the years she’s encouraged the kids in this area as well and they’ve grown everything from tomatoes, peppers, radishes, sunflowers, avocado trees, and passion fruit vines, to pine trees and sugar cane!

  • The True Test

    August is summer school holidays for the kids at Toddler House. And every year we try to do fun things to entertain the kids and keep them busy. Some of our current kids have been living with us for 4 ½ yrs now and kind of “know” what they can expect out of school break.

  • Better than Candy!

    It's mango season here in Haiti.  A season we all love!  The trees are heavy with ripe sweet fruit, which is trucked all over Port Au Prince from the surrounding country side in heaping taptap pick-ups that would usually be holding 12 passengers.

  • We go with you...

    Beatice's story started long before the malnourished and neglected 9 year old arrived at our gates almost two years ago. She was full of a spunky vivacious desire for life despite the grim conditions and abuse she had been living in.  It started long before us, with roads, paths, people, faces, love, pain, loss, gain, suffering, and hope...  She brought to us her witty humor, compassionate spirit, joyful laughter, and that smile...

  • Field Trip - Destination Fort Jacques

    For the kids at Toddler House trips out, other than on foot through our neighborhood, are a rare thing.  Mostly anticipated with joy, sometimes mixed with a bit of  hesitancy of what they may encounter.  Police?

  • Christmas Morning 2013

    Just a little glimpse of our Christmas morning.   Living Nativity followed by opening gifts... THANK YOU to ALL who made this possible.

  • Christmas Fun

    We're ready!   We've been celebrating ALL MONTH LONG!  Sorry I've been absent...its been BUSY!  Take a peak...

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Haiti!

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to all of you! 

  • We Love the Change!

  • Preparing for Christmas in Haiti

    Though Christmas is still almost 3 months away Widley has already started to ask on a a daily basis if it is tomorrow.  Which is a great way to remind us that we need to get started planning for their Christmas celebration  here in Haiti.  Since we don’t have the opportunity to run to the store for last minute things we like to start making arrangements well in advance.  Every year since I’ve been at GLA there have been wonderfully gracious hearts, teams, schools, churches, f...

  • Superheroes!

    The kids made superhero wrist bands in school out of toilet paper rolls.  Each chose their special power and made “buttons” to help them achieve these things.  Joyful Miss J, chose Joy as her super power and she had a button shaped like an apple so when she pushed it, everyone could have apples and it would give them joy.

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