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I arrived back home a week ago today.  Of course, I immediately came down with some sort of infection and was flat on my back sick for 2 days!  Even passed out in the bathroom which was fun!  I think I pick up things in the airplanes or airports and then mix that with the stress of flying (which I don’t like very much!) and my body rebels!  Of course, my staff immediately thinks it’s my diet that is making me sick, but I do not think that is it.

IMG_4416While I was gone lots of things happened.  We received several new children.  Several teams of volunteers came to help at Fort Jacques.  One of the teams also did ministry through Church of Hope and also worked with children, men’s and women’s groups and even had a Saturday soccer training sessions up at Fort Jacques!





I’m only home 3 weeks and then leave for my tour of Canada.  Pray that I don’t get any colds or any illnesses while I’m traveling.  My schedule is really busy so I need to stay healthy the whole time!  You can find my schedule at or in the upcoming events section.

A few days before I left for the States back in September, I received an urgent email about a young 8 year old child named Sebastien living in another orphanage who has severe club feet.  He had an operation to start straightening his feet.  They put an apparatus called a “halo frame” on each foot with wires and gadgets coming out of the foot that connects to this halo frame.  The workers at the orphanage where he was living was terrified to touch him with these things on his feet!  So he didn’t get the care he was supposed to get.  The orphanage was also located quite a distance from the hospital where he was suppose to get follow up care.  The orphanage did not have the resources to take him for his follow up appointments.  So he suffered!

Eventually, the orphanage returned him to his biological mother who was living in a tent closer to the hospital.  His mother took care of him for the orphanage director!  And his feet with all of the pins and wires coming out them, looked pretty good for him living in a tent.  But due to lack of proper adjustments since his surgery, we have to start over in his treatment!  His mother wanted Sebastien to be put for adoption.  She came with him to GLA.  (the story is much more involved than this but too long to tell!)

Sebastien on Arrival - 27 September 2011-6Each day, the bolts connecting the wires to his halo frame have to be turned just a tiny amount.  But they have to be turned a set schedule that a computer calculates for the doctors.  They gave us a print out that we must follow each day.

Last week Sebastien went for his visit.  He went to the same hospital where our baby Bobo goes for his club feet treatment.  Bobo’s treatment was easy compared to Sebastien’s treatment because Bobo was a baby and his bones are still bendable.  Sebastien’s treatment will be longer and more involved.  When Sebastien went to the hospital last Friday, the American doctor who was leaving the next day, said he need surgery to move some pins.

Miss Vicki is the person taking him each time he needs to go because she already knows the system, the hospital, the doctors, and the people in the club foot clinic!  She took him back on Monday to have the surgery Sebastien on Arrival - 27 September 2011-8done and they sat there all day and they did not have time to do his surgery.  So they had to spend the night and told her they would do it on Tuesday.  Finally, at 5 PM on Tuesday night, they take him in to surgery!  He was supposed to come home the next day, but had to have surgery again on Thursday night to adjust another pin location.

I think one of the problems is that the orthopedic surgeons who come to the Adventist Hospital are there for 2 weeks and then leave and come again in 6 to 8 weeks.  They rotate with other doctors who come for 2 weeks.  The doctor doing the surgery ought to leave a care plan for the other doctors because each orthopedic surgeon does things just a little different from each other.  Each doctor wanted to do something different with Sebastien’s care!  Finally, the surgeon who did the operation on his feet said that he wanted to write all of the orders and so maybe things will go a bit smoother from now on!

Sebastien is back at the orphanage and doing well.  Today, he is wheeling around down on the balcony playing with the other children.  He is not very big, probably the size of a 5 or 6 year old, but he is so smart and has lots of spirit!  Please be praying with us that a family will come forward that would be willing to adopt Sebastien. 

Since this is getting kind of long, I will show you photos of the other children who have come and tell you a little bit about their histories in another blog later.


Dawensley - September 2011-2











16 July 2010


                                                                                   26 September 2011



A new 2 lbs 14 oz baby girl  came from Real Hope for Haiti but I do no have a photo of her to share with you yet.  Will try to do that next blog.






28 July 2011

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