No small thing…


If you’ve ever been to Toddler House you’ll know that it is actually two houses in one compound.

2 full houses.

2 full kitchens.

2 full dining rooms.

2 full classrooms.

7 full bathrooms.

9 full bedrooms.

3 full balconies.

4 full storage depots.

2 water pumps.

2 water heaters.

2 washer machines.

2 dryers.

2 inverters.

2 sets of battery banks.

We house 56 kids.

15 foreign volunteers and staff.

And 13-17 national employees.

...around the clock.

And we have ONE generator that does it all. Its wonderful, its beautiful, its blue, and it is never underappreciated!

12065669501260557625Anonymous_light_bulb_svg_med Two and a half years ago we went without the use of it for two full weeks. P8133352 When the national electric company felt like it, we might have a few hours of electricity every other night. Our wonderful staff had to bucket out of a cistern water for everything, bathing, cleaning, cooking, they had to get the kids up at first light and put them to bed before the sun went down. They had to hand wash all clothes and bedding. They were amazing. But it draining. The little things in life begin to take so much more energy, they take so much more time, and they leave you unable to have the strength and will to washing_machine_clipartplay, to cuddle, to love, to explain things, to sing, to dance, to counsel our kids. You spend all your strength on the taking care of the things that must be done, and have no  more for the that are so important in a child’s life. Since that time we have been very blessed by a reliable and powerful generator. About six months ago it started to overheat from time to time. We had a mechanic here to look at it and he left with a promise to search for the needed part and return when he had found it. It slowly got worse, it drank in the coolant, and spit it back out again if we were not very careful how many lights, machines, and water pumps we used at once. toilet_-_clip_artWe would run one house and then run the other. Our mechanic couldn’t be reached. Then last week big blue had enough. The water pump was done. The mechanic made it up, took everything apart and promised to have it put back together before night. It was a kind promise, but not one he could keep. We went the night without power, the kids feeling a little uneasy when laying in their beds without even the light from the hallway creeping under their door.  24 hours later we had power. We are so thankful, we know it’s not something to be taken for granted, and that CoolClips_vc061907most don’t have this luxury! We thought we might have to go days or even a week again, but we didn’t. We are so blessed with the current that makes our days, which so often include  BIG problems and trying issues, so much simpler with running water and lights. The bill, though well worth it, was not a pretty sight. 770USD for parts and labor. If you would like to contribute please click the “chip in” button on the right of the screen. You make it possible for us to do what we do. Thank you!

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1. Sharon Graham wrote:
Bonjou Molly - I love the positive twist you managed to put on the generator situation (It was classic Molly) I know of at least one donation from here that will be going toward those expenses. I'm enjoying all of your wonderful, caring blog entries. Sharon Graham (Jan.2011)

Fri, July 22, 2011 @ 8:15 AM

2. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh wrote:
Hi Molly, As a volunteer who spent some time at the Toddler House when the generator was acting up, I know how critical it is for you to have it going. Praying for the donations to help with the essential repairs and praying for you and the other staff and children, as always. looking forward to being back with you again.

Wed, July 6, 2011 @ 6:18 PM

3. Cheryl wrote:
Thanks for the perspective tonight Molly. Tom is on hold, trying to get in touch with someone to fix our AC. Our 'problems' are nothing compared to what you often deal with. Thankful the generator was able to be fixed while we were there.

Fri, July 8, 2011 @ 9:29 PM

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