So You Are Grateful?

Excerpts from a blog post by Ann Voskamp - link is at the bottom to the entire piece.......

"I’ve said it myself. Looked at the footage of people in need, walked through dumps and kids looking for food amidst garbage and heard people say it: “You can’t help but be grateful.”

As if God uses slums and shanties and the starving merely as this cosmic Sunday School visual aid to make a bunch of the spoiled kids grateful. As if gratitude is this virtue that can neatly scrub away any inconveniencing responsibility, as if gratitude can quietly get us all off some uncomfortable hook.

Knee-jerk gratitude never changed how anyone walked. Knee-jerk gratitude just leaves your life cramped small.

In a world of need, it’s too easy to think that static gratitude is our only responsibility — instead of feeling gratitude as the electric current empowering our ability to actually respond.

To actually do something. To actually walk, live, move, respond, go into this world as though our feet are kissing the grace of the ground under us and God over us, going as an embrace to those in need.

How do you grab every person getting off a plane from some short term mission trip, how do you write it over every thanksgiving table, how do you grab yourself in the mirror first thing? Gratitude isn’t some neat Pollyanna period in a Life Mission Statement – Gratitude is the demanding question mark......"

"Gratitude is the demanding question mark in the grammar of your life – otherwise your life needs editing.

So you are grateful & —- ??
So you are grateful & — ?? What are you going to do?
So you are grateful & —?? How now will you live?"

What if the question around holiday tables wasn’t – What are you so grateful for? But rather How are you changing the world because you are so grateful?

What if gratitude always meant a question mark — asking how will you let your gratitude to Christ mark the world for Christ?"

We've got some big things planned over the next couple of weeks.   I hope you'll join me in wrestling with how to express your gratitude and join us in making a difference for the kids in Haiti.

Thank you for caring.  Thank you for being grateful.  Thank you for living grateful.


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