Once Upon a Time

So, once upon a time, there was this guy.   I think he lived in Tennessee then, I know he lives in Tennessee now.   He wrote a blog.   That blog liked to poke fun of some of the idiosyncrasies of the Christian church and it's members.  The blog was called, "Stuff Christians Like."

And that blog became very popular, wildly popular.   And the author of the blog discovered that not only was he good at writing funny blog posts, he was and is good at encouraging other people.   Encouraging them to do what?   Encouraging them to find out/figure out what God wants them to do and be and then encouraging them to go out and be and do that.   Whatever THAT is.

One of the things that "this guy" has done is to create an online group of dreamers.   Are they dreamers who sit around all day with wildly unrealistic expectations?   No, these are people who do not accept the status quo.   They believe that things can be done differently.   They believe the world, their world can be better, can be different, can be filled with more.   I consider it a privilege to say that I'm one of the people who gets to share dreams, tell stories, encourage others and work together to make the world a better place.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the group and said, "Hey guys, we've got a tragic situation" and told them of the story of Margareth.   If you want to read the details of what Dixie wrote about her, go to http://www.glahaiti.org/one-of-our-nannies-passed-away-last-week.

Originally Dixie and I discussed it and settled on trying to raise $2,500 for them very quickly.   $1,000 of that would go toward the funeral and $1,500 would cover educational costs for the remainder of this year for her children.

I asked this group if they could help.  Could they help these orphans come up with enough funds so they can actually give their mother a decent funeral?   Could they help these kids continue to go to school?

That post on the Facebook group generated 92 comments.  I've never written anything that has generated that kind of response before.   Let me share just a couple of the things that were said:

"I was laid off in October and I have $11 in my bank account.  I just donated $5 of that.  Thank you for giving me the ability to give someone a Christmas gift this year, I didn't think I was going to get to do that."

"I made Christmas cards and sold them with the intention of donating the proceeds to two missions.  I can't think of any better mission than to help 5 new orphans through this difficult time.  I just made an online donation of $300."

"Thank you for bringing their need to us.   You've blessed us in doing that!"

Between the attention that Dixie brought to the need through her blog post and the group on Facebook, I'm humbled and grateful to let you know that not only did you raise enough so that Margareth could have a funeral but also that the 2nd half of this school year AND the first half of next school year are covered for her kids.

A tragic situation.   A death that most likely could have been avoided if she had access to first world health care.  But also an opportunity for many people literally all over the world to step up and make a difference for Margareth's children.

Thank you to so many people who played a part, large or small, in easing the burden of this family.   If you'd like to continue to support Margareth's children or sign up to sponsor them for school for next year, go to the sponsorship page and sign up there.

Oh and who's "the guy?"   Jon Acuff. 

Thanks Jon!


P.S. The pictures below are of Margareth and her second family - the GLA kids that she cared for and loved deeply.

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1. Rick Theule wrote:
Tom - Thanks so much for sharing this story today, and more importantly sharing the story and need yesterday. I am blessed to call you "friend". (We should probably have coffee sometime.)

Fri, December 6, 2013 @ 11:34 AM

2. Judith Heaney-McKee wrote:
The tragedy of this story is matched only by the goodness of strangers who came together to help those in need. Thank you for sharing the story of this need with us and for sharing this amazing update. I am glad that there are still people who will do good in the world; and I am thankful to know that these sweet children will be able to continue with schooling.

Fri, December 6, 2013 @ 3:03 PM

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