Notes From The Nursery

  • Our Littlest Blessings

    Happy Thanksgiving from God's Littlest Angels!  We thought today would be the perfect day to introduce you to our littlest blessings!Kensley is 9 months old and has been here since he was about a month old.  Kensley has a colostomy, but should be going to have it repaired soon!

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    Oh Me, Oh My, Chicken Pox in our NICU! Prayers appreciated!

    The week was going pretty good.  The babies all seemed stable and growing.  Then I walked into the NICU yesterday morning and this little guy, Derlain, greeted me with Chicken Pox! He only had a few on his face and stomach but we were sure that is what he had and our pediatrician just came and verified it even though she didn't believe it at first!  So our NICU is under quarantine for now. Today, he has them all over him even up by his eyes!  So this morning when I went into ...

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    Five New Admissions in the last month!

    We have had 5 new admissions to the nursery since January.  We don't get admissions for awhile and then we get two in one week!  Some are here for assistance and will return back to their families in a few months and a couple of little ones are for adoption.

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    Happy Endings

    This week in the NICU we said goodbye to several of our babies. It is so gratifying to be able to see babies that came in sick or struggling go home to their families happy and healthy. This is Miss S.

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    A Little Guy with a Big Name

    Meet the newest addition to the GLA family! He's a sweet, healthy newborn baby boy named Jean-Britus. His Papa brought him to us yesterday.

  • Illionson: The Lord Has Done Great Things!

      Illionson went home to his family! We will miss this sweet boy and his beautiful smile, but it is such a joy to see happy endings like this one. Illionson has had many challenges in his little life.

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    Survive to Thrive-Story #10

    -Guest Blogger (Britany Smith-RN at GLA from 2012-2014)--I am so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to come back to GLA twice since leaving my position just over a year ago.  It is an absolute pleasure to be able to write another "Survive to Thrive" story. Amazing transformations such as this one, fill my heart with such joy and thankfulness for God's continual healing in the lives of so many children.  Some of you may remember a blog I wrote in 2014 named Angel Update...

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    Going Home: Lensey

    It is with great joy (and a little sadness too) that I get to share this good news with you!  Our sweet Lensey went home this morning!  Lensey's parents were very young, and her mama died in childbirth.

  • Little Lucner

    There's a new face at GLA! A week ago we got a call from another orphanage nearby about a 4 pound newborn they had concerns about. The baby's family ended up taking him home, but brought him back yesterday saying he wouldn't eat and was having trouble breathing.

  • Transformation Tuesday! - Ruth

    This is Ruth.  18 months ago she was a 2 pound, premature newborn struggling to survive. See

  • A Day on the Balcony

    Just wanted to share a few pictures of the sweet little ones we get the incredible privilege of loving on every day.  It's impossible to look at these happy faces and not smile! Photos from the main house balcony:                   

  • Update on Claudette

    Baby Claudette is doing much better!  We had a rough few days, but now she is finished with her IV and antibiotics, she's breathing on her own, and eating much better.  She even smiled yesterday!

  • New Arrival

    Hello from the NICU nursery!  Tonight I'm writing to ask for prayer for a little baby who came to us yesterday afternoon.  Her name is Claudette.

  • Surgery Update

    Good news to report:  Illionson is doing great!  He is such a tough little guy!  He had his cleft palate repair done on Saturday April 26, and is almost a week post-op now.

  • Illionson's Next Adventure

    Many of you may remember Illionson, a sweet boy who came to us last year for assistance due to a cleft lip and palate.  This is typically corrected with 2 separate surgeries.  He had his lip repaired last November by the LEAP team and returned to his parents after recovering.

  • Transformation Tuesday!

    August 2014, we received this very special little boy from IBESR. After being abandoned at a local hospital, Guerard was malnourished and dehydrated. With the proper nourishment and support, Guerard quickly gained weight and grew exponentially!

  • Meet Audrey!

    Audrey is our new nurse! She is from Plymouth, Indiana and has been a Family Practice nurse for five years. After doing multiple medical mission trips to Haiti, Audrey felt a calling to commit to longer missions.

  • Home to Her Family

      Marie Kencia initially came to us in October of 2013, fragile and tiny. Her parents were struggling to feed her properly and adequately, due to her cleft lip and palate. Our nurses began caring for her, helping her to eat, and gain weight.

  • New Kids on the Block

    This past Wednesday, four of the main house children headed up to Fort Jacques for a short trial visit before moving up. What I thought would be an exciting adventure, I soon realized was something so much more. Three of the four children were terrified getting into the truck for the ride up the mountain.

  • Merry Christmas from the Main House Nurseries!

                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE MAIN HOUSE! We started Christmas morning with a big breakfast, and invited all of the GLA family to many wonderful faces, and great company as we all shared a meal together. We then moved upstairs and handed out gifts to the older kiddos first, one by one.

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