School Sponsorship


Change the Life of a Child through Education

There are 4 million children under the age of 18 in Haiti and only 1 out of 3 of them are able to attend school.  This means that a lot of children are being deprived of an education.  Here at GLA, we truly believe that providing Haitian students with an education will not only change the life of one student but will also directly impact the future of Haiti.  In a country where the average income is only a few hundred dollars per year, and school costs upwards of $610 USD per student, it is nearly impossible for a poor family to send even one of their children to school for the year.

For $550 USD/$700 CAD per year, you can sponsor a student's tuition for an entire year.  If you are unable to sponsor a student's tuition, there is another option.  With a one time gift of $150 USD/$200 CAD, you can help a student purchase the uniform, shoes, backpack, and books that they need to attend school. Sponsoring a student for both their tuition as well as their supplies is also an option, for $700 USD/$900 CAD per year.

As a sponsor you will receive at least three updates per year...  a fall report complete with photos and information about your sponsored student, a spring newsletter, and an end of the year report which alerts you if the student you sponsored has reapplied to the program for the next school year.  Tuition sponsors will also receive a few cards colored by their student via postal mail.  As a sponsor, you are welcome to send your sponsored student a small gift or card, but they are not able to respond, as GLA is not able to operate as a pen-pal program.  For further instructions on mailing your sponsored student a letter or gift please email us at

The school year in Haiti goes from September through June. Therefore, we need sponsors to commit and submit sponsorship funds by September 20th in order for students to receive their first semester tuition on time for the current school year.   Funds submitted after this date will be used for the following school year.

How to Sign up to Sponsor a Student

If you are interesting in becoming a sponsor in GLA's School Sponsorship program please fill out and submit the sponsor form (on the right) and don't forget to go to the donate page to set up your payment.  If you have any questions about setting up your payments, please contact Laurie Bickel in our Colorado Office at

Thank you for helping us give children in Haiti the gift of education.  Your sponsorship gives them a hope for their future.  Being able to read and write is one of the best gifts that you can give to a Haitian child!