• Dossiers finally released for the Children's Court

    Yesterday we received 17 dossiers from IBESR for our abandoned children to be taken to the Children's Court so they can be signed by the mayor and then be proposed to families. We already have 4 dossiers down there waiting to be finished so the biological parents can come and sign them. They are have been there at least 6 weeks but having trouble getting them signed. Pray that things will keep on moving...

    I have heard of other creches having children matched recently and hopefully if we can get some of the above dossiers through the Children's Court, then we will have several matched too. 

    It has been very frustrating and depressing the changes and the stopping and starting of adoptions in Haiti.  Hopefully, things are back on track and matches are being made and families are coming for their socialization 2 week stay. 

    Presently, no new dossiers are being accepted at IBESR until 1st of October.  Maitre Guillaume, the IBESR adoption lawyer, told us yesterday that IBESR will no longer take lists of possible matches from this point forward but will honor the lists that we already gave him in the past.  I'm starting to be a little skeptical of what they tell me because it seems to change according to the person you are talking to at IBESR.  But this is what we were told yesterday by the head of the adoption section.

    Please pray for adoptions, the children and families who are waiting.

  • IBESR Adoption News 17 June 2014

    IBESR posted some news today about adoptions.  June is the month for new agencies to apply to IBESR for authorization to participate in the International Adoption Program.  Re-authorization for current agencies is coming up at the end of the summer as well as for creches. 

    This notice also talks about the ages of adoptive parents which I think we all have understood.  That has been the simplest changes to understand with the new law!  It does say that the upper age of 50 means that this is good until the next birthday of 51.  So they can be 50 years and 11 months when they get their match from IBESR.

    Dispensations are being dealt with finally and are no longer required and this has been declared by IBESR.  We hope this means all dossiers needing dispensation will signed out of IBESR and those already signed out will be treated by Parquet as normal.

    Gives notice, furthermore, that the Act of August 29, 2013 repealing the decree of April 4, 1974 puts an end to the presidential waiver authorizing adoption for prospective adoptive parents who already have biological children. Cases for which the presidential waiver was not solicited or granted as of November 15, 2013, are exempt from this formality, but will be processed in accordance with section 37, 36, 76, 78 of the Act of august 29, 2013;

    The notice also talks about raising the fees and having them posted by 2 July 2014.  Then we will all know how much an adoption in Haiti will really cost.

    I encourage you all to keep praying and we all are hoping for IBESR to finally get things moving and proposals given to waiting families.

    And Life in Haiti Goes On...

  • New Baby Orphanage Ground Breaking Date Set

    We have finally set the date for the ground breaking for the new baby orphanage at Fort Jacques, Haiti. God's Littlest Angels will host a ground breaking ceremony on February 5, 2014 at 3:00 PM.  Representatives from Family Christian Stores who helped raise the funds needed to break ground will be present.  We will have a ribbon cutting and ground breaking with prayer and praise service too!

  • Nine Visas issued during the first two weeks of January

    It is great to see children being united with their forever families. Some of these children have been at the orphanage almost 3 years! To see them leaving and going home with their adoptive families is both sad and very rewarding at the same time. They have been asking daily for the last several months when their parents would come to take them home and you should have seen their faces when they heard that they would be coming in January! We are so thankful to see some movement in the adoption process here in Haiti.

  • Teams and Adoptive Parents arrive together!

    GLA will have about 20 children go home with their adoptive parents before Christmas 2013 and we are ecstatic! This week alone, we will have 8 families coming to GLA to take their children home.  Add those families on top of the volunteers we already have here, and all of our beds are pretty much full!

    Today, Sunday 10 November, we had approximately 50 people attending church on the balcony and eating lunch at GLA!  Yes, it's pretty crowded but how rewarding it is to see these parents come to take their children home and for teams of volunteers to witness these reunions and families being formed!

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