More than 500 family bags put together for distribution!

I did not show you the photos from the last container, so I thought I would show you just how full the shed was after we put two containers full of donations inside!  We have had the best volunteers and teams here during the building of the pole barn/shed and the unloading of the containers.  In fact, since the earthquake, we have had wonderful helpers that have come to help.  Sometimes, we are busier than others, but right now, we are swamped with things to do.  I want everyone to know how much we appreciate your prayers and the efforts of all volunteers that come to Haiti to help us.  We also appreciate everyone who has had fundraisers to help GLA, donated items to send to Haiti, helped pack boxes and containers to send, or donated funds to help GLA and the Haitian people.  Thanks you all!

Here are the photos of everyone unloading the container.  Can you tell which one is my granddaughter, Lilly June?

View 30 July 2010 Container

The volunteers and the team from Christ Community Church have worked so hard putting together bags for families.  They put together more than 500 bags for distribution.  Some will go to families in the communities immediately surrounding GLA, a few will go to GLA staff, and the rest will go to families in desperate need and living in tents.  These containers had a few tents on them but not very many.  We will distribute them out to families who need them.

We are also dividing the contents of these containers between our projects, Real Hope for Haiti clinic and nutrition center, and Foundation for Jesus’ children.  It has been a huge job sorting these boxes sorted and getting them divided between different organizations.  I think our team is exhausted.  Tomorrow, they can stay here at the main house and just play with the kids.  But having teams come to work on sorting, bagging, and distribution of donations is what we desperately need our teams to do and God has sent teams willing to do whatever it takes to help the Haitian people.

here are some photos taken today at Fort Jacques.

View 3 August 2010 Fort Jacques

Three of my children came home today!  Laurie, Mark, and Steeve arrived in Haiti this morning and it was so good to see them.  They had been gone 6 weeks and I missed them a lot!  My oldest daughter, Kate, is coming on Thursday for a visit and then John will be here Friday!  of course, our oldest son, Patrick, and his family moved to Haiti in July.  We have not all been in Haiti at one time since 1993!

It is really hot here right now.  The mosquitoes are out and there are flies everywhere!  This year is a bad ant year too.  If I leave a juice glass sitting on my desk for a few minutes, it will be full of ants!

I think it is because we have received so much rain and it has caused so many insect eggs to hatch.  I would be so happy if it would dry out just a little bit.  I bet the people in the tent cities feel the same way!

Tom and Cheryl Vanderwell are hosting the annual GLA Family Reunion in Hudsonville, Michigan this weekend.  Adoptive families from all over the USA and some from Canada will be coming together to visit, share stories, and allow the children to play together.  Molly Little and Joyce Trainer, who run our Toddler House, are in Michigan representing GLA at the event.  They will see many of the children who were evacuated to American families in January.  They have really been looking forward to attending the reunion since I first asked them to go a few months ago.  If you are interested in attending and would like more information email Tom Vanderwell at  I know they would love to see any Adoptive families who are able to attend.

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1. Ed & Carol Kurbis wrote:
Just letting you know Dixie that we have not forgotten the people of Haiti. We follow your blog and pray for all of you on a regular basis. We love the work you are doing! God bless!

Wed, August 4, 2010 @ 1:37 PM

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