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  • Frozen Turf and Boxes of Diapers

    I've had a couple of people ask me lately about how we're coming on the artificial turf and the diapers that we are going to be sending from Michigan down to GLA. I mean, after all, the turf for the playground is a crucial part of getting the big kids up to Ft. Jacques.

  • Legacy Makes a Lasting Impression

    It all started with a Mom adopting a baby.   Oh yeah, and that baby came home from Haiti right after the earthquake.   But that's a whole different story.

  • Why I Won't Be Giving Up Facebook for Lent

    My Facebook feed has been full of people who are saying, "See you after Easter" because they are giving up Facebook for Lent.   Apparently they feel that cutting off communication with some of their friends will help them feel closer to God during the preparations for Good Friday and Easter.  I don't necessarily agree.

  • Multiply the Difference

    So, as we continue the challenge to collect enough diapers and funds to be able to send the artificial turf and diapers down to Haiti (as soon as snow melts in Michigan - hopefully!), this week's challenge has to do with multiplying the efforts. How?   It's very simple.

  • Love God. Love Your Neighbor. That.Is.All

    The first part of this is reprinted without permission from a friend's blog.   But you can read the entire post here if you want to.   And yes, I feel comfortable that they won't mind.

  • Showing Up

    There have been a number of different writers on the web recently, many of them missions based, many of them not, who have talked about the importance of "showing up."    That's a concept that has been rattling around in my brain a good bit lately. What does "showing up" mean?   I know there's the obvious definition - making it physically where you need to be at the right time.

  • Frozen But Making A Difference

    And no I'm not talking about the movie, Frozen.   I'm talking about the artificial turf that is going to go on the playground at the new facilities up at Ft. Jacques.

  • Why me? Why Not Me?

    Last Tuesday night, while waiting at the airport to watch "Love Does" come home, my wife and I were talking with some friends of the parents.   These friends have adopted from Ethiopia and are in the process of adopting again.    Why?

  • On and on.....

    Last Saturday, I wrote about the first week's challenge for the efforts for the kids at GLA.   You can read it at Every Act of Love.    Then on Monday, Dixie wrote about how we really need your help to care for the kids.

  • Love Does

    I just finished reading the book, "Love Does" by Bob Goff.   I highly recommend it. And then tonight I went to the airport.

  • "With Every Act Of Love" - Challenge for Week #1

    "With Every Act of Love, we bring the Kingdom Come"   Jason Gray wrote the song and it brings through a very solid  point.   Every time we do an act of love, we are bringing God's Kingdom and it's coming to this earth closer to reality. Watch the video and then I'll have this week's challenge on the bottom: So, what's the challenge this week?

  • Amazing Diaper Race - Plan B

    If you go back and read Taking Risks, you'll remember that I was stepping out and proposing an idea that might or might not work.   It's something we've never done before. If you go and read The Amazing Diaper Race, you can read the idea that I had and laid out there.

  • Telling Stories

    I had the opportunity to talk with someone this weekend who is familiar (somewhat) with Haiti but who is not familiar with God's Littlest Angels.   We spent quite a while talking about GLA, what's been happening in the last four years and a lot of other stories about how God's at work in and on behalf of the children in Haiti.    We also talked about the fact that the devil really doesn't like the work on behalf of children and families and is fighting it tooth and nail.

  • Diapers - and the Amazing Race - How are we doing?

    The Amazing Diaper Race is supposed to start on Saturday.    In order to do it, we need to have four teams sign up.   At this point we have one team.

  • Not the Future - The Now!

    Last Friday, I had the opportunity to talk to 400 kids (and their teachers) who believe very strongly in the now - and aren't waiting for the future. What do I mean by that?   I mean that they are busy, as they live life in school, but they aren't waiting for the future.

