Fort Jacques Property Progress

So far, GLA has built two staff homes, a garage/shop, warehouse, and a barn for storage.   All six Toddler Houses have been built and the older children moved to Fort Jacques in November of 2014. The school house is built and the children completed the 2014-2015 school year in their nice new school!

The Toddler Homes are just so cute and remind us of little Victorian homes.  No more than ten children with two care givers will be in each home. The central school house has an all purpose room that is being used for a dining area and play area.  Each home is a different and bright color.  All buildings at Fort Jacques are being built by Haitian masons and teams of volunteers from all over the world.  We are praying that if we can find skilled work teams to come to Haiti in the Fall and Winter of 2015-2016 then the Guest House can be finished and ready for teams by the Summer of 2016.

Toddler House Progress