Starting treatment for TB…

IMG_1576Wednesday, we arrived at Dr. Robert Reid Cabral Hospital at 9 AM to meet the doctor.  We didn’t see the doctor we had previously seen but we saw another one who was equally nice and spoke excellent English!  She said that she had a tutor in English as a young girl.  I was so thankful although Pastor Joshua Wesson, again provided translation service for us at the hospital.  He even went and registered her for us so that she could get her medication.  God has just blessed through providing such a wonderful person to kind of hold our hand as we go through some of these new experiences in a country where we don’t speak the language!

Frantina has been officially started on her medication!  We must return every day to the hospital so that they can personally give her the medication and see that she swallows it!  They only give the treatment Monday through Friday.  No meds on Saturday and Sunday.  I was rather SHOCKED and asked for an explanation.  The doctor said that because of the high incidence of patient non compliance in taking their medication through lack of education or lack of commitment, they were finding that kids were not getting cured from their Tuberculosis.  So to be sure they are given the medication on a daily basis, the government requires that they go to local clinics throughout the city and get their meds each day.

Of course, being the American nurse that I am, I said “even if you had TB, they would make you come to a clinic every day and not trust you to take your medication?”  She replied, “yes, even me!”  Now, I find that hard to believe, but maybe….?  I just think there are probably ways around this!  Just saying….  Winking smile

Finally, they said that after the first 60 days of treatment, they will give us a week of medication at a time.  Wow!  They are making an exception for us that we do not have to go to our local clinic but can go to the hospital to get our meds each day.  I am glad because we know them and kind of know where to go.  They agreed to this because they said since we didn’t speak Spanish that the local clinic would probably refuse to give us the medication anyway and would send us back to the hospital!  Confused smile

So, every morning we get up and wait until the morning rush hour is over and then head out to the hospital with our own bottle of juice to mix the medication in.  We stand in front of the door where the TB department is located and wave to them to let them know we are there and then they eventually come and get us.  The hospital is so HOT and I’m always so thankful to get into the air conditioned office!  They crush up her pills, mix them in juice in a small syringe, and we hold Frantina down while they make her drink the juice!  She is getting better and it’s that first taste that she hates!  By the end of the syringe full, she is swallowing it down without crying!  By the time we are through with the treatment, she will be opening her mouth and chewing the pills up!   Well, maybe not!   But,  I can always hope! Flirt male

IMG_0753Katie MacGregor comes on Wednesday.  I will show her around on Thursday and be on the bus back to Haiti on Friday.  It will be good to get home.  I will then come back to Haiti in March when Frantina goes for her MRI and sees the surgeon again.  Katie will stay for the whole time that Frantina is in the DR.

Katie is bringing a neck and back brace for Frantina when she comes. She will have to wear this most of the time.  I don’t know if she will have to sleep in it or not.  I need to read up on it a little more!

Please be praying for a safe trip for Katie and that she isn’t too jet lagged when she arrives.  I can’t express how thankful I am that she is able to come and devote her time to Frantina’s care.  It will help give Vivianne a little break from her daily care too.

Our weekend should be fairly quiet.  We are trying to find a Haitian church in Santo Domingo that is close to us.  So far, we haven’t had much luck.

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1. Kristin Schell wrote:
How wonderful that Katie can come to stay. What an answer to prayer that Frantina is officially on medication. Praying it works well. What a cutie!

Fri, February 10, 2012 @ 10:37 PM

2. Katie wrote:
There are not many people I would fly 37 hours for, let me tell you! That's how much I love you. & the babies. Oh those babies. I don't think I could stay away from GLA, even if I wanted to. I can't wait to see you! My mouth is sore from smiling as I type this :) PS: Love that photo of Princess Alaine. That girl has me wrapped around her little finger. Pure love. x

Sat, February 11, 2012 @ 12:23 AM

3. Kelly D wrote:
Kate, glad you are able to help Dixie with Frantina! I am specifically praying for you as you help with her care! Maybe we will meet when I come down to GLA in April?? I hope so! God Bless! Kelly D < :) PS Please tell David HI for me...we volunteered at the same time in April 2010 :)

Sat, February 11, 2012 @ 2:22 AM

4. Susan Swna wrote:
Even in the U.S. with TB, directly observed therapy is required. Research shows doctors and nurses are the worst for compliance. But at least the nurse comes to you instead of you having to go to a clinic. Can baby not come back to Haiti and take her meds there, and then go back when its time for the MRI?

Mon, February 13, 2012 @ 9:52 AM

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