  • A Journey of 7 Years Began With Small Steps - and Two Uncles

    After Dixie wrote yesterday about the ground breaking for the baby house (read it here), I was doing some thinking and reminiscing about the journey that Ft. Jacques has been and will continue to be. It's been 7 1/2 years since John, Dixie and I sat at the table in the "big room" on the main floor of the main building's guest house with the owner of the land.

  • A Tale of Two Coverings

    In this post, I'm going to attempt to answer a collection of random questions that I've gotten about our effort for two coverings (turf and diapers).    So, in random order: Why do you need artificial turf?   It has to do with two words - skinned knees.

  • Next!

    As I'm writing this, there is a family and their daughter being reunited down at GLA.   Many of you might know her as she is the little girl who needed heart surgery back in 2011.   I'm not going to say any more about their particular story other than to say that 15 minutes before I wrote this, Dad posted a picture of Mom holding daughter at GLA.

  • How do you sign up for the Amazing Diaper Race?

    One of our goals in the Amazing Diaper Race is to get kids involved.    Lots of kids.   Because I firmly believe that the more kids we get involved in caring about and for the kids at GLA, the better that we'll all be.

  • Goals and Rules for the Amazing Diaper Race

    What are we hoping to accomplish in the Amazing Diaper Race? Help GLA by getting a LOT of diapers donated so that they (we) don't have to buy them. Fill the container that is going down to Haiti from Michigan with 500 boxes of diapers - current count is just over 470 boxes to go yet.

  • What Can You Expect from the Amazing Diaper Race?

    What can you expect? First, we won't ask you to do anything embarrassing - like.....  Well, I think you know what I mean. Secondly - the Race will last 6 weeks - and each Saturday, the teams will get their "mission" for the following week.   The mission will involve submitting some sort of video, photo or written evidence that they have completed their mission and they will need to by the following Friday at midnight (EST).

  • The Amazing Diaper Race!!?!!

    The what?  Yep, the Amazing Diaper Race.    What - a 6 week contest where teams from all over the world complete a weekly mission that will help us reach the goal of getting 500 boxes of diapers and the artificial turf down to God's Littlest Angels where they can benefit the kids.

  • Taking Risks

    I've heard it said before that if you don't ever fail, that means you're not taking enough risks.   I think it was pertaining to the fact that one of the "home run kings" in baseball was also the strikeout leader.   So he was the leader in succeeding and the leader in a certain type of failure.

  • Study in Contrasts - A Reason For Ft. Jacques

    All of these pictures were "borrowed" from Google Images and are all from Haiti.   Check them out and then read more at the bottom......             Now what do those pictures have to do with building up at Ft.

  • Kids Helping Kids

    One of the things that I really enjoy is when I see examples of kids helping kids.   I think it is so important that the next generation grows up realizing that God has called all of us to do something to help those who are less fortunate than we are. And when a child can give or do something to help another child, that's even more special, in my view.

  • Question of the Day - or the Week - or the Lifetime?

    Continuing on the Martin Luther King Jr. theme......

  • Thinking About School Differently

    It's been almost 10 years now that my wife and I have been involved in sponsoring kids to go to school through GLA's school sponsorship program.   Through that time, the number of children sponsored has grown dramatically.   This is a good thing because more children are able to go to school.

  • Unlimited Impossibilities - Made Possible by You

    A friend of mine who has lived and worked in Haiti for a very long time wrote on his blog once that Haiti is the land of "unlimited impossibilities."   Unfortunately, I think there is a lot of truth to that. As many of you know, Family Christian Stores (The James Fund) did a phenomenal thing over the U.S. Thanksgiving Weekend (aka Black Friday).

  • 4 Years Ago Today - the Haiti 80

    Four years ago today, the "Haiti 80" (actually 81) left Haiti in a mass evacuation after the earthquake.   One of their uncles was part of the volunteer team that went down after the earthquake to help.   This is their story from the view of his camera......

  • A Trip to the Store

    I had a breakfast meeting with a friend of mine yesterday.    We're working on some things that will introduce the possibility of giving through estate planning and the difference that could make for GLA.   I will keep you informed as things progress on that - if you want to talk about it in the mean time, let me know.

