Praying for the Angels - Monday, January 31, 2011

You know, I was thinking, while I spent this weekend enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and hugs of being back in Haiti, of what I should have as the focus for this week's Praying for the Angels. I thought I had it all planned out until I ran into Susan Westwood this morning and she told me what happened overnight. Let me bring you up to speed.....

Last Wednesday, we were supposed to get Baby Tania (6 weeks old and all of 3 lbs) from Lori and Licia at Real Hope for Haiti in Cazale. That transfer got delayed due to rioting in Cazale and by the time they were able to bring her, they had another baby, Francisca, who was born 7 weeks premature who also desperately needed our help. So, of course we took both of them.

Let me digress a bit - if you are involved in humanitarian work in a place as challenging as Haiti, you can't operate at full speed all day every day. If you do, you'll burn out, get sick, leave and then you won't be any good to the children you care deeply about. So, that's my way of saying that typically the pace at a place like GLA is a bit slower and more relaxed on the weekend. For Susan, Dixie and Claude, it wasn't this past weekend. I peeked into the NICU last night and based on the number of people in there working and the worried looks on their faces, I could tell it was going to be a long night for all of them. This morning, I ran into Susan at about 6:45 and she said two things: 1) That she hadn't been to bed yet - she had spent all night in the NICU. 2) That Francisca passed away during the night.   

So, here's the prayer requests that I would ask you to bring before our Heavenly Father today and throughout this week:

  • Pray that God will be with Francisca's mom as she mourns the passing of her baby. Help her to have a deep sense of God's love and peace in a difficult time.
  • Pray that God will be with Susan and Dixie - help them to have a sense of God's peace and to be able to realize that God is in control even when things don't go the way we'd like them to.
  • Pray that Susan and those who fought for Francisca all night will get the rest that they need to be able to carry on with the duties that lay before them. As I'm writing this, I'm listening to the sounds of Haiti gearing up for another day and the needs won't stop but pray that God will give them the energy for the new day.
  • Pray for Sonia - that her health remains stable and that we would hear good news from one or more of the medical institutions who are contemplating caring for her in the states.
  • Pray for Tania as she fights for her life and pray that God will grant her healing and grant Susan and her nurses the wisdom and care that it takes to bring her back to good health.
  • Pray for Waddly and Jamesly - the really malnourished brothers who came into the nursery on Friday. I saw them both on Saturday and even by Haitian standards, the 3 year old doesn't look like he's big enough to be more than 1 year old.

There's a battle going on in a place as peaceful and beautiful as this part of Haiti. It's a battle of life and death, a battle between health and sickness, a battle between good and evil. Join me in praying that the Angels who spend their lives here fighting for God's Littlest Angels will remain faithful, strong and focused on God's will.

Thank you for praying,

Tom Vanderwell

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1. vanesa wrote:
Clamo a Dios por esas peticiones....hace poco tiempo que conozco esta obra GLA y me estremece el corazon cada relato que uds de Argentina y a la distancia me siento unida a las necesidades de este lugar...quiera el Señor,no se como,pueda yo alguna vez llegar alli para colaborar,y obviamente, Dios sabe mi anhelo y el de mi esposo,por adoptar un niño que necesite una familia.Les dejo un abrazo en el amor de Dios y sean fortalecidos cada uno de uds con el poder del Espiritu Santo de Dios.Bendiciones!!!

Mon, January 31, 2011 @ 1:08 PM

2. Linda Traub wrote:
Dear Tom and GLA, That message was so poignant as I read it. We think about all the trouble spots in our world and then think of Haiti and one of the places that make a difference in the suffering of the world. So much pain, but so much prayer and God's grace to hold us all up. I pray for all of you. Trying to decide if I could manage, bad knees and all, to come down and work for a couple of weeks. I will continue to pray about it. Sincerely, Linda T.

Tue, February 1, 2011 @ 9:47 AM

3. DeLynn Unema wrote:
praying for all of you right now. I wholeheartedly admire the work you are doing ~ it is the most important work there is. You are a true Blessing to so many people. May God give each one of you exactly what you need at this very moment and into the future. God Bless!

Fri, February 4, 2011 @ 4:52 AM

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