GLA Staff

Foreign Staff

All of the foreign staff working with God's Littlest Angels are volunteers who raise some of their own support or are paid a very small stipend. Currently, there are 14 full time foreign staff members working in Haiti.

  • John and Dixie Bickel
  • Joyce Trainer
  • Melissa Friesen
  • Tim and Melissa Parker
  • Chelsie Parker
  • Steeve Bickel
  • Steve King
  • Joel and Ingrid Rockemann
  • Jeremy Pollock (general contractor/consultant)

USA Staff

We have two full-time and three part-time American workers.

  • Jean Bell
  • Laurie Bickel
  • Jo Ramsay (part-time)
  • Christine Morfitt (part-time)
  • Jay Terrell (part-time)

Canada Staff

There is no full-time staff in Canada.  There is a part-time bookkeeper who is responsible for donations and receipts. Volunteers take care of all business for GLA Canada.

Haitian Staff

We have more than 75 Haitian staff at the orphanage.

  • Mrs. Magaly Francois - Haitian Administrator
  • Ernst Beaublanc - Purchasing Agent/Driver
  • Mrs. Guerda Fils Aime - Head Nurse
  • James Dindin - Driver and responsible for so many things at the orphanage
  • Mrs. Vivianne Louis - Dixie and Magaly's right hand helper
  • Patrick Metellus - Accountant
  • Alan Corviel - Driver
  • John Similen - Inventory Manger/Translator 


As well, the nursery and toddler house are staffed by paid Haitian nurses and nannies who provide day to day care for the children.

Please visit the staff biography pages for more information about each of our staff members.