  • Martin Luther King Jr

    In the United States, today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day - in honor of a man who made a huge difference in the battle for civil rights in the United States.    Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Grass and Diapers - Questions Answered......

    I've had a couple of questions that people have asked lately so I thought I would answer them for everyone to read.  Here goes: Where do we send the diapers or gift cards?   To Colorado like usual?

  • 500 Boxes of Diapers?

    Last Friday, I wrote that we're going to be filling a container in Michigan - with artificial grass and with diapers.   You can read about it at Talking About Diapers. So, how do we get 500 boxes of diapers to my office in Michigan?

  • So Now What?

    The four year anniversary of the earthquake that changed Haiti forever was yesterday. It was a very emotional day for many.  Myself included.

  • Four Years - Has the Shaking Stopped?

    Today marks the day that everything changed. At 4:53 PM EST today, we'll be at exactly the 4 year anniversary of the earthquake that changed Haiti forever.     From my standpoint, I want to share with you some thoughts and reflections on what has transpired since then, what difference it has made, what has changed and what hasn't......

  • Talking About Diapers

    So, today, I want to talk about diapers.    Yeah, diapers.  They smell good before they go on but afterwards......

  • Get Up

    So, I was listening to my music on iTunes the other day (with the music on shuffle like I usually do) and the song "Get Up" by Building 429 came on.    If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a Building 429 fan.    Many of their songs speak very clearly to the struggles in my life and the struggles in the work in Haiti and caring for children who don't have parents who can love and care for them.

  • Knowledge is Power

    The quote "Knowledge is Power" is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon.  I don't think he was thinking about the kids in Haiti when he said that, but it applies. For the 2013-2014 school year, we are supporting 325 children by sending them to school.

  • Change the World with Food

    Change the world with food - seems pretty obvious, doesn't it?   Kids are malnourished, you buy them food and it's all set right? Not so simple.

  • Diapers and Grass?

    Diapers and grass?  How are we going to change the world for the kids at GLA through diapers and grass? Two ways.....

  • Change the World through Sticks and Stones

    So, how can you change the world through sticks and stones? By helping us finish Ft. Jacques.

  • Change The World - Starting Next Week

    On Christmas Eve, Kid President encouraged us to all do something to change the world. I really really like that kid and I'd love to meet him some day.   I want to change the world in 2014.

  • Change the World - a small goal for 2014

    Yesterday, I told you a little bit about how people have made a difference for the kids at GLA in 2013. On Thursday, I'm going to share some of the things that I've got planned for 2014 to give us all the opportunity to make a difference and change the world for the kids at GLA. But today, I'm going to share a video with you from one of my favorite presidents.

  • Year End

    As I'm writing this, there are 13 days left in this year.    Wow, has 2013 been a blur. But don't let these last two weeks pass by without a year end opportunity to make a difference.

  • Google Says $1?

    Did you know that Google's Non-Profit division (a division that helps non-profits, not an actual non-profit themselves) has a program where they solicit $1 donations from their app users to help non-profits?   Read about it at Over the course of the next few weeks, I'm going to be putting a number of projects that will help GLA up on their app.

  • An Idea - A Question

    A couple of you have mentioned this before, so I thought I'd throw it out there.   Let me explain.  One of the many things that I enjoy about my job is that I get to talk (either verbally or electronically) with countless numbers of you on a daily basis.

  • An Invitation to Something Special

    One of our adoptive parents has invited all of us to attend something special. She will be bringing her son, Mackenley, home on Monday and she has invited us all to the airport. Well, not really to the airport as in let’s all drive to Minnesota, but as in let’s join them online.

  • Did you eat breakfast today?

    I did – nothing fancy, real quickly while getting the day started, but I did. And there are approximately 130 kids at GLA who ate breakfast today too. But guess what – none of those breakfasts are free.